Better Bedder from Shark Tank

Better Bedder shark tank

Better Bedder is essentially known as a ‘headband’ for your bed since it wraps around your mattress like a headband and allows your fitted sheets and top sheets to remain tucked inside; when the sheets are tucked inside the Better Bedder, they cannot be easily kicked off the bed when you are sleeping and ruin your perfect slumber. The founders of Better Bedder, Judy Schott and Nita Gassen, ensured that the band came in a variety of different sizes to fit around different mattresses and made sure that the band was tight enough to keep the sheets in place and did not roll over after a few nights of use. It was, according to them, amongst the better products of the same kind that were present in the market at the time.

The pair came to Shark Tank, seeking $150,000 for 10% of their business, and they wanted a Shark’s expertise to help them grow as a company. What really catches the Sharks’ attention regarding their pitch is that they were on board to do over a million dollars in sales with no marketing in 2020. Of course, this helped the sharks see the merit in what the two were offering.

In the episode, they get offers from Barbara, Daymond, and Lori. Lori and Barbara accept counter offers from the ladies as well, and they go on to accept Lori as the Shark they want on board with $150,000 for 18% of the company. Barbara makes the same offer for 15% instead of 18%, but the pair sticks to Lori because they know the expertise she brings to the table.

Better Bedder is still an active company and is projecting $6 million in sales halfway through the year. This goes to show that their decision to stick with Lori was a smart one and she helped the company skyrocket.

Our Review Of Better Bedder

Well, the Better Bedder truly created a lot of hype after its appearance on Shark Tank. We had been hearing excellent reviews from everywhere, and it only made sense to review the product for ourselves. Being able to sleep without the need to fix your sheets every morning was something we would happily trade an arm for, so a few dollars was a small price. So we ordered one of these bad boys for our mattresses.

Well, there is no doubt that we were pleasantly surprised with this purchase. The mattress band works perfectly for fitted and loose sheets. It is very high quality, and it’s snugly around the mattress without wrinkling or rolling over at all. In the Shark Tank episode, the ladies also show how the Better Bedder can also work as pockets to store keys, glasses, and any other arbitrary objects you would otherwise keep n your bed too. Needless to say, this was also a very handy feature of the Better Bedder.

The Better Bedder is available for mattresses of any standard size, which means it is a highly useful product for most people out there.

Naturally, if you are unable to kick the sheets off at bed at night, you get much better sleep, and we experienced this firsthand with the use of the Better Bedder on our mattresses. You sleep much more comfortably and cozily.

Since the Better Bedder is also made of great quality material, we anticipate that it is durable enough to last us for a long time as well.

If we really nitpick, the only thing that can be considered an issue with the Better Bedder is the aesthetics. The band is mainly available in white, and it might not look great on many mattresses, especially because it’s right out there for everyone to see. It might dampen the appeal of many different sheets and sets as well, which might put some people off, but the functionality of the band makes it worth it for most people.

It is not too expensive either, especially considering that this band is a one-time purchase.

Pros Of Better Bedder

There are many pros that we can attribute to Better Bedder, and some of them include the following:

  • High quality
  • Does not let sheets move
  • Helps you sleep better at night
  • Can function as a pocket as well.

Cons Of Better Bedder

There is only one con that comes to mind when you think about this product:

  • It is not very aesthetically appealing

Who Is Better Bedder For?

Better Bedder is mainly for people who sleep restlessly through the night and kick off their sheets. This makes it harder for them to get a restful night’s sleep, and they have to remake their entire bed from scratch every morning.

Better Bedder is also the perfect product for anyone who has slippery sheets that slip off the mattress on the slightest bit of provocation. Even people who are physically unable to make their beds from scratch every morning will benefit immensely from Better Bedder.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Better Bedder is a unique product, but it is not one of a kind. There are alternatives in the market presence as well, which routinely give competition to Better Bedder. Some of these alternatives include:

  • Sweave Bedding
  • Beddy’s
  • Magic Linen
  • Hill House Home
  • Sheex
  • Bare Home

There are also others amongst companies that are providing good alternatives to Better Bedder and you can check them out as well for a similar product.

Our Final Thoughts

Better Bedder, the company by Judy Schott and Nita Gassen, has been able to garner a huge following because of this unique and highly useful product. With the backing of Lori, one of the Sharks, the product has been able to reach its market all across the country, and everyone loves it. Our own personal experience with the Better Bedder has also proven to us and you that the product is more than just a hyped gimmick; it solves a very basic problem that most households in the world have, and this is why we support it fully!