Brake Free from Shark Tank

Brake Free shark tank

Brake Free is a type of digital helmet device with an algorithm that allows motorcycle drivers to keep track of their acceleration, downshifting, and braking, while also giving them a view of anyone coming up from behind. This product is unique because it’s a type of device that’s attached to the helmet.

The main selling point of the product is that it doesn’t require any app and is suitable for most helmets. It can also alert drivers about their speed. It was invented by two motorcycle enthusiasts, Henry Li and Alexander Arkhangelskiy. Li had experience working with technology since he was already a mechanical engineer, while Alexander was more on the company’s business side, with a degree in that subject. The product has three different buttons that can change the lights and release the brake light from the helmet. The best part about the brake light helmet is that the light intensifies automatically as needed.

The concept was based on increasing safety for motorcycle drivers, especially since Li drove one himself. He didn’t think the helmet lights on most bikes were safe because they were so tiny. He made the first prototype while working at Silicon Valley. The LED strip on the detachable device gets brighter if the motorcycle is slowing down or braking.

The two entrepreneurs were able to launch their company because of an online fund-raising campaign on IndieGoGo, where they managed to raise $269,797. However, they needed a Shark Tank investment if they wanted to expand production and increase their sales.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, the company is active and still in business.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The two entrepreneurs came to Shark Tank seeking an investment of $200,000 for a 10% share in their company. The company itself was standing at a good valuation of $2 million. They started their pitch by sharing the concept behind the design, handed out samples, and added that they needed a Shark investment to work out the business side of the sales. They also shared their sales on IndieGoGo.

Then it was time for the Sharks to respond. Barbara was put off by the product instantly since her brother had once gotten into an accident with a motorcycle. This was followed by Lori stepping out because although the company offered a safety package, it was too much of a risky responsibility for her.

Robert was the first one to be interested and offered $200,000 with a 20% equity. The two friends were still waiting for the other Sharks to make counter-offers. Instead, Mark chose to team up with Robert so that they could invest together.

Overall, the Brake Light Shark Tank review was positive and they left with a good deal. After the episode aired, the product received a lot of sales and they managed to sell over 7000 units, immediately getting $1 million through sales. The company still manages to generate a good amount of profit annually at almost $3 million.

Although they are based in California and ship to the rest of the United States, the two entrepreneurs have plans of expanding worldwide.. You can find the product on their website.

Our Review of Brake Free

We decided to try out the Brake Free Helmet Light for ourselves to see how it would fare in real life.

The light strip device is very bright, making it a good safety device for those driving at night. It has a simple technological layout that makes it easy for any layman to understand. Plus, you don’t need to download any app to use it. It has a variety of light modes, depending on the type of conditions you’re driving in, and the charging port protects the light from debris build-up. On top of that, it recharges quite fast.

It doesn’t have as much variety in designs as other companies.

Pros of Brake Free

  • Different brightness options
  • Very bright light
  • Easy-to-use
  • Ergonomicdesign

Cons of Brake Free

  • Not much variety in designs
  • Expensive

Who Is Brake Free for?

Brake Free is mainly aimed at a customer base of people who like driving motorcycles but are concerned for their safety and don’t think that the brake lights at the back of the bike are safe enough.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Although the algorithm and high-tech digital nature of Brake Free is unique, there are other alternatives on the market for helmet-mounted brake lights.

JIGUOOR Unique Flame is one good alternative to Brake Free. It’s a rechargeable helmet light that’s made of an LED light strip, and can easily be attached to any helmet. The high brightness acts as a decorative accessory and as protective equipment for riders at night. It ensures that passing cars will be able to see them and avoid accidents.

The light also doesn’t produce any UV rays and it’s waterproof, meaning that it’ll last longer and can work in any type of weather. The shape of the light strip is attractive and it has different types of flashing modes and light colors.

Our Final Thoughts

Although there are now many types of helmet-mounted backlights available for motorcycle drivers and their safety. Brake Free’s technology is quite sophisticated since it can pick up on the movement of the bike and alert the driver about any car behind them. This makes it a good option for those who travel on a bike and are concerned for their safety. However, it’s also quite expensive as compared to other types of LED strip helmet backlights.