Addison’s Wonderland from Shark Tank

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Pampering your little girls like the princesses they are is every parent’s wish. It doesn’t matter how non-girly you’ve been all your life. But the moment you glance at your adorable daughter’s face, you want nothing more than to turn them into actual royal highnesses.

This also includes decorating their rooms into gorgeous perfection. Be it the wall paint, toys, or beddings. Your precious one deserves everything luxurious. And honestly, we don’t see any harm in spoiling them just a little bit. After all, what’s wrong with planning your baby girl’s room to look mesmerizing, soothing, colorful, and slightly grandeur? Nothing!

Though, choosing the bedding can be challenging at times. You want a premium-quality fabric that doesn’t irritate your child’s skin and an excellent finish that notches up the interior’s gracefulness. Also, is there any store with everything under one roof, from beddings and baby products to headboards and even window treatments? Why, yes, of course.

Brittany McWhorter thought it was a phenomenal idea to help parents design girls’ bedrooms aesthetically. She’s an interior designer and has always wanted to own her own business, the dedication resulting in her establishing Addison’s Wonderland in 2010, which she dedicated to her daughter, Addison.

The business welcomed Brooke Anderson Bryant as the Vice President in 2011, who handles the company’s marketing and branding aspects. Their business, Addison’s Wonderland, offers clients an extensive collection, depending on whether they prefer the whole look or select a few pieces to decorate their existing themes.

The founder and VP appeared in Shark Tank’s fourth season, requiring additional investment to expand their high-end bedding and accessories business for little girls. They sought $90,000 in exchange for the company’s 20% equity.

Robert doesn’t understand the price (around $1400 for a twin-sized bedding set). He thinks it’s too high and not affordable enough to push the brand’s development. Brittany and Brooke counter that they plan on reducing it by thirty percent to make the products accessible to a wider target audience.

Kevin doesn’t find a fault in the pricing, suggesting that profitability doesn’t necessarily connect with more sales. Selling fewer products at higher prices can still result in more profits. But Lori disagrees with this ideology, calling it unfit for any brand’s survival.

Overall, Robert thinks the business is already established, and he wouldn’t be a significant help. And Lori is more inclined toward working with businesses that target mass audiences. Like Robert, Daymond also thinks that the ladies don’t really “need” Sharks and their investments. So, they are all out.

Kevin thinks that Addison’s Wonderland will face many knockoffs that can disrupt its sales. In plain words, he doesn’t observe solid proprietary in the brand and thinks the competition may drive it out of operations. Therefore, he’s out.

Lastly, Mark has high hopes for the business, agreeing that the market is available but still doesn’t think Addison’s Wonderland will offer him sufficient and timely returns. Therefore, he doesn’t accept the pitch, resulting in Brittany and Brooke leaving the show without entering a deal with any shark.

However, this setback didn’t collapse the ladies’ zeal. In fact, it urged them to strive, even more, putting more effort into creating and executing strategic marketing campaigns. Addison’s Wonderland even experienced a surge in sales after their episode aired. The revenue increased to the extent that Brooke called spending $1 million on marketing tactics “worth it.”

Unfortunately, the business began facing issues in 2014 until it closed its operations permanently. Brittany announced the decision by blogging about saying goodbye to the brand. Although she ended the business, she continued blogging on the official website. In 2019, she also became HGTV Dream Home Giveaway’s interior decorator.

Today, Brittany’s blog has transformed into a fashion and lifestyle platform selling products like kitchen accessories, rugs, kids’ and women’s fashions, lighting, etc. In 2019, Brittany also established a boutique in Monroe, Georgia, and now generates yearly revenue of over $1 million.

Our Review Of Addison’s Wonderland

Addison’s Wonderland was a spectacular initiative. It’s honestly a dream come true for mothers and fathers who love spoiling their little girls and morphing their rooms into the definition of elegant, majestic, and exquisite.

In addition, you could have ordered baby toys and other room accessories from the same website, saving you from the hassle of wasting time browsing through multiple websites and physical stores.

Lastly, the business in the present time would’ve been a lifesaver because you get high-end and luxurious-quality items in just one click. Digitalization at its peak is a contemporary motto everyone prefers, and that’s just one more thing to appreciate about Addison’s Wonderland.

Pros Of Addison’s Wonderland

  • Extensive interior décor range for little girls’ bedrooms
  • High-quality, visually appealing products
  • Quick access to bold, colorful, and pretty colored room products
  • Caters to all requirements, from frills to vibrancies
  • Ease of ordering online

Cons Of Addison’s Wonderland

  • Not for mass markets
  • Not for people who prefer physically inspecting things before buying them
  • Immensely expensive, especially for a young girl’s bedroom décor

Who is Addison’s Wonderland For?

The business was ideal for people with big budgets who like indulging in high-end brands. It was a sensational solution for parents who prefer decorating their daughter’s room with flamboyantly bold, colorful, and frilly accessories. In addition, people who don’t compromise on the quality and chicness of beddings and window treatments would’ve fallen in love with the brand.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Crate & Kids is one of the best alternatives available today. They offer beddings for boys, girls, and even those suitable for gender-neutral preferences. Additionally, the store is a one-stop for other items like toys, gifts, furniture, rugs, baby products, and even Kid’s gear.

Our Final Thoughts

Addison’s Wonderland was a thoughtful venture started by Brittany for her daughter. Seeing Brooke join the company and help grow it to higher milestones was even more empowering.

The versatile, fashionable, and vividly-shaded beddings were showstoppers and oozed glamour – fit for your little girl. Unfortunately, the brand went out of operation, but even then, we can still read Brittany’s lifestyle and fashion blogs and purchase from her boutique in Monroe. So that’s a relief!