Animated Lure from Shark Tank

Animated Lure shark tank

For fishing fans, the satisfaction of chasing and hunting fish is unmatched. Although the difficulty and the process are more interesting than the catch, wouldn’t it be exciting to bring home some fresh seafood without any struggle? The Animated Lure has got you covered.

Animated Lure is a revolutionary fish attractant that imitates the image and motion of a live fish. The lure has continuously swinging segmental tails and lifelike fish swim movements.

The lure also makes periodic pausing and direction adjustments. Perhaps the most notable features of this lure are the realistic paint shades and outstanding level of detail-oriented craftsmanship.

The body of the lure is propelled by motor drives, which also drive a tiny rotor on the snout. This propeller takes water into a tube and ejects it out the sides to push the fish on a curvilinear route without the angler reeling or employing any special techniques.

Kanz Kayfan and Sobhan Sanaee started the Animated Lure.

They worked with Maleki Hassam to create the first mechanized fishing gear system, which was introduced in 2015.

Kayfan learned how to fish from his skilled fisherman dad.

The catalyst for starting the process was his father’s sad comment one day that he hoped the other siblings could accompany them on frequent fishing outings.

His brothers’ lack of interest in the sport was a long time between captures, which inspired him to create a gadget that would allow individuals of all ages and capacities to engage in the activity.

The aim was to offer families a chance to fish together and relish it.

On Shark Tank, Kanz and Sobhan presented a $325,000 bid for a 10% share in Animated Lure.

Animated Lure was selling directly to consumers before Shark Tank, but it would want to enter the market of big-box athletic goods retailers.

They made an impression on all the Sharks by their sheer numbers. To triple their earnings by the end of the upcoming year and by selling directly to customers, they had generated $247,000 in the first quarter of 2020. Additionally, they had no debt at all.

Although all the Sharks were intrigued, they left the bid for Kevin O’Leary since the business was his niche.

In exchange for 10% stock and a $3 royalty on each unit sold up to a $1 million profit, Kevin O’Leary proposed $325,000.

They agreed to the proposal. The deal never closed, though.

Although the Shark backed out of the arrangement, the fish are still swimming!

They regularly restock their inventory on the Animated Lure website and actively launch new goods, such as their premium line and the possibility of adding more propellers to any lure.

Our Review of Animated Lure

Animated Lures are motorized, rechargeable fisherman lures. These lures closely resemble the movements of actual fish to prompt faster and more predictable bites when fishing.

The mechanical propeller positioned in the nose pumps water in and out of the body to give the appearance that the fish is swimming and alive.

The Animated Lures may be fully recharged. Alligator clamps plugged into a USB-compatible cord with negative and positive ends are used to charge them.

The red and black clips are fastened to the rings on the top and bottom of the fish, respectively.

After that, you charge it by inserting the USB end of the cord into a port. It takes around two hours to charge fully.

If you want, you can buy extra propellers from their website.

River fishing lures include Salt Water, Premium Salt Water, Mini, Premium Mini, Classic, Premium Classic, and various styles (Bass, Trout, Carp, Salmon, Shad, Sardines, and Herring) to tempt fish to devour their “prey.”

PROS of Animated Lure

  • Saves a lot of fishing time and guarantees you don’t go home without a catch.
  • The lure’s realistic-appearing gills, scales, and paint on top are the most striking features.
  • The lure is constructed of hard plastic; thus, it is lightweight.
  • The Animated Lure website offers various designs, so you may pick a lure that resonates with you.

Cons of Animated Lure

  • Since there are electrical components within, the plastic may crack if it collides with something hard underwater, leading to chances of a short circuit.
  • When sand gets inside, or as the lures swim through seaweed or other junk in the water, the propeller’s tail segments offer another problem. The lure may not work as effectively if lodged with junk underwater.
  • The lure’s design for freshwater makes it similar to every other technological device intended for usage in water. Saltwater leaks into the divided region, which can hasten the rate of corrosion.
  • All the variants have the same price.

Who Is Animated Lure For?

Animated Lure is the ideal fishing partner for anglers of all generations and in almost any setting. However, using it in areas with a significant amount of junk or seaweed is not advisable since it would get stuck in the blade or tail segments.

For those wishing to pursue bigger fish, we advise the saltwater and classic lures; for everyone else, the mini model will yield the most significant results. It charges in one to one and a half hours and has a three-hour battery life, which is ideal for most fishing excursions.

Are There Any Alternatives?

One viable option is to use conventional lures, flip the line continuously, and slightly bring it in as you imitate capturing a live fish. Naturally, this strategy has a drawback; fish may become terrified of the hook if you flicker too frequently or vigorously. The fish, however, may become utterly uninterested if you flip absolutely nothing!

Here is an alternative we found on Amazon:

TRUSCEND Fishing Lures for Bass Trout Multi Jointed Swimbaits Slow Sinking Bionic Swimming Lures Bass Freshwater Saltwater Bass Lifelike Fishing Lures Kit

Please note that Truscend Fishing Lure is not a competitor of Animated Lure.

Our Final Thought

Making fishing lures appear alive was a concern that most people had, but nobody ever identified it as a problem until Animated Lure provided a workaround.

Before COVID-19, fishing was among the most well-liked outdoor pursuits all around the world, allowing people to take in the calm waters, the clear sky, and the wildlife underwater. We also got to enjoy a nice meal by the end of the day; that was an added benefit. The Animated Lure swims around like a real fish to entice predators.

This fish moves its bait autonomously by following a random pattern, increasing the lure’s appeal. The Animated Lure will boost your chances of a catch.

We would encourage everyone to use this ground-breaking device, especially parents.