Blowzee from Shark Tank

Blowzee shark tank

It’s almost more fun to make a wish and blow out the candles than to eat the cake! Although blowing out the candles may appear innocuous, many people now fear doing so because of the COVID-19 outbreak and the growing sense of microorganisms and germs.

Blowzee co-founders made a unique design that enables people to blow out candles without worrying about spittle. The purpose of Blowzee is to keep users’ breath and germs off the cake without compromising the enjoyment of blowing the candles. The exciting new candle-blowing technique has the potential to become a kid’s favorite.

After Mark Apelt and his undisclosed partner had finished perfecting the Blowzee design, they uploaded it to the Upwork freelance network. To their amazement, a Michigan-based engineer inspired by the idea created a functional version of it.

Furthermore, the co-founders believed that China would be their only option for manufacturing Blowzees because nobody had the detector they needed. Mark was surprised by the response when the final product was released to the market, and hundreds of individuals decided to purchase it for their birthday celebrations.

Mark wanted to pitch his product on Shark Tank for an investment to expand his business. He walks into Shark Tank seeking $100,000 for 20% of the company.

He started off his presentation by offering the Sharks a slice of cake after a spitty blow on the cake. The Sharks were grossed out and obviously didn’t want the cake. This little act was good enough to demonstrate the purpose of his product.

The Sharks did like the concept but unanimously agreed that the product was not worth the investment and backed off. Blowzee could not make a deal with the Sharks, but to everyone’s surprise, the entire inventory was sold in less than 2.5 hours.

Blowzee’s appearance on Shark Tank turned out to be a million-dollar worth advertisement campaign for them, according to Mark Lareau.

The product has struck massive sales ever since its debut on Shark and has a 4-star rating on Amazon.

Our Review of Blowzee

When blowing out candles on the cake, Blowzee helps prevent the transmission of germs. According to studies, in an attempt to blow out candles, there’s a 140% increase in the number of bacteria on a cake!

A fan and a blowing hole are positioned on opposite ends of a Blowzee, which has a tube-like design. When someone blows in, the air triggers an internal sensor, which causes the fan to spin and, in turn, efficiently annihilates the candle. The cake steers clear of spit because all of the contaminated air is reflected straight toward the user.

Even though Blowzees runs on lithium batteries and cannot be put in a dishwasher, it’s easy to clean and reuse without running the risk of contracting an illness.

Powder blue is the standard color for the Blowzee. The item is available on the brand’s website or Amazon.

With both negative and positive feedback, the product now has a rating of 4 stars on Amazon. The following positive review was posted on Amazon by a customer.

“The kids really enjoyed this, which we bought with some expected birthdays soon in mind. You simply blow, and the fan turns on because the lithium battery is already fitted.” 

Pros of Blowzee

  • A fun and attractive candle-blower for kids.
  • Great for birthday parties with strict COVID protocols.
  • Battery-operated and easy to clean.

Cons of Blowzee

  • The excessive dampness that results from frequent, continuous use (particularly with children) could harm the delicate electronics therein. We can keep the spit off the cake, but not the Blowzee!” warns the company.

Who Is Blowzee For?

Blowzee is a candle-blowing device that keeps germs and spits at bay. It can be used by almost anyone who loves blowing candles on cakes, but kids might love it even more.

So, how does this handy, pocket-sized, entertaining gizmo operate? The battery-operated fan can be started by blowing into the open end. Germ-filled air is diverted back toward the user while sterile air is pumped onto the candles.

Blowzee is quite fun to use, but it isn’t a toy because of the way it is made. The lifespan is considerably shortened if used as a toy. After you’ve blown out the candles, it’s advised that your Blowzee take a rest from the celebration.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Mark, the founder of Blowzee, resorted to developing a germ-free candle-blower because, as per his research, there was no merchandise addressing the need of the hour.

So, there aren’t any germ-free candle blowers available on the market.

But as one Blowzee reviewer on Amazon says, if you don’t wish to spend on a candle blower to keep your cakes germ-free, you can always use your hands and clap!

Our Final Thought

Jimmy Fallon, the talk show presenter, was intrigued by Blowzee. Fallon discussed the product and referred to it as a “wonderful concept” in one of the episodes of his “The Tonight Show.” Blowzee’s business benefited greatly from Fallon’s endorsement, as sales of the product allegedly increased dramatically due to its exposure on the famous talk show.

Mark partnered with several Richmond bakeries to increase their customer base, and the businesses now stock the product. However, for those who prefer online shopping, the trendy product may be found on their website or the leader in internet shopping – Amazon.

The product will also undoubtedly see higher success rates eventually, given that Mark is now looking to get Blowzee displayed on the racks of multiple retail chains.

When we examined the results of Blowzee reviews, we discovered that the website seems reliable and has grown incredibly popular among online shoppers for how they have marketed this unique product. However, some people enjoyed their items, while others were disappointed.

In the end, shoppers should read all reviews before purchasing because the product has received negative and mixed evaluations.