BootayBag from Shark Tank

BootayBag shark tank

Let’s face it, ladies: finding the perfect pair of underwear is no easy task. With so many styles, materials, and fits on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. When you finally find a kind you like, there’s no guarantee that it will be available in your size the next time you need to stock up. That’s why a good underwear subscription is essential.

Not only will you always have a fresh supply of panties, but you’ll also be able to choose from various styles to suit your mood. BootayBag is one of the best underwear subscriptions on the market, and for a good reason. Not only do they offer various styles and sizes, but they also allow you to customize your subscription to suit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for thongs or boyshorts, BootayBag has got you covered. Plus, their prices are unbeatable. For as little as $10 a month, you can receive one pair of panties or opt for a more extensive subscription that includes two or four pairs per month.

In addition to underwear, you can add a bralette to your monthly bag for an additional fee. BootayBag offers various styles to suit every taste, including thongs, cheeky cuts, and bikinis.

This subscription service is perfect for anyone who hates shopping for underwear or wants to try new styles without breaking the bank. With its convenient online ordering system and flexible subscription options, BootayBag makes it easy to find the perfect pair of undies without leaving the comfort of your home.

The company was founded in 2015 by Elly Gheno, generating sales of $3 million in just one year. In 2020, the company appeared on Shark Tank, and it managed to impress shark Kendra Scott. She invested $500,000 in exchange for 10% equity in the company.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, the company’s sales have increased significantly. This is due to the increased publicity and exposure that the company has received. The funding that BootayBag received from Shark Tank has been used to grow the marketing and manufacturing aspects of the business. As a result, BootayBag is now a well-known brand that sells high-quality underwear subscription boxes.

Our Review of BootayBag

If you’re looking for a new subscription to help you stock your underwear drawer, BootayBag is worth checking out. With a focus on comfort and fit, BootayBag offers a great selection of panties in a wide range of styles, fabrics, and sizes. And with prices starting at just $12 per month, it’s one of the most affordable options on the market.

But what sets BootayBag apart is its commitment to quality. The brand’s panties are made from breathable, lightweight materials that feel great against your skin. Additionally, each style is designed to provide the perfect fit, whether you’re petite or plus-size. Plus, there’s something for everyone with a wide range of colors and prints available.

One of the best things about BootayBag is that you can edit your subscription anytime. So if you need more undies for one month or want to try a different style, it’s no problem. Just log in and make the changes under the Subscription tab. Just remember to do it by the 4th of the month!

In short, if you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable underwear subscription, BootayBag is a great option to consider. We highly recommend giving it a try!

Pros of BootayBag:

  • The simplicity and convenience of the BootayBag Panty Subscription are unmatched. Particularly for those of us who detest buying undergarments.
  • The fashions are refined and elegant. You will love how sophisticated yet fashionable BootayBag’s designs are.
  • The fit is exceptionally accurate. The pairs of underwear I receive will be the exact size you request.
  • The flexibility of membership is fantastic! You can modify your membership monthly according to your tastes or desired quantities.

Cons of BootayBag:

  • The subscription might be expensive compared to buying undergarments separately from the market. But again, who doesn’t love the convenience of receiving pretty panties at your doorstep?

Who is BootayBag for?

BootayBag is an underwear subscription service that is perfect for any woman who wants to keep her underwear drawer updated without going underwear shopping every month. With BootayBag, you will receive a new selection of panties at your doorstep each month, so you can always have the latest styles and trends.

Plus, the convenience of having your underwear delivered to your door makes this subscription service an ideal choice for any busy woman. Whether you are a mother, a professional, or a student, BootayBag makes it easy to stay stylish and confident in your underwear.

Are There Any Alternatives?

With so many underwear subscription services on the market, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. BootayBag is a popular option, but several other companies offer similar services. For example, MeUndies offers a monthly subscription service that delivers high-quality underwear to your door but is a bit high-priced.

Our Final Thoughts

There’s a reason BootayBag was featured on Shark Tank and why women love them. They offer a monthly subscription of two pairs of hand-picked panties delivered to your door for just $12 per month.

Their first-time customers get a special introductory offer of only $6 for their first month. And if that’s not enough to convince you, they also have a 60-day fit guarantee. So, if you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

With over 1,000 5-star reviews on their website, it’s clear that women love BootayBag. One customer says, “I never knew how much I needed this until I had it. Now I look forward to my monthly shipment of new undies.” Another says, “Best decision I ever made was signing up for a monthly subscription of BootayBags!”

If you’re looking for a new way to spice up your underwear drawer, we highly recommend trying BootayBag. With their affordable prices and fantastic customer service, it’s no wonder they’re one of the fastest-growing lingerie brands in the country.