Buck Mason from Shark Tank

Buck Mason shark tank

Buck Mason is an American clothing brand that makes men’s clothes. They aim to produce quality products that are manufactured in America, and they make sure that the raw materials used in their tees and other products are closely monitored to surpass all the quality checks. For this, they have partnered with farms throughout the south of America, which provide them with premium cotton for their products.

Sasha Koehn and Erik Allen are the founders of Buck Mason. They created this company in 2013 when they were neighbors in California. They started off with a 350 sq. ft. shop in a garage, where Erik created jeans and tees and Sasha built their website. Together, they worked tirelessly with a local factory to produce small batches of their products, with a touch of some old techniques and modern technologies.

What Do They Make?

Less than 3% of the clothing that is sold in the USA and worn by the people, is not manufactured in America. Buck Mason aims to break this trend by making sure all of its products are 100% produced in the USA.

The company provide timeless pieces of men’s clothing that is not just bound to a specific season. They supply fashion-forward apparel that combines an iconic design with a useful wardrobe.

Their clothing products include tees, Henley shirts, jeans, sweats and outerwear, and a leather collection as well. They have an “office-ready” section on their website, in which they feature Oxford button-down shirts, jackets, camp shirts, etc.

What Makes Buck Mason Unique?

They have a unique marketing plan in which they sell free Buck Mason Packages, filled with t-shirts, belts, hats, blue jeans, and other quality shirts. They allow the customers to try everything in the package for 14 days and then decide what they want to buy from it and what products they would like to return.

This marketing plan is really unique and provides a reliable and safe method of shopping for clothes online. Buck Mason intends to manufacture products that can be used by their customers to look stylish, but not intentionally. They aim towards the functionality of their products.

Are They Still an Active Company?

The company has retail stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco, California, and New York, etc. The company quickly rose to success after their introduction, and as of 2022, its revenue is approximately $16 million per annum.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The entrepreneurs of Buck Mason began by discussing how their company came to be, how all of their products are made in the USA. They also explained the inspiration behind their clothing line, which was the wardrobe of Erik’s dad.

The company asked for a $200,000 investment for an 18% stake in Buck Mason, and they handed out samples and pieces from their range of clothing. Then the owners explained their sales strategies and other packages deals.

Mark made a comment on the high price of the jeans, in response to which they explained that it is because it is purely made in America.

They also told the Sharks that 38% of their clients come back to purchase from them every year.

Both of the partners invested $10,000 and they expected to earn $500,000 each.

Mark was not interested in the company, so he made no investments.

Lori liked the idea, but thought that the company was still in a premature state;she made no investments as well.

Kevin wanted to invest $200K for a 50% share in the business, but the owners of Buck Mason wouldn’t accept anything greater than 15%. Kevin thought that they were jumping the gun and that the company would not make that much profit for a long time.

Then the guys asked for $200K with 15% profits share, a business line of credit of $100K, and some clothes.

Robert offered them $200K for a 25% share and a $100K line of credit. His offer was solid and the company would have made a lot with his investment, but the guys would only go as far as 17%.

They declined Robert’s offer and hence there was no deal between Buck Mason and the Sharks. They believed that their business was worth $1.5 million to $2 million, and they were offered less than that.

Our Review of Buck Mason

The white T-shirts are a little bit see-through. The fit is loose from the middle, which makes it not too tight in the chest area. Their quality is really good and the shirts are extremely comfortable. The sleeves are not too long or loose and show the triceps. The collar doesn’t stretch out and it fits perfectly. The colors are quite basic that can be used on different occasions when paired with jackets, or different pairs of pants. It is not a bad purchase in terms of good quality and cheap t-shirts.

Their light jackets are great for transition between spring and summer, their cashmere cardigans are durable and comfy. Their button-up shirts have a light linen-like feel and are perfect for layering.

Pros of Buck Mason

  • The fabric is of good quality and fits perfectly.
  • The colors don’t fade after washing and wearing.
  • Their products are durable.
  • The designs are simple and minimalistic.

Cons of Buck Mason

  • The products are a bit too pricey.
  • Not a lot of variety of designsis available.

Who Is Buck Mason For?

They offer fashion products that are timeless. Their products cater to the needs of people who want classic designs at a fair price.Their “try first and buy later” strategy suitable for men who are not sure about the size or fit.

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • Pact
  • Levi’s
  • Outerknown
  • Cuts Clothing

Our Final Thoughts:

Buck Mason received a lot of appreciation and exposure after they appeared on Shark Tank Even though they didn’t strike a deal, their clothing line continues to develop with the addition of more fashion items. They are even working with Stetson hats on an exclusive line of hats for the company.

They have durable and reliable menswear. Although their products are 100% made in the USA, with minimal and attractive designs and colors, their products are still a bit on the high price side.