Bunny Eyez Review from Shark Tank: Innovative Eyewear Breakthrough

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Bunny Eyez glasses caught the public eye on the entrepreneurial reality show, Shark Tank, where innovators pitch their products to potential investors. Founded by sisters Jenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz, Bunny Eyez is named in homage to their late mother, Bunny Koppelman, and has quickly gained recognition for its functional redesign of traditional reading glasses. Their product offers a unique solution to a common problem, with glasses that are not only fashionable but also tilt and flip to accommodate the wearer’s needs.

This eyewear brand has made significant waves since its appearance on Shark Tank, not only for its innovative design but also for the brand’s connection to a touching family story. Customers have shown appreciation for the convenience and practicality provided by the tiltable and flippable frames, leading to a positive reception and brand growth post-show. The impact of Bunny Eyez extends beyond its practical features, creating an emotional resonance with its audience through its backstory and commitment to solving everyday challenges with simple, yet smart design.

Key Takeaways

  • Bunny Eyez offers practical and innovative reading glasses.
  • The brand has a personal backstory linked to its name.
  • Positive customer experience has propelled brand growth post-Shark Tank.

Origin and Inspiration Behind Bunny Eyez


Bunny Eyez from Shark Tank is not only a brand that offers innovative eyewear but also a company with a heartfelt backstory. Founded by sisters Stacy and Jenny, the company intertwines innovative design with a cause close to their hearts.

The Founders: Stacy Fritz and Jenny Hutt

Stacy Fritz and Jenny Hutt are the entrepreneurial sisters behind Bunny Eyez. Their joint venture into eyewear innovation was sparked by a fusion of Jenny’s personal need for functional glasses and their shared flair for entrepreneurship. Jenny, a known radio host, and Stacy, with a background in design, combined their skills to create eyewear that is both practical and stylish.

Motivation: Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

The sisters also had a deeper motivation for starting their company; they wanted to honor their late mother, Bunny Koppelman, who passed away from pancreatic cancer. To further this noble cause, Bunny Eyez is committed to raising awareness and contributing to pancreatic cancer research through partnerships with organizations like The Lustgarten Foundation. A portion of Bunny Eyez’s profits is dedicated to advancing this crucial medical research.

Company Origin: The Name ‘Bunny Eyez’

The name “Bunny Eyez” is a heartfelt tribute to their late mother, Bunny Koppelman, encapsulating her spirit and legacy. The founders’ intention was to create a brand that resonates with their mother’s memory while bringing to the market a product that addresses common issues faced by eyeglass wearers. This personal inspiration is at the core of the brand and reflects in every pair of glasses they sell.

Product Innovation and Features


Bunny Eyez has captivated the attention of many through its multifunctional eyewear introduced on Shark Tank. Their attractive designs marry practicality with style, offering a fresh take on the traditional reading glasses.

Unique Design: Flippability and Tilt-ability

Bunny Eyez glasses stand out due to their flippable and tiltable frames, a feature that is not commonly found in standard eyewear. This allows wearers to maintain their vision while engaging in various activities, such as reading while lying down or applying makeup. The innovative patented black diamond hinge technology enables users to flip up the lenses individually, leading to a truly versatile pair of glasses.

Patented Technologies: Enhanced Functionality

Every pair of Bunny Eyez eyewear is equipped with patented technologies that not only make the product unique but also significantly enhance its functionality. Their revolutionary design allows for both horizontal and vertical adjustments, making them prescription compatible. This patented design caters to a range of daily tasks, confirming Bunny Eyez’s commitment to innovation.

Variety: Styles, Colors and Strengths

Bunny Eyez offers a broad selection of styles, colors, and strengths, ensuring that there is an ideal match for every face shape and personal preference. From bold hues to subtle tones, and from sunglass readers to options featuring blue light filtering, the variety is extensive. Here is a quick summary of the available options:

  • Styles: Various shapes to compliment different face types.
  • Colors: A spectrum from classic black to vibrant tones.
  • Strengths: Multiple diopter levels for customized vision support.
  • Features: Sunglass readers and blue light filtering options included.

Bunny Eyez on Shark Tank


In Season 15, Episode 7 of Shark Tank, Bunny Eyez presented their innovative eyewear concept to the Sharks, seeking investment to scale their business.

Pitch and Proposition

Jenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz, co-founders of Bunny Eyez, stepped into the Shark Tank to showcase their unique eyewear. They highlighted the tiltable and flippable frames, designed for versatility and function. The pair asked for $200,000 in exchange for 10% equity in their company, presenting the Sharks with a product that aimed to revolutionize the reading glasses industry.

Feedback from the Sharks

Each Shark listened carefully to the entrepreneurial sisters’ pitch. Kevin O’Leary showed interest in their business model, inquiring about revenue and suggesting a $2 royalty per pair sold. Lori Greiner was enthusiastic about the design, recognizing the potential in the eyewear market. Daymond John scrutinized their valuation, gauging the worth and future net worth projections. Meanwhile, Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran assessed the competitive landscape, considering the challenges that Bunny Eyez might face.

Result of the Shark Tank Appearance

The session with the Sharks was intense and full of deliberation. The sisters defended their ask and articulated their vision for Bunny Eyez’s growth post-investment. Their appearance on the show and the subsequent negotiation were reported extensively in various Shark Tank blogs and resulted in a heightened interest in the brand’s innovative approach to reading glasses.

Brand Presence and Customer Experience

Bunny Eyez, after its appearance on Shark Tank, has expanded its brand presence significantly and has been innovative in its approach to customer experience. This eyewear company has strategically positioned itself in various marketplaces and leveraged celebrity endorsements, alongside nurturing a strong relationship with its customers through social media.

Online Marketplace: Amazon and Bunnyeyez.com

Bunny Eyez eyewear quickly became available on prominent online platforms such as Amazon, enhancing the brand’s reach across varied customer demographics. On Amazon, customers can browse a selection of the brand’s innovative reading glasses with the convenience of easy shipping options and customer reviews at their fingertips. The company’s own website, Bunnyeyez.com, acts as a direct distribution channel, offering the full range of products and boasting an impressive user experience with easy navigation and detailed product information.

Celebrity Endorsements and Media Features

Endorsements by celebrities like Kaley Cuoco, Debra Messing, and Kristen Bell have thrust Bunny Eyez into the limelight, showcasing the brand’s appeal among high-profile individuals. Media appearances and features significantly boost the brand’s visibility and credibility. Television personality Hoda Kotb has also featured the glasses on her segment, further solidifying Bunny Eyez as a noteworthy name in the eyewear market.

Customer Engagement via Social Media

The company actively engages with its audience on platforms such as Instagram, creating a community around its brand. Through regular posts, interactive stories, and responses to comments, Bunny Eyez maintains a dialogue with its customers, fostering loyalty and excitement for the product. Additionally, their use of podcast marketing on channels like SiriusXM has helped in reaching a broader audience, tapping into a market of listeners who value innovation and convenience in their eyewear choices.