Birddogs from Shark Tank

Birddogs shark tank

Shorts are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe, and so are underwears. However, not many will tell you the raw truth about wearing them and undergoing extreme discomfort.

Peter Baldwin did not hesitate to confess it, at least to himself. On a return flight from Europe, this discomfort was precisely what forced him to envision the idea of Birddogs. Whether it’s for the occasional workout or a golf game, Birddogs has come a long way in establishing its supremacy over other types of shorts.

When Chris Mason and Peter Baldwin first introduced these gym shorts with a pocket and built-in underwear, they knew exactly who they were targeting: Men who were sick and tired of wearing tight underwear and getting a wedgie.

For decades, men have been taught to wear a form of barrier between their trousers and themselves. For a long, long time, this was the only proper way for them to go out and about.

Birddogs may have appeared recently, but the way the product has tackled the issue is nothing less than commendable. For far too long, the idea of obnoxious undergarments suffocating men inside their shorts has been considered normal.

Birddogs aims to target men who have been undergoing the same discomfort but are way too hesitant to admit it. Well, it’s time you know that underwears are no longer necessary because some products are designed with just you and you in mind.

Birddogs is centered on the idea of liberating men from this very constraint. Lined shorts such as these help you walk around with the utmost comfort and confidence. It’s time you hit the gym and pursue your hobbies again, but this time, without underwear holding you back.

How It Works

For Birddogs, versatility is everything. Comfort and support are the very pillars on which its foundation stands. Whether for swimming or working out, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how well it fits almost every occasion.

Birddogs’ motto is to challenge the idea of comfort in contemporary men’s clothing. While there are a number of options in the market to accommodate women, we don’t often see the same for men.

There shouldn’t be any shame in the idea of feeling a bit of freedom down there. With these shorts, you will certainly feel lighter, as if a huge weight has been lifted off your body.

Birddogs gives you the freedom to choose how and where to wear their products. Whether it’s at home or a casual hangout, you will surely grow to enjoy the unusual yet pleasant feeling.

What Makes Birddogs Unique?

While the products speak for themselves already, Birddogs isn’t just a mainstream addition to the world of clothing. It backs an important message for everyone.

Birddogs promotes the idea that everyone has the right to feel free inside their clothes. Men should also not be exempted from the rule.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

When Peter and Chris appeared on the platform, they knew exactly what they had to offer. It was a product that needed no underpants and was a brilliant alternative to everyday shorts. In exchange for 1.5% equity in Birddogs Shorts, they requested $250,000 investment.

While the sharks were all ears to their plea, Robert wasn’t too happy with the fact that the boys had not developed an inventory. Lori and Robert soon stepped back and withdrew, so the final deal was no deal.

Our Review of Birddogs

We’ve barely seen a revolutionary change in the world of fashion and clothing in the past few years. Hence, the perspective the founders have brought forward is refreshing, to say the least.

You deserve to speak up when you feel uncomfortable, whether in a social situation or inside your clothes. You don’t have to go along with trends that don’t serve you, and most importantly, you don’t have to endure discomfort on any part of your body in the name of fashion.

Birddogs has given you a small yet valuable opportunity to put yourself first. For them, you’re as worthy of feeling great about yourself as anyone else.

Pros of Birddogs

  1. It Addresses a Taboo Subject

No one wants to get into the explicit details of how suffocating it is to wear certain clothes. However, Birddogs isn’t your typical rebel. It gets into the details and also offers plausible solutions for it.

  1. Light and Comfortable

The products are as light as air. Thanks to the premium quality fabric, you will be taking home something you won’t even feel the weight of in your hands.

Cons of Birddogs

  1. Change Isn’t Always Welcomed

Not everyone finds built-in liners easy to adapt to, especially after they’ve spent so many years wearing shorts a certain way.

Who Is Birddogs for?

A family member, a friend, a next-door neighbor, a gym mate – basically everyone!

Well, if we have to be honest, it is for any man who is sick and tired of pretending to be comfortable between their legs. It is for men who wake up with the grandest of ideas for their routine but soon give up when they find no piece of clothing to support their dreams.

In short, the product is created to make a man feel at home wherever he goes

Are There Any Alternatives?

So far, no other option in the market can come close to what Birddogs has to offer. Built-in liners in shorts may seem like a minor change, but it has significantly transformed the way men perceive clothing today.

You will see them choosing comfort over convenience. While some brands have attempted to mimic the idea, they couldn’t quite pull it off. The way Birddogs has used built-in liners is incomparable to any other attempt in the market. They often end up using the wrong fabric to create these in-liners, causing more discomfort to the buyers.

Not every piece of clothing can go well with in-liners, and Birddogs recognized it way earlier in its journey.

Our Final Thoughts

All in all, Birddogs did not have to try hard to please us. We believe the products it offers are a great alternative to other types of shorts. Furthermore, it does a wonderful job at uncovering a message we didn’t know we needed. Comfort is as important for men as it is for women when it comes to clothing.

Birddogs has surely revolutionized the world of men’s clothing in a way that has truly resonated with them. The message was received well and the taboo surrounding the subject was successfully challenged.