Boobie Bar from Shark Tank

Boobie Bar shark tank

Our mothers go through a lot. Even before they welcome us into this world, they already have gone through a lot, and there is plenty more to come. So it only makes sense that there are products for their use and energy supplementation that help them in every way possible, from keeping them active to assisting them in their daily chores.

Wendy Colson was one such empathizer of mothers. Being in close contact with new mothers on a daily basis, thanks to her job as a neonatal nurse and lactation consultant – she wanted to help her patients who would often complain about not producing enough milk. She would often prescribe remedies and traditional, safe ways but nothing that would work long enough.

That’s when Wendy started experimenting with nutritional ingredients and healthy ways to combine them in her own kitchen. One day she ended up baking a nutrition bar of sorts and decided she would distribute it among her patients to see how they liked the taste and if it worked for them to increase lactation.

The new mothers were thrilled and trusted her to try out the nutrition bar for her. It soon became Boobie Bar – a brand that covers all things lactation. Anything a new nursing mother would need, Boobie Bar would have it. Safe to say, it was a huge success with the patients and paved the way for Boobie Bar to find a position on Walmart shelves soon enough.

Wendy got fortunate enough to do an appearance on the Dr. Oz Show to increase awareness of Boobie Bar products. The next thing she knew was a business expansion to reach all the new nursing mothers in the country with her Boobie Bar products that were thus far only available locally. That’s when she decided that Shark Tank was a great option to get some fixed funding.

Hence, Wendy showed up at Shark Tank in her regular nurse attire of green scrubs, introducing herself, her career, and her company Boobie Bar. The moment she let out the company name, the sharks were visibly entailed and waited for her to finish the offer. Wendy concluded by asking for $150,000 for 10% equity in her business.

Sarah, Mark, and Kevin were the first ones to seem interested and immediately started talking to her. However, Daymond sealed the deal with Wendy as he offered 20% equity and the fact that Wendy should become the face of the brand as her patients trusted her, and other nursing moms would too. As Daymond has young children, Wendy’s idea struck him well.

The deal proved to be a huge success for Boobie Bar and Wendy. She went on to expand the product range she was initially offering with Boobie Bar and worked on more flavors and other products using the same herbal formulation that she adheres to. She came up with a protein shake, an electrolyte drink, and gummy bears.

All these products and more have since been innovated and launched under the Boobie Bar brand name. They are all available on Amazon as well as on their official website Boobie Wendy also carries an active social media presence to stay in touch with her patients and customers.

Our Review of Boobie Bar

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on Boobie Bar’s Superfood Lactation Bar in the flavor Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. This amazing gluten and dairy-free vegan bar are great for new mommies as it increases milk supply and gives them more energy while doing the mommy things. You get six individual packs of one bar each in a box for a very nominal price point.

You can also choose between two other flavors – Blueberry Muffin and Peanut Butter. Moreover, they also offer a variety pack with two individual packs of each flavor in one box, and it is quite a treat for you to try all their flavors together and then pick the best. They are also available on their website. However, Amazon offers discounted prices more often.

If you are interested in Boobie Bar products and want to buy them for yourself or a new nursing mother, you know – they will make for a perfect gift they have received. With no side effects and incredible results in a short span of time, Boobie Bar products are truly one of the safest milk supplementation options for nursing mothers out there.

Pros of Boobie Bar

  • Superfood lactation bar with the goodness of Moringa, Whole Grain Oats, and more.
  • Three delicious flavors: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Blueberry Muffin, Peanut Butter
  • Fenugreek-free, Gluten free, Dairy free
  • Vegan, Kosher and non-GMO
  • Healthy and ideal snack supplement for nursing mothers.

Cons of Boobie Bar

It is a highly need-based product. Due to its target marketing, people may only buy it as a nursing snack and not even try to have a go at it other than that particular situation.

Who Is Boobie Bar For?

Boobie Bar is primarily targeted toward new mothers and nursing mothers. As the name suggests what the product is meant for, it is clear how these superfood lactation bars are supposed to work and for whom. Hence, although it isn’t necessary at all that only nursing mothers eat these snacks, even other women (or men) can have a taste of them.

Is There Any Alternative?

There are alternatives to Boobie Bar Superfood Lactation Bars, which are the traditional lactation cookies that grandmas make for new and nursing mothers. However, it is important to note that none of the two come close to replacing each other. But it is still there as an alternate, and it is up to your choice and preference at the end of the day.

Our Final Thoughts

It was great to see that Wend put her genius and problem-solving skill to good use and was able to help so many nursing mothers since then. The Shark Tank funding was also a good idea to further strengthen and expand her business, which she utilized amazingly and carried her brand name forward. Today, Boobie Bar is thriving and is available country-wide.