Boot Illusions from Shark Tank

Boot Illusions shark tank

In episode 313, Boot Illusion’s founders and business partners, Andrew Goodrum and Queenie Davis, pitched their enterprise to the Sharks and the general public. The item is a cloth or leather “upper” that may be slipped over the heels of a typical lady to make them seem like boots.

Women may receive 2 – 4 “new” pairs of “boots” for the expense of 1, as a standard Boot Illusion is a portion of what a new pair would cost! For quick style changes, the uppers can be unzipped easily and fit into a purse. Queenie mentioned that she was seeking assistance with retail distribution since she had a production contract in Turkey.

About Boot Illusions on Shark Tank

Andrew and Queenie asked for $100,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in her company. Queenie and the idea were well-liked by the Sharks. Robert opted out of the shoe industry since he didn’t believe he could add any value to it. Mark wasn’t in since he wasn’t into fashion. Mr. Wonderful agreed that the value was incorrect and was also out. Daymond wanted to license the Boot Illusion company and was willing to pay $100,000 for 75% of the company. Barbara offered $100K in exchange for 55% ownership. Barbara informed Andrew and Queenie that everyone she had dealt with was content with the process. Despite Andrew’s opinion that 55 percent was excessive, they accepted Barbara’s offer.

After episode 313 was broadcasted in the springtime of 2012, the business essentially disappeared. Nothing seemed to have changed despite repeated promises on their old website that a catalog would be released shortly. There was no connection from the previous website to the new one for Boot Illusion. As a result, Queenie and Andrew’s company suffered a little.

The agreement with Barbara also fell through. Barbara didn’t invest because she thought the company would be farther ahead; however, she did stay in contact with Queenie and said she would reconsider after production concerns were resolved.

In interviews, Queenie said that she had several hurdles after the episode. In essence, the Turkish manufacturer they had hired went out of business. In order to have merchandise ready for Christmas 2012, they made arrangements with a Brazilian manufacturer. However, the cloth Queenie delivered to Brazil was delayed in customs and didn’t reach the factory in time. All of the money that Boot Illusion received from wholesalers and customer orders had to be returned. After the said problems had been said to be resolved, Boot Illusion was set to be accessible in March 2013. However, nothing was essentially resolved, so she closed the company.

Our Review of Boot Illusions

Boot Illusions offered a simple product that could change the game for women approaching their shoe collection. Boots are often a costly investment, and once you get one, you can’t go for other designs and styles unless you save up some more. You might even get tired of the same pair of boots after some time. Boot Illusions solved this problem for customers, which is why it was well-received by the judges of Shark Tank.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the product.


Boots Illusions was a stellar idea for multiple reasons. Firstly, it reduced the cost for customers looking to buy a new pair of boots. For a margin of the cost, you could get different styles, colors, and designs that you could put on any pair of shoes you like!

Secondly, the shoes could double as a good heel too. You could put them over your most comfortable heels or even converse and rock the day with a great pair of “boots.”

Moreover, it helped save a tremendous amount of space in the house. Boots can be cumbersome to store. It was much easier to carry Boots Illusions since you could fold them and put them in any old drawer or even your purse. The portability was another added benefit of the Boot Illusions Shark Tank product. It was the best option for planning on traveling.

They are also relatively easy to use! You would just have to slip them over whatever pair of shoes you have to achieve the look of the boots you want. They were also available in various colors, styles, patterns, materials, and designs. The fantastic variety ensured that you could get a pair of new “boots” that aligned with your taste and preferences.

The Boots Illusion truly filled a void in the industry that had been overlooked for a long time.


There weren’t many cons of the product itself but rather the company behind it. Customers faced delays in shipment and even refunds on many occasions. There wasn’t a proper structure behind the product, which resulted in bad customer service. So, if you are planning on buying Boots Illusions, beware; the company doesn’t have a great standing and a history of delays and refunds.

Alternatives to Boot Illusions

If you’re looking for a product similar to what Boots Illusions was offering minus the declining quality and bad customer service, there are some alternatives you can explore. The best alternative, however, is One Sole, launched by Dominique McClain Bartlet. He also appeared on Shark Tank but has a thriving business with 460 employees.

Who Is Boot Illusions for?

Boots Illusions is for anyone who wants a cheap alternative to buying boots. It is easy to put on and doesn’t take up too much space either. You can find a lot of variety at Boots Illusions for a fraction of the price.

Final Thoughts

Boots Illusions on Shark Tank was a fascinating product that could change the game for anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to expensive boots. The product was available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs to upgrade your wardrobe. Unfortunately, due to some quality issues and massive delays, the business is no longer operational.