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The CATE App is a new tool that gives smartphone users the ability to hide their calls and texts.

CATE allows users to disguise their text and audio messages on their smartphones, earning it the nickname “the cheater’s app.” The name CATE App has the word CATE, which stands for Call and Text Eraser.

The owner of the gadget merely needs to enter the names and phone numbers they want to keep private. The CATE App then disguises all incoming calls from those individuals by replacing them with phony numbers or blocking them entirely. In addition, the app replaces outgoing calls from those same people with masked numbers so that your caller ID doesn’t register their real number when you call them back.

The CATE App also allows users to set up fake outgoing texts so that anyone who views an email thread will see only generic messages like “I’m heading into work now” instead of specific references to real-life conversations like “We should talk about this later.”

Phil Immler, a police officer in West Palm Beach, Florida, started CATE App to help prevent domestic abuse. After Neal Desai bought the app from Immler and his sister, he attracted more than 10,000 members in just a few months.

Phil, while being on duty, came across many disputes among couples that were a result of one partner reading texts or browsing the call history of the other partner. Thus, he wished that his application would in some way reduce the domestic disputes and violence in similar situations despite the reality.

Immler was not able to devote enough time to the application, so he sold it to Neal for $17,500. After the purchase, Neal received more than 10,000 downloads.

Our Review Of The CATE App

Neal Desai came on Shark Tank looking for a $50,000 investment in return for a 5% ownership share in his company.

The sharks were genuinely impressed by the idea and almost all offered Neil. The deal from the sharks started with $50,000 for a 50% stake in the company, which was offered by Kevin and Daymond. However, the deal was finalized (after negotiations) at $70,000 for 35% ownership of the application. The final deal was offered by Daymond and Kevin. However, the deal never went through.

Neil invested in CATE App, thinking that government organizations, investors, and law and police enforcement would benefit a lot from it. However, the application wasn’t really a success.

The Twitter account for CATE App was last updated in 2013; the website is currently not online, and there has been no coverage for the app in the news either.

Pros of CATE App

  • It is convenient to use and easy to download.
  • It can protect your personal information from any third-party
  • The app is almost impossible to detect by anyone else asit only hides messages and does not delete them completely from your phone’s memory so as to avoid suspicion when you check your messages again later on your phone after having “deleted” them earlier.
  • Any organization that needs to preserve secret conversations will benefit from it.

Cons of CATE App

  • It is not available for iPhoneu It is only available for android
  • It can be downloaded without the user’s knowledge and used to track their calls and texts.

Who is the CATE App for?

It is useful for any entity or person that demands confidentiality in communication.

The purpose of this app is to protect your privacy from people you don’t want peeking at your private messages — like boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, and family members. The app works like a charm and will keep your secrets safe from prying eyes.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are some applications that can reveal the identities of people instead of hiding them, like TrueCaller. However, we do not know any such application that can be customized to hide texts or calls from a specific person.

CATE App is a good application to avoid any kind of domestic disputes or violence that can be a result of reading texts or calls from someone you don’t want.

Our Final Thoughts

The CATE App can come in handy when people don’t want their calls to a loved one or friend showing up on their cell phone. This can help both the individual and the person they are trying to avoid.

For example, it may help an abusive boyfriend or husband not dial the victim; it also helps the victim of harassment because they won’t have to dismiss them and remind them not to call again. It benefits any person trying to avoid someone who is bothering them.

Work-related issues can be avoided by using this app. As far as any home life issues that may come up, this helps the victims and allows them to have some privacy at home without being bothered or interrupted by unwanted visitors.

The potential for this app is vast, even if the awareness is limited, as it has quite a few positive and useful features.