Buckle Me Baby from Shark Tank

Buckle Me Baby shark tank

Wintertime is excellent, with hot chocolates and cozy vibes. With kids, however, the responsibility of being warm and safe doubles. It is tricky to buckle your little ones in their car seats while wearing heavy coats; you’re up for some challenge. But fret not; Buckle Me Baby is the brand that understands your worries and is here to save the day.

Keeping little ones safe in a car ride and warm during winters is an utmost priority of every parent. Buckle Me Baby is a brand that sells children’s coats that can easily fit into car seats without creating any unnecessary puffing. Whereas traditional coats have been the cause behind kids falling over, Buckle Me Baby coats promise safety, warmth, and convenience.

What makes these coats even more unique is the exciting flap design in the front, which, when pulled aside, creates space for parents to buckle their little ones as if there was no coating material in the way. After buckling in, you can conveniently pull the flap back to provide the utmost warmth.

Parents are likely unaware of the risk they put their little ones in with the regular coats. Still, with Buckle Me Baby, they can sit comfortably in their seats, knowing the child is securely seated, without feeling cold, since the front of the coat has excellent insulation.

Dahlia Rizk founded this children’s safety coat brand. She aimed to spread awareness about and promote children’s car safety in winter. She had a similar experience and wanted to seat her daughter safe, but the reality of it was much more stressful. The mother and daughter were irritated by it, so Rizk decided to invent a solution. She has designed coats that are convenient, warm, and safe.

Are They An Active Company?

Buckle Me Baby is still an active company that continues to sell from its official website, Amazon, and on a big box store. If you’re interested in their brand, check out their website.

How Did Their Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Dahlia Rizk appeared on season 12 of the hit reality show Shark Tank. As much as the product seemed helpful, it left the Sharks somewhat confused about whether the problem Rizk highlighted was even a problem. O’Leary even said he had never heard of the problem, which Mark Cuban seemed to agree with. She explained that it indeed was a problem, and news channels constantly cover it right before the winter season starts.

Rizk then explained where she got her inspiration from and why it had taken her such a long time to start this business. It wasn’t until Rizk witnessed a mother struggling with her child’s blankets in a parking lot that she realized she wanted to pursue this idea.

Regarding numbers, Rizk effortlessly impressed the Sharks by telling them that she had sold $700,000 worth of coats in the past three years, with $500,000 in the same year.

Lori was the first Shark to go out because, as Rizk reminded her of herself, she told her that she did not need an investor; she could run this by herself. Mark Cuban also agreed that she did not need an investor, which Rizk tried to explain, but this was not “the right area” for Cuban, and he went out.

Barbara made Rizk an offer of $100,000 for 20% equity; as Rizk had stated that she intended to sell her business, Barbara knew precisely how to help her do that. O’Leary called Barbara’s offer greedy and made his offer of $100,000 for a 2.5% share and a $2 per unit royalty until he earned $300,000. On the other hand, Daymond offered Rizk $100,000 for 20% equity and 30% for any licensing deals the business gets.

Rizk attempted to counter Barbara’s offer with a 15% equity, which she refused, so Rizk agreed to Daymond’s offer instead.

Since Shark Tank, the deal with Daymond was never closed, nor did Rizk license to anyone. Despite that, her business is doing great, generating an annual revenue of $6 million.

Our Review of Buckle Me Baby

We believe Dahlia Rizk has created a phenomenal product in Buckle Me Baby, and her passion for children’s safety and parents’ convenience shows. The recent design changes have proven the coats to be easier to use.

The brand has not compromised on the quality of the coats, especially if you compare them to the regular puffy coats; they look cheap and are not sustainable, unlike the Buckle Me Baby coats.

These coats come in several colors, such as Blue, Pink, Red, Orange, and more. And these coats are also lightweight but without compromising the insulation.

Pros of Buckle Me Baby

These coats are great and have numerous pros. Here are a few:

  • The quality of coats is premium.
  • They are safe for children.
  • The coat sizes range up to a 5-year-old toddler.
  • A variety of colors are available.

Cons of Buckle Me Baby

While useful, these are some of the cons to these coats:

  • The coats are pricey.
  • It can be tricky first to put them on.

Who Is Buckle Me Baby For?

If you’re a mom of a newborn baby or a toddler up to the age of 5, this brand is perfect for you, primarily if you reside in colder regions. It is not just a layer for warmth but also protection against crashes.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The problems Rizk mentioned are serious, but the market is yet to see an alternative to Buckle Me Baby coats.

Our Final Thoughts

Dahlia Rizk has done a fantastic job for all parents with young kids. She has created a product that will allow parents to sit comfortably in the car, knowing that their child is securely seated and warm, making their car journeys hassle-free.

Although her pitch on Shark Tank confused the Sharks a little, they were soon gripped by the product and all that Rizk had accomplished even though her deal was never closed with Daymond, that did not stop her from continuing with her goal.