180 Cup from Shark Tank

180 Cup shark tank

It was an exciting season for entrepreneurs on Shark Tank when 180 CUP came onto the show. This innovative product had the sharks intrigued from the start, and viewers were curious to see how things would play out. In this article, we will take a look at what happened on the show and where the 180 Cup is now.

What Is 180 Cup?

Drinking beer out of a regular red party cup is so college. But what if there was a cup that could do way more than just hold your Natty Light? Introducing: the 180 Cup. This product can be described as the regular red disposable cup that you would use at a party, but it has the added benefits of being able to be used as both a beer cup and also a glass to drink hard liquor out of.

The first thing you notice about the cup is that it is red and has the words “180 cups” printed on it. The cup holds 16 oz of liquid, which is double the amount of a normal Solo cup.

The company started off selling the cups at fraternity parties and then eventually expanded to other college campuses. They have now been featured on Shark Tank and are in the process of expanding their business.

The 180 Cup is made out of a special material that allows it to be both flexible and also durable. This means that the cup can be rolled up or even stepped on, and it will still retain its shape. The cup is also 100% recyclable, so you can feel good about using it and then throwing it away (or recycling it, if you’re into that sort of thing).

When you are done drinking your regular beer out of the cup, simply flip the 180 Cup upside down and use it as a shot glass. The cup has measurements on the side so you can pour the perfect amount of liquor into it. And because the cup is made out of a flexible material, you can easily take a shot without having to worry about breaking the cup.

The 180 Cup was invented by Solomon Fallas, who came up with the idea when he was a sophomore in college. He and his friends were trying to figure out a way to drink hard liquor without having to bring a separate cup, and voila! The 180 Cup was born. Solomon started selling the cups at fraternity parties, and soon enough, word about this amazing product began to spread. He eventually made his way onto Shark Tank in hopes of taking the 180 Cup to the next level.

Are They Still An Active Company?

No. The companies website is no longer live and the products are out of stock at Amazon and Walmart.

How Did The Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Soloman Fallas entered the Shark Tank seeking an investment of $3000,000 for 15% equity in his company. He pitched his product to the sharks, and they were immediately interested. They inquired about the sales, and Solomon stated that he had made $385,000 in the past six months.

The Sharks also asked how he promotes his product, and Solomon told them that he uses social media platforms such as Instagram to reach his target market. He also gives out free cups at events to get people hooked, and then they eventually make a purchase.

Solomon said he uses college students as his main source of marketing because they are always looking for new and innovative products. He stated that he plans to use the money to expand his company and also to create a mold so he can mass-produce the cups.

The sharks were impressed with Solomon’s sales numbers and also with his marketing strategy. They were also intrigued by the fact that he had no overhead costs since he outsourced the manufacturing of the cups.

Daymond John offers $300,000 for 20% equity, which Solomon doesn’t accept. Mark thinks Solomon is crazy for not taking the offer, and he ends up leaving the tank.

The other sharks also leave one by one until Solomon is left with Daymond, who this time makes an offer of $300,000 for 23% equity. Solomon still doesn’t want to give up that much of his company, so he ends up counter-offering with 25%. Daymond accepts the offer, and they shake on it.

Our Review Of 180 Cup

The 180 Cup is a great product that we think will be popular with college students and young adults. We like that it is made out of a durable and flexible material and that it is also 100% recyclable. We also think the company is doing well based on its continued growth since appearing on Shark Tank.

The College Ambassador Program is a great way to get free cups, and we think it is genius marketing. We also like that the company is selling other products such as t-shirts and koozies.

The only downside we can see is that there is not much information available on the financial status of the company. Overall, we think the 180 Cup is a great product, and we would recommend it to others.


  • Durable and flexible material
  • 100% recyclable
  • Continued growth since appearing on Shark Tank
  • College Ambassador Program


  • Not much information is available on the financial status of the company.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our review of the 180 Cup. This is a great product that we think will be popular with college students and young adults. We were impressed with the company’s growth since appearing on Shark Tank, and we think the future looks bright for them.