Bermies from Shark Tank

Bermies shark tank

Bermies is a brand that sells men’s and women’s swim trunks and bikinis. They produce long-lasting swim trunks with distinctive coloring inspired by the stunning sandy beaches and clear water of the beaches scattered around Bermuda.

The brand’s products are unique because they are eco-friendly and made to last, thanks to the trunk’s 10% lycra and 90% polyester fabric composition.

Bermies rapidly gained popularity following Shark Tank, and soon after the episode aired, they extended their apparel range by adding sweatshirts, jackets, lounge pants, and other items. The owner recruited five more staff to his company, and the brand now earns roughly 4 million dollars each year.

Uki Deane, the founder of Bermies, visited Shark Tank and requested 200,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in his company. He’s wearing one of his clothing line’s swim trunks while he narrates the backstory of his company and makes the pitch.

He tells the sharks that he has put everything into Bermies and gives them some samples. The sharks like the swim trunks’ high quality. He explains that each swim trunk costs roughly 9.80 dollars to produce and sells for 49 dollars.

Upon hearing this, Daymond feels his production costs are a little high and should not exceed 6.50 dollars. Uki backs himself by claiming that he can lower it when the sales increase.

Uki continues by saying that he began in 2016 and earned roughly 271,000 dollars. Since then, his sales have improved, and he has managed to make over 300,000 dollars as of September 2017. The stock is where he is suffering, and he needs a few additional hands to assist him in getting to the next level.

Mark feels internet sales should account for at least 20% of his total revenue. Uki completely agrees with Mark, and after stating that he is not yet there, Mark decides not to invest and withdraws. Lori follows and admires Uki’s work but points out that bikinis are a competitive marketplace.

Robert decides not to invest since he thinks Uki wasted his time and didn’t discuss the business-related information enough. Although Bethany claims to adore Uki’s brand, she also decides not to invest since she agrees with the other sharks’ arguments. Uki leaves the shark tank without closing a deal.

Our Review of Bermies

We believe that Bermies is more than just a clothing company. The business is eco-friendly, and its website states that they have removed around 5,500,000 plastic bottles from the seashores, a remarkable achievement.

When the ecosystem and environment are severely harmed, it is refreshing to see businesses doing their part to reduce environmental damage. Therefore, we believe that we should support businesses that are not only concerned with making a profit but are also concerned with saving the planet and the ecosystem.

Uki also donates 10% of his earnings to charities that work to protect marine life and clean up the ocean. This is all the more reason to support his business since when you buy his products, you will feel like you are also supporting Uki’s wonderful endeavor.

Moreover, the Bermies swimwear comes in multiple unique colors and designs inspired by the ocean and the beach sand, which adds to their appeal. The attractive design and comfort factors make these swimwear pieces a complete package.

Furthermore, considering the quality and practicality of the swimming trunks, features like 4-way stretch, soft, breathable, and quick dry set Bermies apart. When they finish swimming, most people despise it; their swimwear takes forever to dry, and the swimsuit material may occasionally become suffocating and unpleasant. These qualities make the swimsuit appear promising and worth trying.

Even though Bermies claims their prices are lower than other high-end swimwear brands, we believe that 49 dollars are a little too high for swimwear trunks. So, Bermies swimwear may not be ideal for people on a budget as you will find cheaper alternatives on the market. However, considering their durability, we believe they offer value for money and are worth trying if you want something long-lasting.

Pros of Bermies

Here are a few benefits of Bermies:

  • Eco-friendly products (Fabric contents consist of fishing nets, plastic bottles, and post-consumer recycled material)
  • 10% of the profits go to charities
  • High-quality and durable
  • Free shipping
  • Positive reviews on the internet
  • Soft, stretchy, and breathable fabric
  • Unique colors and designs inspired by the ocean and beach sand
  • Non-chaffing and quick drying fabric
  • High-SPF fabric for skin protection from harmful rays of the sun

Cons of Bermies

Here is the drawback that you must know before considering purchasing from Bermies:

  • A little on the pricey side even though the brand claims that they offer affordable swimwear

 Who is Bermies for?

Bermies is ideal for anyone who loves swimming and wants to invest in high-quality swimwear that will last a long time. Moreover, people with sensitive skin that tends to get irritated or chaffed due to uncomfortable swimwear will benefit from Bermies swimwear as it is composed of soft, stretchy, and breathable fabric.

Additionally, people who strongly advocate for eco-friendly products and only support eco-friendly brands can also buy swimwear trunks from Bermies as they are made from recycled and other eco-friendly materials.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Here are a few alternatives to Bermies:

  • com
  • Cupshe
  • Oneone swimwear
  • The Beach People
  • Frankie’s
  • Summersalt

We have put on the top of our list of alternatives for Bermies as it is a brand similar to Bermies that offers a large variety of attractive swimwear for men and women. Additionally, the brand labels its products as cruelty-free, which gives us more reason to support it.

Our Final Thoughts

Bermies distinguishes itself from competitors with its unique colors, patterns, excellent quality, and comfort features. The eco-friendly aspect is the icing on the cake, making it even more worthwhile to support this brand.

We think that the next time you need swimsuit trunks, you should certainly test Bermies products and decide whether they are worth it.