Create a Castle: Shark Tank Update – Exciting Progress Revealed

Create a Castle shark tank

Sand and snow castles have long been a favorite pastime for people of all ages, whether they are spending a day at the beach or playing in the snow. However, traditional methods of building these castles can be quite cumbersome and challenging. Enter “Create a Castle” – an innovative solution designed to make the process easier and more enjoyable for enthusiasts.

In Season 14, Episode 3 of the popular TV show Shark Tank, entrepreneurs Kevin and Laurie Lane presented their unique beach kit called “Create a Castle.” They sought an investment of $350,000 in exchange for 10% equity in their venture. This product aims to help individuals build high-quality sand and snow castles quickly and effortlessly, making it a great addition to beach trips and winter fun.

Shark Tank Pitch

In Season 14, Episode 3 of Shark Tank, entrepreneurs Kevin and Laurie Lane presented their innovative product, Create a Castle. Designed to make building sand and snow castles easy and fun, this unique bucket featured various shapes to help create the perfect castle structure.

The Lanes came prepared for their Shark Tank pitch, demonstrating the simplicity and efficiency of Create a Castle. They showcased how their product could encourage families to enjoy quality time at the beach or in the snow, creating long-lasting memories.

Although the sharks initially expressed concerns about Create a Castle being a seasonal summer-based product, Kevin and Laurie were quick to highlight its versatility. They demonstrated the potential for it to be used during the winter months, turning simple playtime into a year-round activity.

Their impressive pitch managed to capture the attention of the sharks, with several showing interest in the Create a Castle concept. After an intense round of negotiations, Kendra Scott offered the Lanes $350,000 for a 20% equity stake in their business. This was double the original 10% equity they had initially asked for.

Throughout the pitch, the friendly atmosphere in the tank remained consistent, and by the end, Kevin and Laurie had secured a valuable investment that would help their sandcastle empire continue to grow.

Founders of Create a Castle

Kevin and Laurie Lane are the founders of Create a Castle, a product designed to make building sand and snow castles an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. They are a married couple from New Milford, Connecticut, in the United States. The couple started Create a Castle in June 2017 after Kevin came up with the idea while on vacation in Laguna.

During their vacation, Kevin noticed a father-son duo struggling to build a sandcastle, and he realized there was a need for a better tool to create beautiful sand structures easily. With Laurie’s support, they both worked together to develop unique split mold sandcastle kits that would eventually become Create a Castle.

The Lanes aimed to revolutionize family time at the beach by offering a user-friendly solution that allows people to build elaborate sand structures in no time at all. Their innovative product caught the attention of the popular TV show Shark Tank, on which they appeared in season 14, episode 3.

As the founders of Create a Castle, Kevin and Laurie Lane have introduced a unique and practical solution to enhance the beach and snow experience for families. Their friendly, approachable demeanor and dedication to creating a fun, easy-to-use product have made their entrepreneurial journey one to admire and learn from.

Product Overview

Create a Castle is an innovative and fun product designed to make building sand castles and snow castles a breeze for people of all ages. The kit includes a variety of molds and tools that help users effortlessly create intricate and detailed castles at the beach or in the snow.

Instead of using traditional buckets to create the castle structure, Create a Castle offers specially designed molds with a brick pattern that effortlessly stack on top of each other, creating realistic-looking walls. Additionally, the molds can be easily removed, leaving the sand or snow castle intact and ready for further customization.

One of the standout features of Create a Castle is the inclusion of magic sand, which makes the process of building sand castles even smoother. The magic sand sticks to itself and holds its shape better than regular beach sand, making it easier to work with when creating magnificent sand castles.

For snow enthusiasts, Create a Castle provides molds that are just as effective for crafting snow castles as they are for sand. These molds allow for the creation of unique and impressive snow structures that can bring joy and fun to families during wintertime.

To add more details and customizations, Create a Castle provides a handy window cutter tool that helps users cut out perfect windows in their sand or snow castles with ease. This window cutter is a perfect addition to the kit, giving castle builders the opportunity to complete their creations with stunning and realistic details.

In summary, Create a Castle is an entertaining and user-friendly product for building sand and snow castles, with its innovative molds, magic sand, and window cutter tool. It offers beachgoers and snow lovers a unique and enjoyable way to create impressive castle structures while having a memorable and fun experience.

Product Varieties

Create a Castle offers a variety of kits to cater to different preferences and needs of their customers. The kits are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it possible to enjoy building castles in sand or snow.

Basic Tower Kit: This kit is perfect for beginners. It includes the necessary tools to help users build their first simple castle, such as a split mold and a handheld tool.

Starter Tower Kit: For those who want a bit more variety, the Starter Tower Kit offers additional options. It includes the basic tower components, as well as a window cutter and a turret mold.

Pro Tower Kit: Aimed at more experienced castle builders, the Pro Tower Kit provides a more comprehensive set of tools. Apart from the contents of the Starter Tower Kit, it also comes with a corbel and a brick stamp, which help in creating intricate designs.

Deluxe Tower Kit: The Deluxe Tower Kit is the ultimate kit for castle enthusiasts. It includes everything in the Pro Tower Kit, but also adds a carry bag and a water moat mold for added convenience and fun.

Split Mold: A critical component in all the kits, the split mold technology allows builders to create detailed structures with ease. This mold can be used in both sand and snow, making it versatile and suitable for various environments.

Indoor Kit: Create a Castle recognizes that not everyone has access to an outdoor location. To make building castles available to everyone, they offer an indoor kit. This includes a tray, sand, and the necessary tools to construct an impressive creation inside the comfort of your home.

Outdoor: For customers who prefer building castles in the great outdoors, all kits are designed with outdoor use in mind. The durable materials and easy-to-use tools make constructing sand or snow castles a fun and hassle-free experience.

Create a Castle Buildmaster: To further enhance the building experience, users can access the Create a Castle Buildmaster online guide. This guide offers step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks to help users maximize their creativity and build impressive structures.

In summary, Create a Castle offers a range of kits to suit different preferences, skill levels, and environments. Each kit is designed with the user’s enjoyment in mind, making castle building a fun and memorable activity.

The Investment Deal

Kevin and Laurie Lane, the founders of Create a Castle, entered the Shark Tank seeking an investment of $350,000 in exchange for 10% equity in their innovative beach kit business. Their product offered an easy and quick solution for constructing high-quality sand and snow castles, appealing to both children and adults.

The couple’s pitch captivated the interest of the Sharks, especially Kendra Scott. After some negotiation, they struck a deal with her. Kendra offered the $350,000 investment they were seeking, but in return for 20% equity. This revised deal put the company valuation at $1.75 million, half of their initial $3.5 million valuation.

Though the equity percentage increased, Kevin and Laurie saw the value of partnering with Kendra and happily accepted the deal. This investment has the potential to grow Create a Castle and reach a wider audience, as their product resonates well with beachgoers and snow enthusiasts.

It’s worth noting that Mark Cuban, another Shark, showed interest in Create a Castle as well. However, the final deal was made with Kendra Scott, who seemed to be the best fit to support and expand the founders’ dream of revolutionizing sand and snow castle building experiences.

With the friendly support and investment from Kendra, Create a Castle’s journey in the Shark Tank turned out to be a successful one for both the entrepreneurs and their innovative product.

Sales and Retail Partners

Create a Castle has been successful in partnering with several well-known retail stores to bring their innovative sandcastle building kits to a wider audience. Some significant retail partnerships include Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Barnes and Noble, and Costco. These partnerships have allowed Create a Castle to reach more families and beachgoers looking for a fun and easy way to build impressive sandcastles.

The company has also expanded its international presence by entering the Australian market, making its products accessible to families across the globe. This expansion has further broadened the brand’s reach and customer base.

In addition to these major retail partnerships, Create a Castle has also collaborated with prominent toy company Tomy. This collaboration has further bolstered the brand’s credibility and presence in the toy industry, attracting more customers and sparking interest in their unique sandcastle building kits.

With these strong retail partnerships and international expansion, Create a Castle continues to find success by making their innovative product available to a wider audience. The brand’s friendly approach towards beach fun and creativity has resonated well with customers, leading to increased sales and a growing presence in the market.

Web Presence and Additional Products

Create a Castle has made a significant impact on the market since its appearance on Shark Tank. The company has a user-friendly official website that showcases its innovative products and offers a seamless shopping experience.

The website is designed by a web designer who ensures a visually appealing interface and easy navigation. Moreover, they have a strong social media presence, connecting with customers and beach enthusiasts through various platforms.

Create a Castle has expanded its product line to offer a wider range of innovative and fun sandcastle-building tools. These additional products cater to different age groups, making it an enjoyable experience for the whole family. Some popular items include:

  • Basic Tower Kit: perfect for beginners
  • Deluxe Tower Kit: includes more intricate accessories for advanced builders
  • Snow and Sand Castle Kit: suitable for both sand and snow
  • Mini Pro Kit: for younger kids who are just starting out

In addition to these kits, Create a Castle also offers individual tools and accessories, promoting creativity and flexibility in building unique sand and snow castles.

To keep up with rising demand and stay ahead in the market, Create a Castle collaborates with Code Hounds, a reputable web design company. This partnership enables them to ensure their website runs smoothly and effectively serves the needs of their customers.

Overall, Create a Castle’s strong web presence and expanding product line have made it a popular choice for beach and snow enthusiasts of all ages. The company continues to innovate, providing creative solutions for the age-old pastime of sand and snow castle building.

Post Shark Tank Updates

After their appearance on Shark Tank Season 14, Kevin and Laurie Lane, the creators of Create a Castle, experienced significant progress with their innovative beach kit designed to make crafting sand and snow castles easy and fun. The couple sought an investment of $350,000 for 10% equity in their business during the show.

Following their Shark Tank debut, the Create a Castle product gained a lot of attention, resulting in increased sales that potentially extended their product line and market reach. The kit became a popular choice for families and individuals who enjoy spending time at the beach or in the snow. The unique shapes and designs offered in the kit make it easy to create high-quality castles quickly, enhancing the overall experience.

In addition to the success of Create a Castle, there have also been some exciting updates in other products featured on Shark Tank. The Halloween Moments Update saw various entrepreneurs showcasing their spooky-themed innovations and businesses, capturing the festive spirit of the season. Meanwhile, the Stakt Update brought attention to an organizational tool that helps users declutter their workspaces efficiently.

With the friendly atmosphere and charismatic presentations of entrepreneurs like Kevin and Laurie, the Shark Tank platform continues to be a fruitful venture for many businesses. By presenting unique ideas and revolutionary products, these creators pave the way for newfound success and inspire a new generation of inventors and innovators.

Promotional Features and Exposure

Create a Castle had an immense boost in visibility after appearing on Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 3. Founders Kevin and Laurie Lane successfully pitched their innovative product to the Sharks, and ultimately secured a deal with entrepreneur Kendra Scott, who invested $350,000 for 20% equity in the company.

The company has also been featured on popular television shows such as “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” This appearance further helped the brand reach wider audiences, showing off how easy and fun it is to create amazing sand and snow castles without frustration.

In addition to TV appearances, Create a Castle has gained exposure and support from well-known business moguls like Daymond John. Such endorsements have not only increased the credibility of the brand but also opened new avenues for collaboration and growth.

Furthermore, the company has been leveraging various social media platforms to showcase their exciting product and share customer experiences. These online promotional efforts have allowed Create a Castle to connect with their audience, engage with potential customers, and demonstrate the creativity and enjoyment that their product brings to beach and snow days alike.

Overall, Create a Castle has been successful in achieving notable promotional features and exposure, propelling the brand forward, and generating buzz around their inventive product.

Awards and Recognitions

Create a Castle has gained recognition in the toy industry for its innovative approach to building sand and snow castles. The product has found favor among families who enjoy spending time at leisure destinations, such as beaches and snowy resorts.

One notable achievement for Create a Castle is its nomination for Toy of the Year. This commendation highlights the product’s unique design, user-friendly features, and its ability to provide a memorable experience for both children and adults. By integrating simplicity and flexibility, Create a Castle has managed to transform the traditional pastime of sandcastle-building into a hassle-free and fun activity.

Throughout its journey, the company has consistently focused on enhancing its offerings, adding new mold designs, and catering to diverse preferences. This commitment to quality and innovation has garnered Create a Castle a respectable following and loyal customer base.

In conclusion, Create a Castle has successfully earned recognition and accolades in its field, particularly through its nomination for Toy of the Year. The achievements reflect the product’s innovative approach, engaging design, and widespread appeal among customers seeking a fun and user-friendly way to enjoy their leisure time.

Market Expansion and Growth

Create a Castle has experienced significant growth since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2022. The innovative sand-and-snow castle-building toy line, founded by Kevin and Laurie Lane, received a $350,000 investment from billionaire entrepreneur Kendra Scott for a 20% stake in the business.

The company saw an increase in sales and visibility following their Shark Tank debut, with a focus on expansion into key markets. One such market is California, where the sandy beaches provide the perfect opportunity for Create a Castle to thrive. Laguna Beach, known for its picturesque coastline, has become a hotspot for families using Create a Castle products, as the unique design of the buckets makes it easy and quick to build beautiful sand structures.

Along with their success in California, the company has also ventured into the Australian market. Australia, known for its beautiful coastline and warm climate, offers ample opportunity for Create a Castle to reach even more beach-loving families. The expansion into this region has further solidified Create a Castle’s growth and presence in the global market.

During the course of their market expansion and growth, Create a Castle has successfully carved a niche in the sand-and-snow toy industry. The popularity of their innovative product line has steadily increased, providing parents and children with a fun, easy, and hassle-free way to craft sand and snow castles. This growth has allowed the company to continually innovate and improve their products, ensuring their presence as a leader in the market for years to come.

Consumer Response and Reviews

Customers have been enjoying the Create a Castle sandcastle kit since its appearance on Shark Tank in Season 14. The innovative product has caught the attention of families who find it a great addition to their beach outings. With a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon based on 590 global ratings, it is clear that the product resonates well with the customers.

Kids particularly enjoy the ease at which they can create majestic sand and snow castles using the kit. The simple and quick solution offered by Create a Castle turns the often frustrating task of building castles into a fun and engaging activity for children. The kit has been praised for promoting creative play and making beach and snow days more exciting.

Adults, too, have found the Create a Castle kit enjoyable and user-friendly. It appeals to those who want to participate in the castle-building activities with their children or take on the challenge themselves. The product’s durability and portability, with its accompanying mesh storage backpack, are also some of the features that customers appreciate.

In summary, Create a Castle has received positive feedback from its users, with families enjoying the fun it brings to their beach and snow outings. The product’s ease of use, quality, and innovation have made it a popular choice among children and adults alike.

Company Net Worth and Profits

Create a Castle, founded by Kevin Lane and Laurie Lane, has come a long way since their appearance on Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 3. The company’s net worth, as of 2023, is estimated to be 1.4 million USD. This is a testament to the founders’ dedication and hard work in making their innovative and fun product a success.

In 2021, the company reported sales of approximately $600,000. Kevin and Laurie projected a significant increase in sales for 2022, expecting to reach $3 million over the course of the calendar year. With these sales, they anticipated a profit margin of around 10%, resulting in a net profit of $300,000 by the end of the year.

During their pitch on Shark Tank, the couple initially sought an investment of $350,000 for a 10% equity stake in the business, valuing the company at $3.5 million. However, they ultimately accepted a counteroffer from investor Kendra Scott, who agreed to invest $350,000 for a 20% equity stake, bringing the final valuation of Create a Castle down to $1.75 million.

With the support of the Shark Tank investment and their continued hard work, Kevin and Laurie have managed to grow their company and increase its net worth. The success of Create a Castle demonstrates the importance of having a unique and innovative product, as well as the ability to execute a well-thought-out business plan.


Create a Castle has undoubtedly made a significant impact in the sand and snow castle-building market since its appearance on Shark Tank Season 14. The invention by Kevin and Laurie Lane has brought a new level of convenience and fun to beachgoers and snow enthusiasts alike.

The product offers a quick and easy solution to the often frustrating and time-consuming process of building sand or snow castles. Its innovative design and various shapes allow users to create intricate and impressive structures effortlessly. With their successful pitch on Shark Tank, the Lanes managed to secure much-needed funding to develop their business further.

Since then, Create a Castle has seen steady growth and success, as demonstrated by its positive online presence and satisfied customers. It’s evident that the Lanes’ dedication to their vision, combined with the exposure gained from Shark Tank, has led to a fruitful venture that continues to bring joy and excitement into the lives of many.

As more people become aware of this ingenious product, Create a Castle is likely to remain a popular choice for families and sandcastle enthusiasts seeking a hassle-free and enjoyable castle-building experience. With its impressive results and continued progress, Create a Castle stands as a testament to the importance of innovation and perseverance in the world of entrepreneurship.