Chocomize from Shark Tank

Chocomize shark tank

Selling chocolate has turned numerous businesses into industry giants. However, what propels a chocolate business is a single idea that’s innovative and attention-grabbing. Finding such ideas is the most difficult part as there isn’t much to play with in the chocolate industry. However, the founders of Chocomize have proved it wrong, and we’re now witnessing a revolution in the world of chocolates.

Appearing on Shark Tank’s season 5, Chocomize is an e-commerce business that allows its customers to make custom chocolate, hence the name. The website will enable users to pick a shape from the available options and select the type from the Belgian Chocolate variation in dark, milk, and white. Then, the customers select any 5 of the 100+ toppings for their chocolate. You can also get a text or a picture added on top of the chocolate, which is also entirely edible.

The genius idea came from a university graduate Eric Heinbockel, gifted with the mind of an entrepreneur. He then partnered with his friends at the time when the economy was swinging left to right and unemployment was at its peak. Joe Dauenhauer, one of the partners at Chocomize, had come to the show to pitch to the sharks why their product was the future of the gourmet chocolate industry.

Chocomize already had a following before coming to Shark Tank and had been able to generate a revenue of $500K in the first year and $440K in the second year, with a drop due to some changes with the tools. Joe was now before the sharks asking for $500K at the equity of 20%. While the sharks liked the idea, they didn’t necessarily love it or were blown away by it.

Mark didn’t believe in the sales Chocomize had made so far, while Robert found the niche too small, which was the same reason for Lori to be out. Barbara thought it would take a long while before the products could make their place in the market, backing out with only Kevin remaining.

Kevin liked the idea and the man pitching it, so he offered Joe a job at Mr. Wonderful’s Customized Chocolate, a business duplicating the idea of Chocomize. Joe declined and left empty-handed.

While the deal Joe had gone in the hope of didn’t come through, the business certainly got a lot of eyes. Their Facebook page started exploding within days with orders from new customers. The company did so well on its own that it eventually landed corporate orders from big firms like Google and Buick for customized greeting and encouragement texts on chocolates for their staff.

Our Review of Chocomize

Chocomize had incredible potential to grow in the chocolate industry as well as the gift market. The sharks failed to realize that, but the founders didn’t. Hence, Chocomize is still up and running and has generated annual revenue of 5 million dollars as of 2022.

Chocomize has certainly become a product of a niche market but still sells to individual customers and buyers. They have also recently published their Amazon page where people can have a look and order some of their pre-made chocolates based on the most well-received and highly demanded combinations of toppings. If customization is not your game, you can still enjoy the sweet product.

Pros of Chocomize

The growing business of Chocomize is possible because of all the aspects of the company that its customers are attracted to. Here are some of the most well-liked attributes of the company that customers swear by:

  • The texture of the chocolate is velvet smooth and has an extremely appealing aesthetic. It looks incredibly appetizing from the outside.
  • The first bite is a whole different level of indulgence with a rich taste that makes you hungry for more.
  • The clear packaging gives you a look at the chocolate without tearing it open in case you’re giving them away as a gift but want to be sure you are delivered the right order.
  • Do you have allergies to certain ingredients? Chocomize has a solution for it. There are numerous vegan and dairy ingredients options that you can choose from when ordering.

Cons of Chocomize

While the business is well received in the market by corporates and individuals alike, Chocomize has only one drawback:

  • The company still seems a little short on staff in several departments. This issue sometimes reduces the quality of their services which could be disappointing for a huge customer base.

Who Is Chocomize For?

Chocomize is for every individual who has a sweet tooth, especially for chocolates. The selection of toppings and the variety in the chocolate bases is every chocolate lover’s dream. The rich taste makes the investment in the product worth it.

If you’re looking for a gift idea for a chocolate lover, nothing could beat the option of Chocomize. Get them a personal note with edible ingredients on the chocolate to make the moment and the gift extra-special.

Are There Any Alternatives?

While no other chocolate or gift business can come close to the option of customizing chocolates as Chocomize offers, Boomf certainly is a well-liked gift business with a wide range of chocolate options. The difference between the two businesses is the ingredient they are offering. Chocomize offers Belgian chocolate bars, whereas Boomf offers Swiss chocolate. Boomf chocolates can also be packed in a box of selected pieces with a greeting card for gift options.

The customers, however, love Chocomize for the unique options and custom creation that gets them the perfect bar of chocolate of their choice.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’re someone who has a sweet tooth and wants to satiate it with a premium quality rich chocolate, Chocomize is the stop for you. The variety it offers and the experience of making customized chocolate bars from hundreds of topping options make this business stand out. Chocomize has been making a unique customer base since it aired on national television, and its lovers are only growing daily.

Clear vision and perseverance brought these young entrepreneurs to the realm of immeasurable success. You, too, can give your ideas a try while indulging in the sweetness and richness of Chocomize chocolate bars.