Bala Bangles from Shark Tank

Bala Bangles shark tank

The health and lifestyle industry is booming with new inventions every few months, with people developing their ergonomic designs for every health and fitness product. For years, the market has seen changing trends in the techniques of clothing, yoga mats, equipment, etc. However, wrist and ankle weights were a significant piece of equipment that was never fully challenged in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Even as people have to work out and do yoga in the mornings, it’s one after the other instead of wise incorporation of the two activities. This issue was faced by many but noticed only by Natalie Holloway, an LA-based yoga instructor. But unlike others, Natalie took action with the support of her husband Max Kislevitz and initiated her business known as Bala Bangles.

Bala Bangles are ergonomically designed weight bangles for your wrists and ankles. The bangles are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, unlike the trend from the 80s when weird-looking bangles were worn all day, ruining the overall outfit and making the entire day seem like aerobics. Apart from that, the bangles have a strong velcro patch that holds the bangle in place regardless of the activity one performs.

Bala Bangles are also designed to add additional resistance to a person’s workout. Hence, the 1 and 2-pound weighted bangles work perfectly for fitness enthusiasts. The LA-based couple appeared on Shark Tank, initially seeking a sum of $400K in exchange for 10% equity in their company.

They begin their pitch by explaining the issue that led them to design their company’s product. They also entertained the sharks by hiring performers to recreate a scene from the 80s. The couple then introduces Bala Bangles, explains the design, and handouts the samples to each shark. Natalie also demonstrates the correct way of putting the bangles on.

Every shark is impressed by the product but soon jumps into the business’s finances. Till their appearance in the shark tank, the company had already made 1.2 million in sales, impressing the sharks as the business was relatively young. A significant share of the sales came in from the retails with minimal sales generated from their e-commerce platform. The business’s Amazon presence also contributed to the profits earned. Bala Bangles also had impressive profit margins, but they needed extra money for inventory management and expanding the product market.

Kevin is the first to offer the $400K they sought as a loan for three years with 7.5% interest and 5% equity. Maria Sharapova, a sportsperson, also provided $200K but wanted another shark contributing the other half and equity of 30%. Lori and Daymond agreed to partner with Maria, but Maria waited for Mark to decide to join her in the deal.

While Mark and Maria discussed, Lori announced a separate deal of $500K for 18% equity. Mark decided to join Maria, but Natalie and Max’s counter offered and asked for $900K in return for the 30% equity. Mark and Maria agreed, and Bala Bangles had two new members joining the business.

Our Review of Bala Bangles

Mark and Maria’s partnership and endorsement was a significant player in the success of Bala Bangles as Maria was internationally recognized for her performance as a sportsperson while Mark owned an NBA league. Bala Bangles ended the year they appeared on Shark Tank with $15 million in sales.

Their e-commerce platform has since improved and contributed significantly to their sales. The company has also expanded the range of products and added other yoga and workout equipment to its list of products. Bala Bangles has attracted many sports and fitness enthusiasts, and its loyal customer base is constantly growing.

Pros of Bala Bangles

In a short time, Bala Bangles has managed to wow the customers with its sophisticated design and the company’s incredible customer service. Here are some things customers love about the business:

  • The Bala Bangles is available at a discounted rate.
  • The bangles’ ergonomic design helps exercise the wrist and ankle muscles ideally.
  • Bala Bangles products are well-designed to eradicate the need to hold dumbbells for extra weight and resistance.
  • Bala Bangles are available in numerous colors to go with various outfits.
  • The bangles are available with weights of 1 and 2LB to add enough weight to the workout without it becoming straining.
  • The design is snug and holds onto the wrist and ankle.
  • Bala Bangles have a strong velcro patch assisting the product to stay in place regardless of the activity performed while wearing it.
  • One can quickly wear the bangles throughout the day without worrying about too much weight pulling your arms down.
  • Bala Bangles were always designed for ease of use. Hence, the products are low maintenance.
  • Bala Bangles are waterproof, making them durable and long-lasting.
  • The product is also adjustable to accommodate wrists and ankles with a single design.
  • The award-worthy customer service has kept the customers coming back.

Cons of Bala Bangles

Despite having a loyal customer base, some things haven’t worked in favor of Bala Bangles:

  • The Bala Bangles are costlier than the average weight bangles available in the market
  • Specific customers aren’t happy with the fact that there are still a variety of colors unavailable in Bala Bangles

Who Is Bala Bangles For?

Bala Bangles is the perfect product for every health and fitness enthusiast struggling to incorporate extra weight and resistance in their workout routine, especially for their hands and legs. The product allows yogis and gym enthusiasts to add weight without holding onto the equipment for hours, often straining the palms. Bala Bangles are designed to add weight and not be a piece of fool-proof fitness equipment that people can often get confused with.

Are There Any Alternatives?

TOSAMC is another fitness brand worth mentioning that has been making sales in the health and fitness niche with its ergonomically designed products. Their silicone weight bangles for wrists and ankles have also been serving the market for years. Apart from that, the company also sells equipment and accessories for other exercises.

However, Bala Bangles’ aesthetic appeal remains unmatched, making it a popular choice within the niche.

Our Final Thoughts

Bala Bangles has made its mark in the health and fitness industry through its aesthetically pleasing and incredibly functional products. Bala Bangles has been building a community of fitness enthusiasts to solve other prevalent problems in the industry. The unique design of Bala Bangles is likely to make the company profit along with other highly trending products.

In the years to come, we will see more Bala Bangles in the ever-growing health and fitness sector.