Angels and Tomboys from Shark Tank

angels and tomboys shark tank

The idea of Angels and Tomboys came to two sisters, Mallory and Madison. They wanted products designed and created for adolescents, tweens, and teen girls after they got tired of using their mom’s fragrances and lotions.

Angels and Tomboys, the brand’s objective is to provide girls of all age’s fun and unique fragrances and smells that aren’t exactly designed for ‘girls.’ The two sisters wanted fun, unique, and special fragrances, oils, and lotions that didn’t ‘smell like their mom’ and were more their own.

The two sisters’ mother, Viara, thought her daughters’ idea was great and started working to create Angels and Tomboys. The mother also came up with the name, Angels and Tomboys, as she believes there is a little bit of both in every girl.

Angels and Tomboys products include fun scents, body sprays, fragrances, and lotions like Watermelon Funk, Cherry Star Glam, Frozen Hot Chocolate, and many more. They also offer various shampoos and conditioners. They have products for every kind of girl, from a barbie loving girly girl to the basketball-playing tomboy.

The two sisters appeared on Season 8, Episode 4 of Shark Tank with their mother, looking for help with marketing and production. They were seeking a $55,000 investment and were offering a 20% stake in return. Their demonstration included their theme song and a dance routine. They then provided the Sharks with samples of their product. The sisters also state that, as of now, they only produce and sell lotions and body sprays but plan to expand their business into a complete beauty product line.

They provide details about their sales, stating they have made almost $60,000 in sales with over 5k units sold. The Sharks think the numbers are good but are interested in why they aren’t more profitable. Lori Greiner states that Target already offers a similar beauty product line for girls.

Kevin also mentions that if the target market was actually good, bigger competitors would already be in the market.

Mark Cuban questions the girls’ commitment to the business and if they loved what they were doing – to which he got a resounding yes in reply. Mr. Wonderful questions the girls on how they would handle a substantial order. Viara, the mother, states she’s talked to a few manufacturers that could help them bring their production costs further down.

Robert is quick to back away from the deal as he himself wouldn’t purchase the product for his kids. Mr. Wonderful also follows as he believes there isn’t a market for their product. Lori also declines the deal as she thinks the market is small and there is a lot of competition.

Daymon believes in the girls and asks Mark if he would pair up for the deal. Mark agrees with Daymond, and they offer a $60,000 investment for a third of their business. After a little discussion between the girls and their mother, the team accepts their deal!

Our Review of Angels and Tomboys

After Angels and Tomboys‘ initial appearance on Shark Tank, the sisters had a ‘grand opening’ of a retail store, and their products were available at a few pop-up shops. Since then, their business has grown and expanded and now offers lotions, body sprays, body washes, liquid sugars, shampoos, and conditioners.

If you ask most young girls, they’re usually not interested in most ‘mom’ perfumes that are typically flower-scented, are incredibly pricey, and are too potent or strong for young noses. Angels and Tomboys is the solution for these girls, providing fun and unique scented products created by and directed towards little girls!

Angels and Tomboys products are healthy too! They are made from real fruit extracts, contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals, and are ingredients that preserve younger skin. With their multiple, unique, and fun fragrances, you or your little girl are sure to find one that allows them to feel empowered and express who they are.

All their products come in nice, cute, and fun packaging. Packaging that will excite any girl to try out their new and fun scent! Some of their lotions have colorful glitter added in to provide little girls with a little shimmer whenever they wear them. All their ingredients are natural and organic, which means they are chemical-free and safe to use and apply to all girls and children. The scents are also long-lasting, and the lotions and body milks apply very smoothly.

Pros of Angels and Tomboys

Natural Ingredients: All the ingredients used in Angels and Tomboys production are natural and organic. This makes their products safe to use and apply for all, even those with delicate or sensitive skin.

Fun and Unique: All their scents, lotions, and fragrances are unique and fun. No ‘flavor’ is the same, and girls are sure to find one that suits their style and personality.

Cons of Angels and Tomboys

Some users complain of receiving leaky bottles.

Who is Angels and Tomboys for?

Angels and Tomboys was created by and is designed to cater to girls! Young girls who are tired of using their mom’s perfumes or hate that every scent available in the market is flower-scented can finally find a fragrance that suits them and allows them to be themselves.

Are There Any Alternatives?

At this time, we cannot find any direct alternatives to Angels and Tomboys.

Our Final Thoughts

Angels and Tomboys, made by and for young girls, are amazing fragrances and scented products. They allow little girls to feel empowered by providing them with perfumes, sprays, lotions, and shampoos of unique and fun smells. Each scent in their product line is special and unique, is completely free of inorganic ingredients, and is great and usable for all skin types.