Buffer Bit from Shark Tank

Buffer Bit shark tank

The Buffer Bit is a multi-purpose drilling polisher that can polish anything – from shoes to cars. The Bit can easily attach to any handheld drill in your house, making it a much cheaper option than other automated drills. It was invented by Michael Quinn, who initially sold a few on Amazon before pitching them to Shark Tank to expand his business. Quinn wanted to increase production and get his product into the retail market.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Buffer Bit seems to still be in business.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Michael Quinn came to Shark Tank looking for an investment of $75,000 for a 25% stake in the company. He started his pitch by claiming Buffer Bit would transform the shoe care industry. He then demonstrated how the product worked, showing that it could easily polish shoes when the bit was attached to a cordless drill. He added that this could also double as a way of polishing cars by changing the type of bit attached to the drill.

Then it was the Shark’s turn to respond. Mr. Wonderful was hesitant about the product because electric shoe polishers already exist on the market, meaning that this product wouldn’t be unique. Michael countered this by adding that the Buffer Bit costs him only $9 to make and is sold for$19.95; it costs much less than the average electric shoe polishers available on the market that range from $50 to $100.

Mark Cuban decided to try the Buffer Bit out for himself, first on his shoes and then on Daymond’s head, making the others laugh. Michael shared that his patent was still provisional, and some big retailers were interested in the business. However, his sales were only $30,000 over 9 months. Mark liked the product but felt it was too early to predict its success and decided to step out first. Lori didn’t see the purpose of having an electric shoe polisher in the first place, so she was uninterested.

Daymond didn’t think it was effective upon use, while Kevin joked about how it could probably be used to polish wine cups for a secret society. However, Kevin wasn’t interested as an investor and only humored them as a potential buyer.

Robert was the last one left. He mentioned that although he loved the idea of having polished shoes, he didn’t think Michael had developed the product enough for a niche market.

Michael Quinn left Shark Tank without a deal. Overall, the Buffer Bit Shark Tank review wasn’t so great.

Our Review of Buffer Bit

We decided to try Buffer Bit to see how it would fare in real life.

The good news is that it’s perfect for small tasks. The conical shape of the bit is perfect for different types of surfaces. The tip of the Bit can easily fit into tiny nooks that need cleaning, while the sides can be used for cleaning more expansive surface areas. The Buffer Bit successfully removed lint off shoes, proving that it is effective and practical.

The bad news is that because it’s only useful for small tasks, it’s not that much different from simply using a cloth to polish shoes. The complete kit with all three pads add up to being a pricey little kit, which many people wouldn’t be willing to invest in. It didn’t polish shoes very well and actually worked better on bathroom faucets, which defeated its primary purpose. The Bit is best used with a cordless drill but using it for some time can be tiring.

Pros of Buffer Bit

  • Good design and sturdy build
  • Different types of buffing pads
  • Machine-washable
  • Works without polishes

Cons of Buffer Bit

  • The complete kit is expensive
  • The material didn’t polish very well
  • Worked better on bathroom faucets than shoes

Who Is Buffer Bit for?

Buffer Bit is a good option for school kids who need to polish their shoes and for busy working adults who like a put-together appearance and need clean shoes.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Flitz Buff Ball Car Buffer is one good alternative to the Buffer Bit. The bit is made of high-quality fabric, with a self-cooling system that prevents any accidental burns you might get while polishing your car. The Flitz Buff Ball is flexible enough to fit the shaft of any handheld drill, much like the Buffer Bit. It can clean smaller nooks and crannies of the car without scratching them since it doesn’t have any ball or bearing at its center.

Unlike the Buffer Bit, which comes with different variations for shoe and car polishing, the Buff Ball can be used for any surface. It has the advantage of removing dust, scratches and any light tarnishing/corrosion. The best part about the Buff Ball is that it can easily be washed and re-used making it environmentally friendly.

The Flitz Buff Ball is made of a strong material called viscose that won’t tear easily, even if it catches on sharp corners. This means that the buffer is durable and will last a while. Additionally, the Flitz Buff Ball also comes with its own polish that will make your car shinier than if you just used the Buff Ball its own.

Our Final Thoughts

Although the company is no longer in business, the Buffer Bit was a good option for those who wanted a cheaper alternative to electric shoe polishers. However, as the Sharks pointed out too, it’s a saturated market with many other options available. Better heat-proof and self-cooling bits are now available that can also be attached to hand-held drills.

Buffer Bit feels like a solution to a problem that is not hindering our lives. It takes almost the same amount of time to do the job. The fact that the company is not operational anymore speaks to how it was attempting to provide a service that was not needed.