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One thing is abundantly clear when walking down the aisles of any store looking for a bandage; they are all the same peachy pink-toned flesh color. If your skin color is a few shades darker, the dressing looks like a neon sign on your body that can be seen from miles away. Husband and wife, Rashid and Intisar, did not like this and did not like the message it sent their kids – that these big companies didn’t think it was worth the effort to make adhesives for people of color.

This couple wouldn’t stand for it, so in 2018, they decided to step up and make bandages that took their skin tone into account. Thus, Browndages was born, a line of latex-free flexible adhesive bandages that come in a range of skin tones from the lightest brown to the deepest.

Browndages, with its cute name and positive message of inclusivity, quickly gained popularity on social media and grew so fast that its bandages were running out of stock faster than they could be manufactured. Despite the supply chain hiccups, this small business continues to grow and expand.

How Did The Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Partners Intisar and Rashid came into the Tank asking for $100,000 for 7.5% equity in their business. The Sharks loved the product and message and wanted to know why big brands hadn’t entered this market. The duo informed them that big companies tried, but this was during the social unrest seen during the Black Lives Matter movement, which led to backlash for the late effort.

These events led to Browndages’s sales blowing up to $130,000 in 6 days, finishing their stock for the year. After this boom, sales were $140,000 the following year and currently averaged $7500-$10,000 a month from sales on the online store. Likewise, the company’s margins also looked promising.

Even though all of Browndages’ advertising was through word of mouth on social media, it still managed to catch the attention of the retailer Dollar General, who wanted to sign an exclusive contract. But Intisar and Rashid didn’t want to pigeonhole their product. They needed a Shark’s guidance to help with product distribution and find more customer bases, from hospitals to daycares.

Despite agreeing that the product was great, the scale was too big for Robert, who was out. Kevin thought the name was spectacular and was willing to put up $75,000 for 15%.

Lori loved the mission and partnered with Mark and Daymond to offer $100,000 for 10% each, totaling 30% equity. Intisar and Rashid were unsure and asked how each Shark would help them. With a flip of the script, the Sharks began pitching their value to the inspiring duo, culminating with an addition of a $75,000 credit line for inventory. With more negotiation, the total equity came down to 25%. The deal was done, and Browndages now had three Sharks on its side.

Our Review of Browndages

Browndages online store is a sleek, aesthetically-pleasing one-stop shop for all your bandaging needs. It has tins of its famous bandages, first aid kits, healing balms, as well as merchandise like hats, masks, and pajamas.

The latex-free flesh tone bandages come in five shades of brown, from lightest to darkest: sand, wheat, caramel, mocha, and ebony. The lightest shade, sand, is a few tones darker than the peachy-pink conventional bandages on the market. The website also has a complexion guide so you can pick your closest tone and stock up on their 20-piece tins in a single color or assortment.

There is also a selection of bandages for kids in flesh tones and other fun colors that feature their young icons, which are illustrations of young children of color in uniforms of different careers meant to inspire other children. These characters are Tahir (a future astronaut), Zayn (an aspiring pilot), Yasmine (a future veterinarian), and Nailah (a future chef).

To keep the good vibes flowing, the website even features a song by Black Thought, the MC of The Roots, that celebrates Browndages and its inclusivity. The chorus sending love in every shade of brown to ya is sure to get in your head and have you humming it all day.

Pros of Browndages

  • It has an inclusive line of skin-colored fabric bandages
  • Promote healing by creating a moisture barrier
  • Adhesives are latex free
  • Price is near other bandage brands in the market

Cons of Browndages

  • These bandages are not waterproof
  • Depending on body placement, these bandages can be uncomfortable to wear

Who is Browndages For?

Browndages are for people of color who want a wound covering that will blend in with their skin and not look as obvious as traditional bandages. It is also for people who wish to support a small black-owned business trying to send a positive message of diversity into the world.

Are There Any Alternatives?


Another black-owned business, Tru-Colour, has been manufacturing skin tone bandages since 2014. Founded from another inspiring story of a father who wanted to celebrate his adopted son’s ethnicity, this brand has become a household name. Its kinesiology tape and fabric bandages come in four brown shades: light (for beige skin tones), moderate brown (for olive to tan tones), medium brown, and dark brown.

These bandages also come in various shapes and sizes, such as the H-shaped ones ideal for wrapping around fingers and knuckles. Tru-Colour is expanding internationally to take its product to Europe, Australia, and Africa. Available online and in Target stores nationwide, check out the website for more information.


The largest adhesive bandage brand in the world sells different skin-toned fabric bandages under the name OURTONE. These bandages are available in three tones, BR45, BR55, and BR65, which cover skin tones from medium brown to deep brown.

Launched in 2020 during the Black Lives Matter movement, many criticized the company’s initiative saying BAND-AID has been manufacturing pink-toned bandages for the past century and was just jumping on the diversity bandwagon. Others say it is still a step in the right direction despite being late to the party.

No matter how you feel, there is no denying that having a name synonymous with bandages will help BAND-AID gain traction in the market. More information is available on their website.

Our Final Thoughts

It’s exciting when you find a product that caters to you because it affirms your value as an individual who matters. It makes people feel good about themselves, affecting their behavior, which comes together and enriches a community. This chain reaction can lift an entire population and improve society for everyone. This is why inclusivity matters, even in something as small as the color of a bandage.