Wurkin Stiffs from Shark Tank

Wurkin Stiffs shark tank

One of the worst things to happen to a beautiful shirt is when the collars don’t match the size you wear. With the fashion industry already seen as a huge contributor to pollution, companies can’t go creating every single design of shirts in every size. Tailoring to fit your size may cost an exuberant amount that’s a waste when there’s work needed to be done only on collars.

When Jonathan Boos was handed a shirt by her wife one night to get ready for a dinner party, Jonathan immediately disliked the John-Travolta-Saturday-Night-Fever look the shirt gave him. The big collars were hanging loosely, and Jonathan knew he couldn’t go out like that. All it took him was a paperclip and a small trusty magnet to save the day. He attached the tools to the inside and the outside of the collar where he needed his collar ends to be, and the world shifted for Jonathan.

Realizing that many people face this issue daily with no sustainable solution, Jonathan came up with the company Wurkin Stiffs. The company designs these pairs of magnets that hold the collar down at whichever position a person wants. The impressive hold of the magnet holds all day with no issues of running out of its force since that’s not how magnets work.

Jonathan came on Shark Tank Season 2 with this revolutionary product and asked for $85K in exchange for 10% of the company’s stake. Although that’s what he pitched, Jonathan was looking beyond the financial gain and wanted a partner who could help him get the connections in the fashion industry. He was also looking for a way to partner with experience in getting a fashion business to the peak, making Daymond his ideal target.

Jonathan had given out the samples to the gentlemen to try out. He had also mentioned that in the three months since the company’s launch, Wurkin Stiffs had sold to over seventy-seven stores nationwide. The company had managed to generate over $600,000 in sales.

Jonathan’s pitch was quite energetic and appealing, but Mark was the first to announce that he was out as he didn’t have the connections in the industry and couldn’t help Jonathan grow the business; Johnathan didn’t seem upset. Barbara was next to announce that she won’t be able to contribute to the growth of Wurkin Stiffs, but she fully supported Jonathan’s drive and proved to be a helping hand soon after. Robert and Kevin O Leary loved the product idea and even saw its value when Jonathan initially handed out samples to the sharks.

Kevin offered Jonathan a sum of $100K in exchange for the equity of 30% with 14% royalty. Jonathan realized that the investment was more of a loan. Robert interjected and offered Jonathan the same offer of $100K for 30% equity minus the royalties.

Jonathan had his eyes set on Daymond, the quietest amongst them all, which upset Jonathan. Jonathan also got carried away with his words while addressing Daymond, which Daymond wasn’t pleased about. However, Barbara realized Jonathan’s desperation and offered Daymond to partner with her in investing $100K in exchange for 25% equity which Daymond then raised to 40%, saying the initial offer wasn’t worth his money.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Robert had reduced their offers to $100K for 15% with royalty and $100K for 20% equity, respectively. However, Jonathan’s interest in getting Daymond on board made him give in to the deal of $100K for 40% equity that he countered to 30% but no use. Jonathan secured the deal with Daymond and Barbara.

Our Review of Wurkin Stiffs

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Wurkin Stiffs has been a business to observe steady growth in sales. The company has diversified its product line and now offers wallets, tie pins, and iPhone cases, amongst other things. The company still has its original magnetic collar product that sells like hot cakes.

The products are unique for people to date, and no other business has been able to replicate what Jonathan has succeeded in designing. The fast solution to a common problem in everyday life is why Wurkin Stiffs’ popularity. Customers love the products of the business as it adds value and saves them dollars on buying new shirts just because collars aren’t custom-fitting for the buyers.

Wurkin Stiffs is headquartered in Florida, where it has one brick-and-mortar store. The company’s e-commerce website is also active for receiving orders nationwide. With two different and trending avenues, Wurkin Stiffs has generated annual revenue of 2.3 million dollars.

Pros of Wurkin Stiffs

Wurkin Stiffs has a good customer base thanks to the unique solution it has brought to the world of fashion. The company adds value to people by solving their issues with something as small as a collar, which significantly impacts the overall look. Here are some things customers appreciate about Wurkin Stiffs and its products:

  • Wurkin Stiffs magnetic collar stays are a unique solution to adjust the collars of the shirt to the appropriate size
  • The collar stays save the dollars spent on buying new shirts just because the old one doesn’t have collars that match the size. It also saves bucks on tailoring
  • The magnetic collar stays are also reusable, eliminating the need to buy a separate collar stay for each shirt
  • Wurkin Stiffs magnetic collar stays work well as they have a strong magnetic force to hold from both the ends of the fabric
  • The magnetic collar stays also holds the collar in place, especially when finishing the look needs a blazer or a jacket that often causes the collars to flatten out
  • The collar stays are also perfect for taming the collars that usually manage to turn on corners on their own
  • Wurkin Stiffs magnetic collar stays also provide an extra hold on the shirt, often giving the illusion of a button-down to the tops that aren’t even designed in such a way

Cons of Wurkin Stiffs

While Wurkin Stiffs has worked its magic on its customers, there are some things that customers aren’t yet pleased with:

  • The collars on shirts nowadays are designed with double layers of fabric, making the magnetic collar stays not strong enough to hold the collars
  • The magnets are pretty small in size that making it risky for pets and children around the house

Who Is Wurkin Stiffs For?

If you’re constantly struggling to get the perfect size of collars on the button-down shirts, Wurkin Stiffs is undoubtedly for you. Their magnetic collar stays help you adjust your collar, making it the size you want and saving you hours on preparation and dollars on the need to buy a new shirt.

Apart from that, many collars fail to stay upright under a blazer or jacket, but this problem too can be fixed with the magnetic collars stays from Wurkin Stiffs.

If you’re looking for a reasonable solution to your collar problems, Wurkin Stiffs is worth the visit.

Are There Any Alternatives?

While being a company that brought a great solution for the people facing problems with their collars, Wurkin Stiffs has a major competitor, The Fashion Anchor. A company specializing in collar stays, The Fashion Anchor has a non-magnetic approach to the problem.

The sticky reusable patches come in a bundle and unlike magnetic collar stays that prop up the collar, The Fashion Anchor claims their collar stays to keep the collar in the perfect shape.

The Fashion Anchor collar stays are perfect for occasions when your shirt needs to be paired with a tie. In such a case, Wurkin Stiffs collar stays may not provide ample space for the tie to fit in.

Our Final Thoughts

Jonathan Boos came in as a man of vision and was a doer. His energy during his pitch lured the investors in because he was relentless with his approach. Perhaps that leadership, along with a brilliant and unique product, is the reason for the fame of Wurkin Stiffs.

Wurkin Stiffs now offers a wide range of products but is most well-known for its magnetic collar stays. If you’re looking to purchase from them, check out their online store.