Chirp Wheel from Shark Tank

Chirp Wheel shark tank

Poor lifestyle choices are one of the contributing factors to the decreased physical health of people. Nowadays, people of all ages are suffering back aches that they can’t seem to resolve. After facing such issues, most people run off to yoga classes or massages to take care of their back. Apart from being neglectful towards the back, the increased work hours, whether from home or the office, have also made backaches common amongst the youth.

While there are numerous back rollers in the market designed to relieve the pain, not many were successful in doing their job. The real issue is that the back pain rollers worked only on the surface level instead of impacting the deep tissue pressure points and tension knots lying within. That led Chirp, founded and owned by Tate Stock in 2015, to design Chirp Wheel.

Chirp Wheel is an ergonomically designed back wheel that massages the back to relieve back ache and improve posture. Each differently sized wheel serves a different purpose: a 10” wheel for pain relief and targeted muscle therapy, a 6” wheel for targeting the knots beneath tissues, and a 4” wheel for targeted pressure points to release tension. The patent awaiting design accommodates the spine while massaging its sides to release pain around the spine and the neck. It evenly distributes the message across the muscles while relaxing the shoulders.

While significant industries took a big hit during the pandemic, the health and wellness industry did immensely well as people had more time on their hands to focus on their health. That’s why Chirp Wheel made significant profits during the first 12 months of its launch in 2020, with a million dollars in sales. Tate Stock was now on Shark Tank seeking $900,000 in exchange for a 2% stake in the company.

Tate entered with a guy wearing bubble wrap, immediately grabbing the attention of the sharks. He pitched Chirp Wheel to the Sharks as the only product in the market that targets knots and pressure points hidden beneath the tissues, often missed by other back rollers. He asked the bubble wrap fellow to use the foam roller and the Chirp Wheel for demonstration. The foam back rollers made no bubbles burst, but the Chirp Wheel made them pop immediately.

Tate then offered a seemingly eager Robert to try out the product. Robert lay on a 10” Chirp Wheel and could feel the impact of the wheel as soon as he started rolling. Robert’s appreciation of the product gave the other sharks the reassurance they were looking for regarding Chirp Wheel.

With all the discussion regarding the numbers that followed, Tate revealed that he had no debts and the sales projections for next year were 100 million. The incredible numbers made Daymond skeptical regarding Tate’s intentions. Tate reassured that he wanted a shark’s expertise in the business, but Daymond wasn’t entirely sold.

Lori was the first to offer a deal of $900,000 at 2%, with Tate returning a million dollars in two years. While considering the deal, Daymond announced he was out as the latter was looking to invest in a more underdeveloped business that genuinely needed help. Mark was the next to announce that he was out; as he pointed out, Tate’s company projections were based on the pandemic factor when people had more time to indulge in health and wellness activities.

Mr. Wonderful was all about numbers and offered a deal of $900,000 at the stake of 2.5% in the company with a royalty of $3 per unit sold until it reached 2.7 million dollars. Robert, too, jumped the wagon and offered $900,000 at the stake of 3% with a royalty of $1.5 per unit sold until the sum of 1.2 million dollars is paid. Lori reconsidered her offer and raised the stake to 2.5%.

Tate tries to get Lori and Robert into a deal, but Lori refuses. He then renegotiated the offer and promised to repay the actual sum instead of a million dollars in two years. Lori agrees, and Tate has himself a deal.

Our Review of Chirp Wheel

When Chirp had initially reached its ideal customers, it was solely based on social media marketing. After its appearance on Shark Tank, the company succeeded in grabbing an even bigger customer base. With an incredible product and applaudable customer service, Chirp has an estimated net worth of $36 million as of 2022.

Chirp also offers other products and accessories customers could buy and use with the Chirp Wheel. This list includes a pain reliever cream that customers swear by. A small structure to properly hang the wheels is also available on the website.

The pack of three is the most sold deal on the company’s e-commerce platform. Chirp Wheels are also available on Amazon to cater to a larger customer base.

Pros of Chirp Wheel

In a short time, Chirp Wheel has managed to wow the customers with its sophisticated design and the company’s incredible customer service. Here are some things customers love about the business:

  • The Chirp Wheel is available in packs for a discounted rate
  • The wheels’ ergonomic design accommodates the spine while easing the shoulder muscles
  • The difference in the sizes helps in targeted massage therapy, fighting to ease the knots hidden beneath the tissues
  • The foam pad on the outer surface provides comfort as the back rubs against the wheel’s surface
  • The rigid inner core provides structure and strength to the Chirp Wheel
  • Customers swear by the product the Chirp Wheel to improve their posture while relieving back aches
  • The 4” Chirp Wheel allows neck pain relief and aids in relieving headaches
  • The award-worthy customer service has kept the customers coming back

Cons of Chirp Wheel

Despite having a loyal customer base, some things haven’t worked in favor of Chirp:

  • The Chirp Wheels are costlier than the average back rollers
  • The Chirp Wheel can break if the pressure exerted isn’t placed properly
  • Incorrect placement and posture can lead to severe injuries in the back
  • The limited color option doesn’t make the product work with the aesthetics of the customer’s home
  • The Chirp Wheel can rip the clothes

Who Is Chirp Wheel For?

For any individual suffering from excruciating back and neck pain due to extensive knots or other reasons, Chirp Wheels are perfect for them. Whether they want to massage the area for comfort, fight the tension knots, or target pressure points, their set of three wheels caters to all those needs. The product isn’t limited to a certain age group, ensuring comfort for everyone regardless of the intensity of their back issues.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Realign Back Wheel is another trending product on Amazon that massages the back and relieves back pain. The trigger point technology allows the product to reach tight muscle fibers to target pain in the deepest layers of the back. The ergonomic design aligns perfectly with the user’s spine to redistribute pressure evenly across the muscles while accommodating the spine to avoid the risks of hurting it.

Our Final Thoughts

Chirp has made its mark in the health and wellness industry through its one-of-a-kind product. Though the valuation of the business on the show based on a single product was a bold move, Chirp is certainly making waves with its products. The unique patent design of Chirp Wheel is likely to make the company profit along with other highly trending products.

In the years to come, we will see more of Chirp and its founder Tate Stock in the ever-growing health and wellness sector.