American Ghost Walks Review: Unveiling the Haunt from Shark Tank

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American Ghost Walks, the intriguing tour company that takes visitors through haunted locations, recently made a memorable appearance on the hit TV show “Shark Tank.” With their unique approach to historical tourism, the brother-sister duo of Mike Huberty and Allison Jornlin captured the attention of both the Sharks and the audience. Their business offers a mix of entertainment and education that appeals to those interested in the paranormal and has been successfully operating in multiple cities across the United States.

The company’s presence on “Shark Tank” brought their innovative concept into the national spotlight, demonstrating their entrepreneurial spirit and the growing interest in ghost tours. By highlighting America’s spookiest spots through well-researched stories and professional presentation, American Ghost Walks has managed to carve out a distinct niche for themselves in the tourism industry. Their experience on the show offered deeper insight into their business strategy and the potential of haunted tourism as a sustainable enterprise.

Key Takeaways

  • American Ghost Walks gained exposure on “Shark Tank,” showcasing their paranormal tours.
  • The founders presented their business model, reflecting its scalability and educational value.
  • The company has cemented its place in the tourism industry, emphasizing the nation’s haunted history.

Origins and Founders

American Ghost Walks is a distinctive tour company that merged historical insights with the allure of paranormal stories. The enterprise was co-founded by siblings Mike Huberty and Allison Jornlin, combining their passions for history and the supernatural to create an engaging experience that resonates with their audience in various cities, including their starting point in Wisconsin.

Conceptualization and Values

The concept behind American Ghost Walks was to offer more than just a simple tour; the company sought to provide a deep dive into the local lore and legends rooted in each city’s past. With a commitment to historical accuracy and an emphasis on paranormal elements, they aimed to educate and entertain simultaneously, focusing on sites known for spooky occurrences and stories that have stood the test of time.

Founders’ Background

Mike Huberty and Allison Jornlin, the driving force behind the company, brought with them a wealth of knowledge on all things historical and haunted. They shared an intrinsic fascination with the paranormal, which they nurtured through extensive research. Their background is steeped in Wisconsin’s rich history, where the siblings first honed their skills in storytelling and tour guidance before scaling their business to a national audience. Their commitment to providing authentic and immersive experiences has helped American Ghost Walks stand out in the growing market of ghost tours.

National Presence

American Ghost Walks has solidified its reputation by establishing a considerable footprint across the United States, spanning several key states and cities known for their rich history and paranormal activity.

Growth and Expansion

Since its inception in Milwaukee, American Ghost Walks has seen significant expansion, now operating in 25 cities across eight states. Their tours have taken root in places known for their cultural depth and eerie backstories, such as Wisconsin, home to both Milwaukee and Madison tours, and Minnesota, where the Minneapolis ghost walk has become quite popular. The company’s expansion has reached into diverse areas including Illinois and Chicago, down to New Orleans in Louisiana, across to the west in California, and even up north to Maine. Their national presence doesn’t stop there; they’ve also planted their spectral stories in Puerto Rico, demonstrating the company’s ambition and widespread appeal.

Notable Locations

Key locations in American Ghost Walks’ network include notorious hotspots for paranormal enthusiasts and history buffs alike. In Wisconsin, the company taps into the ghostly lore of Milwaukee, providing a glimpse into a city with a surprising number of haunting tales, while Madison offers its own unique supernatural narratives. Chicago’s tours dive into the city’s notorious past, and Minneapolis presents its chilling history, much to the fascination of its visitors. Farther south, one can’t ignore the allure of New Orleans, a city synonymous with the supernatural, where American Ghost Walks showcases the haunted heart of Louisiana. Each location is carefully selected for its historical significance and ghostly legends, ensuring an unforgettable experience that’s simultaneously educational and spine-tingling.

Business Acumen

American Ghost Walks showcased their entrepreneurial expertise on Shark Tank, navigating the negotiation process with savvy and focus on long-term growth.

Shark Tank Appearance

On Shark Tank Season 15, American Ghost Walks’ sibling founders, Mike Huberty and Allison Jornlin, presented their business with the aim to secure a strategic partnership. They captivated the Sharks with their compelling narrative, emphasizing the tour company’s unique blend of historical insight and spooky entertainment.

Investment and Valuation

The entrepreneurs pitched an equity stake of 15% in exchange for $250,000. By valuing their company at approximately $1.67 million, they showed confidence in their business model and projected growth potential.

Operational Insights

Armed with operational data, they revealed that the company had 32 employees and had grossed $92,000 to date. In a previous year, they had grossed $392,000, indicating a robust operating base. This performance, coupled with their growth strategy, emphasizes American Ghost Walks’ commitment to scaling their spooky tour experience across the United States.

Cultural Impact and Community

American Ghost Walks has made a distinctive mark on local and American history through its cultural and educational contributions. The tours blend storytelling and historical facts, enriching the community’s knowledge and appreciation for the past.

Cultural Significance

Ghost Tours have evolved into more than just a source of entertainment; they act as a vessel for preserving local folklore and ghost stories. American Ghost Walks capitalizes on this by offering tours that delve into the haunted history of various locations. These tours not only entertain but also help keep the tales and traditions of different communities alive. During Halloween season, these tours become especially significant, aligning with the public’s heightened interest in the paranormal and American history.

  • Local History: Each ghost tour is meticulously researched, often by recognized experts such as the Wisconsin Researcher of the Year.
  • Community: The tours promote communal engagement and provide a unique way to experience the cities’ heritage.

Educational Outreach

American Ghost Walks places a strong emphasis on educational outreach. They present historically accurate narratives rooted in American history which provide a foundation for understanding the local heritage.

  • Folklore and Education: The company intertwines local folklore with factual history, offering a captivating educational experience.
  • Haunted History: The narratives offer insights into the haunted history of each locale, encouraging further exploration and research by attendees.

By fostering an environment where education meets entertainment, American Ghost Walks encourages a deeper connection between people and their history, inviting a greater sense of community and cultural awareness.