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BetterBack is a posture correction device that allows you to sit effortlessly while working in the office. BetterBack can minimize the back pain that results from extensive hours of sitting in the same posture.

Does your job require you to sit for extensive hours? If yes, you might have experienced back pain forcing you to get up and move. Most office jobs require employees to sit down and work throughout the shift hours. While you may get a lunch break, it does not help restore your correct posture.

The BetterBack device emerged as a solution to the posture problems of working individuals. If you feel restless in your seat while using a computer for long hours, this device is for you. Using BetterBack, you can sit effortlessly while your back rests on a support.

The device is lightweight and portable, making every chair ergonomic. You can wear it for less than fifteen minutes to restore your back’s default posture.

The creator of BetterBack faced immense trouble sitting in her chair for 14 hours a day. She wanted a feasible, portable, and effective solution at the same time. By creating the BetterBack posture correction device, she set the foundation of a back-pain relief solution for workers all over the country and beyond.

This device is unique from other posture correction devices because it focuses on pelvic movement. Traditional back supports restore the lumbar spine. However, BetterBack provides support to your pelvic region, restoring the natural curvature of your spine. You can quickly wear it and continue working.

You can use BetterBack while sitting in your office chair, sitting on a couch, or sitting on the floor. The flexible structure makes it optimal for all kinds of sitting postures. You can flex and adjust the strap to your knees while BetterBack supports your lower back. Moreover, you can get a portable case to carry it anywhere.

To wear it, you need to unpack the device from the case and wrap it around your waist to adjust as suitable. Once you set the support at your back, you can place the knee pads over your knees. Once done, use the hook of the strap to create the loop. You can also use the clip to adjust the strap’s length according to your body.

It is worth noting that there is no way you can go right or wrong wearing the BetterBack posture correction device.

Betterco, the company behind BetterBack, is actively operating all over the U.S. It offers online shopping to customers from other regions also. Over the years, the company has sold many BetterBack devices. The incredible market success has enabled Betterco to introduce a second product, SuperStrap.

SuperStraps provide relief to the upper half of the body, including the neck and upper back. You can also relieve your shoulder strain using this device.

Katherine Krug, the creator of BetterBack appeared in a Shark Tank episode seeking $750000 for 7.5% of her business shares. She impressed the shark tank investors by handing out the samples to try.

With mixed reviews from the five sharks, Kurg continued to negotiate her demand with the panel. Kevin offered Krug a $750K loan for a couple of years at 7.5% with 5% equity. Lori offered the same deal for three years.

After a drill of continued negotiation, Lori offered the deal with Krig for $70K at 7.5% and 8% equity. However, Krug did not close the deal and continued to improve her business.

This year, her company generates annual revenue of $5 million.

Our Review of BetterBack

BetterBack is a valuable addition to the global market. Suppose we talk about the U.S. alone, about half of the total population sufferers of back pain due to demanding work routines. This device has allowed people of all ages to correct their posture with minimum effort.

The quality of BetterBack is good. You can unwrap it quickly and wear it with an option to adjust as you like. The knee pads support your knees while the strap stretches between your back and legs.

Although the clip is optional, it is a valuable addition to keep your posture in the place while working. While this may be correct, you may face sliding problems with the clip. It does not stick to its place and may need adjustment upon slight body movements.

A downside to using BetterBack is the trouble you have to endure while standing up. At work, you may need to stand up to move between clusters. However, the BetterBack device does not have an option to clip it on your back. You may need to remove the device to stand up and move.

Moreover, if your knees have a discomfort problem, you may need to take a while before standing up.

Pros of BetterBack

  • Easy unwrapping
  • Portable case
  • Adjustable straps
  • Lumbar Support
  • Pelvic Support
  • Quick Relief

Cons of BetterBack

  • No clip for back support
  • No hook for the strap clip

Who Is BetterBack for?

BetterBack is a universal device for all age groups. It is highly suitable for those who need to sit for extended hours throughout the day. If your job requires you to sit in a cluster and work on computers, you may need to opt for BetterBack.

This posture correction device is also suitable for seniors with back pain problems. You may also use it during yoga to maintain your correct posture.

Are There Any Alternatives?

BetterBack is a unique, innovative posture correction device. It does not have any direct alternatives. You can find several back support devices for posture correction. However, they do not come with a knee strap.

You may opt for BetterBack as an ideal posture correction device if you need pelvic posture support.

Our Final Thoughts

BetterBack is a one-of-a-kind addition to lumbar support devices. The portable case allows you to carry it anywhere you go easily. The convenient unwrapping and flexible adjustment make it optimal for pelvic and lumbar support.

If you want a quick solution to your back pain problems, BetterBack is the best option you can find online.