AnyTongs Review from Shark Tank: The Ultimate Kitchen Gadget Test

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The journey from innovation to a popular product often includes a defining moment of exposure, and for the creators of AnyTongs, that spotlight moment came through their appearance on “Shark Tank.” The product, a creative kitchen tool designed to transform typical flatware into a versatile pair of tongs, struck a chord with both the sharks and the audience for its simplicity and practicality. The “Shark Tank” platform not only showcased AnyTongs but also brought to light the challenges and triumphs of getting a new culinary gadget off the ground.

With an ever-increasing interest in home cooking, kitchen tools that offer convenience and multiple uses are particularly appealing to consumers. AnyTongs addresses this demand by providing a way to repurpose existing utensils, exemplifying ingenious functionality without the need for excessive gadgetry. Reviews post-“Shark Tank” reveal that the product lives up to its claims, lending credence to the positive reception it received from the investors on the show. It represents an intersection where innovation meets the practical needs of everyday life in the kitchen.

Key Takeaways

  • AnyTongs gained significant attention after its presentation on “Shark Tank.”
  • The product’s design is celebrated for its innovation in transforming everyday flatware.
  • Reviews post-appearance emphasize its practicality and utility in home kitchens.

Origins and Shark Tank Appearance

In this section, we explore the journey of AnyTongs from its inception by a creative founder to the thrilling moment it caught the attention of the Sharks on national television.

About the Founder

Tog Samphel, the founder of AnyTongs, is an innovative thinker with a flair for problem-solving in the kitchen. After graduating from Montclair State University, he transformed his idea into a reality, aiming to streamline the culinary experience for cooks everywhere.

Product Design and Kickstarter Campaign

AnyTongs cleverly designed its kitchen device to combine the functionality of various utensils into one versatile tool, simplifying the cooking process. With a successful Kickstarter campaign, the product resonated with backers who were eager to minimize clutter and maximize efficiency in their kitchens.

  • Kickstarter Success: Gained significant support for its ingenuity
  • Design Philosophy: Merge practicality with simplicity

AnyTongs on Shark Tank

During Season 14 Episode 13 of Shark Tank, Tog Samphel presented AnyTongs to the panel, including renowned Sharks such as Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec. The episode showcased the product’s unique selling points and demonstrated its potential in the culinary gadget market. The Sharks’ interaction highlighted their interest and provided a platform for AnyTongs to gain nationwide recognition.

  • Pitch Highlights:
    • Demonstrated versatility of AnyTongs
    • Sharks engaged with the product design

Product Analysis

In an effort to enhance kitchen convenience, the AnyTongs kitchen tool has made a significant impact by transforming ordinary utensils into functional tongs. This section digs into the specific features, advantages, potential drawbacks, and the safety of the materials used in AnyTongs.

Features and Versatility

AnyTongs are praised for their versatility in food handling. These tongs ingeniously turn a pair of spoons, forks, or a combination of both into a single, useful tool. This adaptability addresses various culinary tasks, from flipping meat to tossing salads. The rubberized slots ensure that flatware stays secure, preventing unintended slips and potential mess.

Pros and Cons


  • Innovative design allows for a customizable kitchen experience.
  • Eco-friendly, as it reduces the need for multiple utensils.
  • Promotes hygienic food handling by minimizing direct contact and possible cross-contamination.


  • May be less sturdy than traditional one-piece tongs.
  • Limited by the strength and size of the utensils used as tongs.

Material and Safety

The AnyTongs tool is crafted from polypropylene, a type of plastic known for its durability and resistance to various chemical solvents, bases, and acids. This makes it a safe option for food safety and daily kitchen use. Furthermore, its ease of cleaning fosters a more hygienic environment by reducing the risk of cross-contamination when handling different food items.

Business and Production Insights

In this section, we explore the key business facets of AnyTongs ranging from sales to manufacturing, all the way to its niche in the marketplace. These insights give a good indication of how the company is managing growth, costs, and competition.

Sales and Growth

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, AnyTongs has seen a noticeable increase in their sales and growth trajectory. Initially, the company faced challenges post-2021 with only about $7,000 in gross revenue, but efforts to innovate have led to an improved business outlook.

Manufacturing and Margins

AnyTongs has redesigned its product for better efficiency, leading to manufacturing enhancements and better margins. The updated design not only proved more convenient for users, but also reduced production costs with a landed cost just over $1 per unit, boosting their net profit margin.

Market Position and Competition

In the kitchen utensil sector, AnyTongs has carved out a market position by offering a unique product that turns regular flatware into versatile cooking tongs. Despite the niche offering, the company is aware of the competition from established kitchen tool brands and seeks to differentiate itself through innovation and utility.

Consumer Experience

When exploring the world of AnyTongs, consumers have two main focal points: where to purchase this innovative kitchen gadget and what other users have experienced. This dual-part insight guides potential buyers through the purchasing process and sets expectations from real-world usage.

Where to Buy

AnyTongs have gained traction since their appearance on Shark Tank, making them available on multiple platforms. Consumers can find these versatile kitchen tongs directly on the official website, allowing them to purchase from the source. Additionally, for convenience and access to customer reviews, AnyTongs are also listed on Amazon, broadening their availability to a wider audience. For those who enjoy browsing curated collections of innovative products, platforms like Tom’s Finds, TrendHunter, GadgetFlow, The Grommet, and Mashable often feature trending items like AnyTongs, although availability on these sites may vary.

  • Official Website: Direct purchasing option
  • Amazon: Access to wide user base and reviews
  • Curated Platforms: Check for availability and deals

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer feedback is a cornerstone for understanding the practicality of AnyTongs in everyday cooking. Reviews often highlight how these tongs turn a simple set of utensils into a tool that’s adept at handling a variety of tasks, from flipping to gripping, whether it’s family-sized servings of vegetables or a tender chicken breast. Comments on Amazon showcase a mix of satisfaction and criticism, providing a comprehensive picture of the product’s performance in real kitchens.

  • Positive Reviews: Celebrate the product’s functionality and versatility.
  • Constructive Criticism: Offers insights on potential improvements.

Through a combination of readily available purchase options and authentic customer testimonials, consumers can form a well-rounded view of AnyTongs and their place in the assortment of kitchen gadgets.