Brush Hero from Shark Tank

Brush Hero shark tank

Muddy car tires and rims are challenging to clean, but what if we told you there is a product that makes this process effortless? Brush Hero is the only tool you need to perform any cleaning task like a professional. From car tire rims to patio furniture, Brush Hero can make anything good as new within no time. Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer, two care enthusiasts, wanted to come up with a product that would get clean and detailing automobiles while saving water and thus came up with this unique and eco-friendly cleaning brush. Read on to learn more about Brush Hero and what sets it apart in the car cleaning tools market.

Brush Hero provides users with an energy-efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective method for cleaning and polishing cars and other vehicles. It also takes away the difficulties associated with traditional sponges. Sponges are not a good choice when cleaning vehicles due to their abrasive surface, which increases the chances of scratches. Moreover, they have a flat surface which can trap rocks and dust particles between your car’s paint and the sponge’s surface. The solution: Brush Hero, a cleaning tool guaranteed to return brilliance to all your car components. When connected to a hose, the top of the brush turns in a slow and steady spinning motion allowing you to target hard-to-reach areas of your car or anything else.

Brush Hero is powered by a garden hose providing a pressurized flow of water while using 50% less water than a traditional free-flowing hose. Unlike conventional car cleaning tools, Brush Hero is not prone to rust or breakage as it is made from high-quality plastic materials. Moreover, Brush Hero simultaneously performs the tasks of scrubbing and rising with its muck-busting brush heads without damaging the car’s paint or its valuable glass windows. The best part is that this product does not require electricity to run. All you need to need is connect it to a regular hose, and you are all set.

Brush Hero has two brush attachments: soft and tiff, using the same amount of water as a water bucket. Kevin and Glenn’s invention soon gained traction among automobile enthusiasts and became a common topic of discussion. Brush Hero received a large number of positive customer reviews selling multiple units. As they continued to grow, the opportunity of a lifetime came around, and they got a chance to pitch their product on Shark Tank.

Kevin and Glenn told the Shark that they were seeking an investment of 500,000 dollars in exchange for 10% of Brush Hero. The owners claimed they were both car geeks and found it challenging to keep their machines clean. They further explained the challenges of using a sponge for car cleaning purposes. They also mentioned how this water-powered cleaning brush makes things sparkly clean with incredible force while conserving water. Kevin then showed how to use the Brush Hero to clean the wheel of a bike by plugging it into a hose. The Sharks were impressed when they heard you could use it to clean virtually anything, such as patio furniture, bbq grills, etc. Kevin then handed out samples of the Brush Hero to the Shark and added that they could generate 1.5 million dollars in sales. Robert was intrigued and thus offered 500,000 dollars in exchange for 33 percent ownership.

Daymond then offered 500,000 dollars in exchange for 25 percent ownership. Before the owners had a chance to make a decision, Lori stepped in and told them that she believed the product had the potential to do well in QVC. Lori then made them the same offer Daymond had made –$500,000 in exchange for 25% equity, to which the owners asked if she would be willing to reduce the equity to 20%. However, Lori disagreed and remained firm on her first and final offer. Kevin then asked Daymond if he would be willing to reduce equity to 20%, but he denied the counteroffer.

After giving it some thought, Lori offered a 250,000 dollar loan at an interest rate of 7%. However, Glenn did not believe they could work with these numbers, so the duo passed on Lori’s offer and exited Shark Tank without a deal.

Despite not getting the deal they hoped for on Shark Tank, Brush Hero has its shared good business and continues to sell its amazing cleaning tool. You can purchase their product on Amazon.

Our Review of Brush Hero

Brush Hero lives up to its name and is definitely a hero when it comes to car cleaning tools. You can use it to clean cars, bikes, bicycles, and even patio furniture, a quality that sets it apart from other brushes. The best part is that it does not require electricity to run and must only be connected to a hose. This water-powered cleaning brush uses 50% less water than a regular gardening hose. Brush Hero claims to deliver professional cleaning results within no time.

Moreover, it is highly durable and rust-free because it is made from superior plastic. It comes with a super-efficient scrubber, allowing faster and more efficient cleaning. Brush Hero is one of the best cleaning tools that are demanded and loved by many car enthusiasts. With more and more people purchasing automobiles, it is unlikely that Brush Hero will ever go out of hand or style.

Pros of Brush Hero

  • It is durable and rust-free.
  • Does not require batteries or electricity to run.
  • A regular gardening hose powers it.
  • Made from good quality plastic components.
  • Simultaneously scrubs and rinses tires.
  • It is promoted and loved by many car enthusiasts.

Cons of Brush Hero

  • The water spray often gets all over your clothes.

Who Is Brush Hero for?

Brush Hero is for anyone looking for an efficient and eco-friendly water-powered cleaning brush to clean automobile tires. You can also use it for cleaning the patio furniture or other cleaning purposes.

Are There Any Alternatives?

So far, there are no alternatives for Brush Hero.

Our Final Thoughts

Brush Hero makes cleaning car or bike tires a breeze with its ability to provide a pressurized flow of water in a spinning motion. It is eco-friendly, durable, and guarantees perfection. Brush Hero makes all your cleaning tasks more manageable and hassle-free.