Zup Board from Shark Tank

Zup Board shark tank

Riding the waves is thrilling. If you also love water sports like water skiing and wakeboarding, you’d probably be intrigued to learn about Zup Board. Zup is a company led by three masterminds- Nick Kierpiec, Scott Parks, and Glen Duff. This team of three entrepreneurs designed Zup Board- a unique type of water sport board for water skiing, wakeboarding, and boogie boarding. It’s a device that allows water sports enthusiasts to take their game to the next level.

Zup Board is designed to help everyone enjoy water sports. You can find a board according to your skill level and requirements. These entrepreneurs aim to replace all tow-behind water toys like wakeboards, tubes, and water skis. Moreover, the boards are available in bright colors to add more value to their product for safety and visibility.

This team of three skilled entrepreneurs came up with the idea of Zup Boards after they realized that boats are most often cluttered with multiple water toys. This takes up too much space and creates confusion. Therefore, Zup presents the perfect option for water sports seekers as it combines all the elements of a wakeboard, ski, and kneeboard in one. Therefore, consumers can easily clutter-free their boats without compromising on the fun.

With Zup Boards, users can enjoy water fun with the minimal hassle of carrying multiple boards. Also, depending on their skill level, they can kneel on the board and even lie down or stand. It is safe and simple to use.

The trio started in 2008 in their garage. They designed three models of Zup Boards. They are called Do More, You Got This, and You Go. Each model is for riders of different skill levels, such as basic, intermediate, and pro. They entered Shark Tank with an offer of 10 percent equity in their business for $300,000. They told the sharks that they had earned $2.5 million in sales this year, where most sales come from 180 retailers and multiple online platforms.

However, their pitch fell apart and wasn’t as convincing as we expected when they failed to answer the questions of the sharks with definite answers. Mark turned down the idea because he didn’t think it was good enough to disrupt the water sports industry as the trio thought. Likewise, Kevin rejected the proposition when he found out that the company owed $550,000 in debt. Sara and Lori were not ready to invest either. Hence, the trio left the show without signing a deal.

Our Review of Zup Board

We think that Zup Board has the potential to grow and capture a good market share if they promote and advertise their product smartly.

Zup water sport board features soft handles which are easy to grip and hold. Besides this, even a small boat with an engine of 100 HP can tow it. The product is truly excellent addition to the range of water sports boards. And what makes it even more attractive and worth buying is that they have different variants suitable for people with different skills. So, anyone can shop for these boards and have a great time at sea.

Here are the pros and cons of Zup Board:

Pros of Zup Board

· Easy to Grip and Hold

Unlike some water sports products in the market that aren’t easy to hold and hang on to, Zup Board spares you from that hassle. They have exclusively designed these boards for comfort and enjoyment. Their boards feature easy-to-grip handles with soft foams. This ensures riders can hold on to the board and experience the thrill without any problem.

· Something for Everyone

Whether you are a novice trying to learn water surfing or an intermediate who wants to polish your wakeboarding skills, there is a Zup Board for everyone. Explore your options on their website, or any other trusted an online retail store to order your board.

· Unmatched Convenience

Zup Board is an all-in-one board that makes it incredibly convenient for water sports adventure seekers. It can be used as a wakeboard, surfboard, etc. You don’t need any other board in your boat with this board. Hence, you have more space in the boat and more fun at sea.

Cons of Zup Board

Some cons of Zup Board are that it is pricey. The board is on the higher price spectrum. We believe Zup can attract more consumers if they lower their pricing and make it affordable.

Apart from the price tag, we feel they haven’t promoted the product wisely. The product is highly useful and needs better branding. Hence, to boost sales, they should advertise it. Better advertising will help create more hype and capture a bigger market share as intended.

Who Is Zup Board for?

Zup Board is for people of all ages – children and adults. It is primarily designed for people who love water sports. So, whether you are a newbie who wants to test the waters or a professional who wants to showcase their talent, you can find the perfect board for yourself at Zup.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are different types of water sports boards available in the market. However, as of yet, Zup Board is one of its kind. No water board is sold as a multiple-purpose board. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the thrill of different types of water adventures, consider buying a Zup Board. It is an all-in-one board.

Our Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’d say that Zup Board is a good concept, but to grow sales, the trio must focus on its messaging. This product has many amazing features and specs that need to be highlighted. Hence, the company should promote the benefits of the Zup Board. Such exposure is much needed for brand awareness and market penetration.

Most people who love water sports are not familiar with their product. So, if they develop a good marketing plan, the trio can quickly boost their sales margins and grow their customer base. The product overall is excellent in terms of quality, performance, and durability.