Draft Top from Shark Tank

Draft Top shark tank

A new Draft Top costs $25 and is available on Amazon. It has received some great reviews from customers. You can also access the instructions on how to use the product quickly.

What Makes Draft Top Unique?

Draft Top is a tool that lets you easily take off the top of a can. You can use it for beer cans, soda cans, or other canned items. With Draft Top, the can will go top less easily!

Creators Armand Ferranti and Patrick Parizo always had a passion for innovation. They tried moulding everyday objects to provide increased efficiency. This is how the concept of draft Top came along. With draft top, you can detach the top lid of a canned drink and use it as a mug. This enables the drinker to avoid contact with the aluminum as they take a swig. When used with beers, you can get the pure, unadulterated taste of the beer. You can also add extra toppings like lime or orange from the top.

Even though you can use the Draft Top for all cans, this device was created keeping beer cans in mind. The Draft Top can enhance your entire beer-drinking experience. It allows you to use your beer can like a mug, thus allowing your senses to enjoy the aroma. It not only cuts out the aluminum but also folds it, eliminatingcontact with any sharp edges.

Ferranti and Parizo put a lot of thought behind creating the Draft Top. They visited different stores to check beer scan sizes and measurements. They also thoroughly examined other devices and the logic used to open cans. After their research, they created 12 prototypes before coming up with the final product.

Once satisfied with the result, they started a Kickstarter campaign and collected $595,789 within 36 hours. In the same month, they also launched an IndieGoGo campaign and raised almost $8 million. This showed them the huge potential of their product. They kept experimenting with the design the following few years and bought two more partners onboard.

The Draft Top final product has four rotational blades and can easily fit on top of cans. It can be particularly used to open 8 to 16-ounce aluminum beverage cans. The tool is also compact and can be carried easily in your pocket.

The covid-19 pandemic disrupted the production and shipping of the product for several months. But as pandemic restrictions uplifted, things worked out for the entrepreneurs.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Draft Top entrepreneurs arrived on Shark Tank season 12, episode 13. They sought $300,000 for 10% equity of their company. When the sharks first heard the Draft Top concept, they were quite skeptical. However, the sales figures presented to them impressed them.

The sharks were happy to find out Ferranti and Parizo sold and earned $1.6 million in eight months since they had started the business. This was also, particularly due to their crowdfunding success. They also had good margins. They produced one piece for $4.13 and sold it for $24.95. The brand also had an active social media presence. Clear instructions on how to use the product were also given on interactive social media platforms.

The duo required the sharks’ ¬†help to keep up with the demand. Sales were falling because the dup could not keep up with inventory.

Robert appreciated the tool but backed out of the offer. Lori stated that she loved the innovation and saw potential in the product. But she did not see it as a need and backed out too. Kevin also questioned the need for the product and asked why beer cans had to be opened anyway. He backed out as well. However, Daymond John offered $300,000 in return for 20% equity. The entrepreneurs accepted this offer.

Is Draft Top an Active Company?

Draft Top is an active company today. Their sales went over the roof after their Shark Tank success. In 2020 they did $3 million worth of sales. In 2022, the company had maintained $3 million in sales. Their product was also featured in many notable magazines. The company has also listed new products, such as can covers, coolers, stickers and T-shirts.

Our Review of Draft Top

Pros of Draft Top

  • If you love your beer and enjoy inhaling its aroma, this product will let you do that. You can inhale the fresh smell of a cold beer.
  • The drink is safe to consume as the can has no sharp edges.
  • You can do creative things with the can after finishing the beer, such as using it for holding plants.
  • This product lets you use your beer can as a cup, thus eliminating the need for a plastic cup. This also helps reduce plastic wastage.

Cons of Draft Top

  • You can press the product hard to ensure the can is opened.
  • The lid can easily drop inside the can. However, you can pull it out by pressing the lid to the side of the can and pulling it up.

Who Is Draft Top for?

Draft Top is a very effective and extremely sharp beer opener. It is for anyone who enjoys a great beer-drinking experience. People who struggle with opening cans generally can also use them.

This can opener is lightweight and can easily be carried in your pocket if you are out. With Draft Top, you can drink your beer easily without having to cough the beer while trying to drink from a tiny hole.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many basic can openers, but none aren’t as innovative as the Draft Top. Basic can-openers also lose their sharpness over time, thus making Draft Top a good investment.

Our Final Thoughts

Draft Top is an effective product that makes drinking beers easy and fun. The brand’s website is currently well stocked. It also offers Draft Top bundle packs for $44.99. This thoughtful product is engineered to fold aluminum, thus neatly opening the beer can. This also eliminates the potential for personal injury.