World Record Striper Company from Shark Tank

World Record Striper Company shark tank

The World Record Striper Company is a company formed around producing unique fishing bait. Each of these lures has a patented rattling sound that attracts monster fish. The company’s name comes from the founder Greg Myerson catching a record-breaking bass fish weighing 8.8 pounds.

The idea behind the rattling sound is that certain monster fish have poor eyesight, and therefore they rely on their hearing to find food. The rattling sound would attract bass fish and make it easier to catch them. Myerson’s inspiration came from crustaceans and the rattling sound they make in the water. This is because some of the bass fish’s favorite foods are shrimp, crabs, and crayfish.

The World Record Striper Company offers a range of fishing products perfect for packing in your tackle box. They offer rattle floats, rattle jigs, and rRattle sinkers, among other products.

Greg Myerson is also well-known in the fishing industry for managing to catch a lot of heavy fish with his sinkers. He’s even gone fishing with a lot of celebrities. He frequently posts videos of himself on the Facebook page for the company, fishing in freshwater using these sinkers to demonstrate how well they work.

Are They Still an Active Company?

No, they are not an active company. They went out of business during the pandemic because of supply chain issues.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Greg Myerson entered Shark Tank to pitch his collection of lures and sinkers. Initially, he wanted a $75,000 investment for a 20% share in his company. He started by claiming that he could only lure fish with a stack of cash and shared some of his fishing accomplishments, including a world record. At this point, all the investors were interested.

Myerson went on to add that he makes the lures by hand, and has only managed $55,000 in the past three years. He explained the reasoning behind the rattling selling point, referring to bass fish being blind and relying mainly on their hearing.

After his pitch, Kevin was a little hesitant about the patent, while Daymond saw it more as an infomercial product than a selling one. Mark was the one who was interested in Myerson’s pitch. He offered $80,000 for 33% shares in the company.

Kevin was about to make a counter-offer, but Mark was persistent and threatened to pull out if Myerson considered Kevin’s offer. Ultimately, he decided to go with Mark’s offer for 33% of the company.

Overall, the World Record Striper Company Shark Tank review was positive.

Our Review of World Record Striper Company

We tried out World Record Striper Company’s product for ourselves. One advantage was that it worked even when trying to catch fish in deep sea conditions. The good news is that the lures worked when attempting to catch fish in deep sea conditions as well. The products didn’t just come with the patented rattling sound; the sinkers were also bright and colorful in appearance, which meant other fishes would be attracted to it too. They also seemed pretty convenient to carry around.

The bad news is that the striper fishing doesn’t particularly require a rattling sound since stripers can be caught without it. Poagies are also able to easily catch fish without the use of lures. The products were also deemed too small to be used on a larger scale.

Of course, the crustacean vibrations combined with the live bait definitely increase your chances of catching a big striper fish. Myerson proved this by using his lures to catch a 55-pound fish in a demonstration video,ll under an hour.

Pros and Cons of World Record Striper Company

World Record Striper Company Pros

  • Easy-to-Carry
  • High chances of catching bigger fish
  • Can catch blind fish

World Record Striper Company Cons

  • Not really a necessary piece of equipment
  • No large-scale fishing application
  • Requires specific supplies to make that are hard to come by
  • Can’t be mass-produced since they are handmade

Who is World Record Striper Company for?

These products are for people who fish as a hobby or have specific fishing goals they have in mind. It would be harder to use this on a large-scale commercial basis because of the size of the lures.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Since this is an innovative novelty item, there aren’t going to be many alternatives on the market, but here’s one we found that was pretty close to it.

Lindy No-Snagg Slip Sinker Banana-Shaped Fishing Sinker is a rattle sinker used to attract fish in darker waters. It’s made of brass, which is perfect for fishing in rough and dirty locations. It comes in different sizes, depending on the fishing type, giving it an added advantage over the World Record Striper Company rattle sinker.

The unique selling point of these sinkers is that they don’t snag in places or cause an inconvenience while fishing. They’re also average-priced with a duo sold for $6.49 on Amazon, which is a pretty good deal. On top of this, they have mostly positive ratings and their product is well-reviewed.

This sinker is made of wood and lightweight, which makes it easy to use and carry around. It can be used for live bait and plastic both.

Our Final Thoughts

The World Record Striper Company products were definitely effective when it came to catching big fish. They’re ideal for fishing hobbyists or competitive fishing games. The patented rattling sound definitely improves chances of catching larger striper fish. However the main problems seems to be that this isn’t a long-lasting selling point, especially since there are now other rattling sinker products on the market too.

On top of which, the fact that this vibration sound meant the lures were specially designed by hand meant that it would be harder to sell it on a large-scale commercial basis because of the time it would take to streamline production.

Overall, this product is perfect for fishing enthusiasts who are looking to enjoy their time in the fresh water and are interested in innovative ways of catching fish.