What Companies Does Urban Outfitters Own: Your Comprehensive Guide to UO’s Retail Empire

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Ever wondered who’s behind the diverse range of brands you shop at? Urban Outfitters Inc., an American multinational lifestyle retail corporation, owns several well-known companies that cater to clothing, accessories, and home decor needs for various age groups.

Among these are names like Anthropologie, a brand beloved by many for its boho-chic women’s apparel, accessories, and home furnishings. Another popular name under their umbrella is Free People, offering unique bohemian fashion for the creative spirit in your life. Not forgetting BHLDN too – it’s a go-to destination for wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses with a vintage touch.

There’s also Terrain, where you’ll find an array of products aimed at turning your outdoor space into a serene sanctuary. Lastly but certainly not least, we have the original namesake brand itself: Urban Outfitters – your ideal stop for trendy clothes and quirky homeware items.

So next time you’re shopping in one of these stores or browsing online, remember they’re all part of the same family – Urban Outfitters Inc., making a significant mark on global retail trends.

Urban Outfitters: A Brief Overview

Urban Outfitters Inc., a renowned multinational lifestyle retail corporation, is much more than just one single brand. You may be surprised to know that it’s the umbrella company for several other popular brands in the fashion and home decor sector.

Established back in 1970 by Richard Hayne, Judy Wicks, and Scott Belair, Urban Outfitters started as a small space across from the University of Pennsylvania. Today, it’s grown into a global phenomenon with over 600 stores worldwide.

Aside from its namesake retail brand Urban Outfitters, this corporation also owns five other distinct brands:

  • Anthropologie: Launched in 1992, Anthropologie specializes in women’s apparel, accessories, intimates, home furniture and décor.
  • Free People: Originally part of Urban Outfitters itself before becoming an independent brand in 1984. They focus mainly on women’s boho fashion.
  • BHLDN: Pronounced “beholden”, this brand launched in 2011 offers wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and wedding decor.
  • Terrain: The youngest among all brands (2008), Terrain merges house and garden products with an eye towards sustainability and eco-friendly design.
  • Menus & Venues: This division encompasses various restaurants such as Pizzeria Vetri.

The table below shows each subsidiary with its category:

Subsidiary Category
Anthropologie Women’s Apparel & Home Decor
Free People Women’s Fashion
BHLDN Wedding Dresses & Decor
Terrain House & Garden Products
Menus & Venues Restaurants

Each of these subsidiaries has carved out their own niche markets while maintaining an alignment with the overall ethos of Urban Outfitter Inc.’s commitment to hipster culture aesthetics and trend-focused style. Together they create a diverse portfolio that ensures your shopping needs are met – whether you’re searching for vintage-inspired clothing or beautiful pieces for your home!

Brands Owned By Urban Outfitters Inc.

If you’re a fan of trendy, eclectic fashion, then chances are high that you’ve shopped at Urban Outfitters. But did you know this retail giant owns several other popular brands? Yes, it’s true! Urban Outfitters Inc., the multinational lifestyle retail corporation based in Philadelphia, boasts an impressive portfolio of brands under its umbrella.

Firstly, there’s Anthropologie, a beloved brand known for its unique blend of boho-chic clothing and home decor items. Founded in 1992 as a way to cater to older women who had outgrown Urban Outfitter’s youthful styles, Anthropologie now operates over 200 stores worldwide!

Next up is BHLDN (pronounced ‘beholden’). This brand captures hearts with its dreamy wedding gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses. Launched in 2011 as part of Anthropologie but later recognized as a separate entity, BHLDN focuses on vintage-inspired bridal wear for the modern bride-to-be.

Then we have Free People, another subsidiary targeting young women with free-spirited fashion. Free People offers an array of contemporary clothes and accessories that resonate with the adventurous soul.

Finally, there’s Terrain and Vetri Family – these two brands might surprise you since they’re not about fashion at all! Terrain specializes in home and garden products while Vetri Family includes a collection of Italian restaurants.

Here’s a quick summary:

Brand Description
Anthropologie Chic clothing & home decor
BHLDN Bridal wear
Free People Bohemian apparel & accessories
Terrain Home & Garden store
Vetri Family Italian Restaurants

So next time when you’re browsing through these other shops or dining at one of the Vetri restaurants, remember that they’re all part of the same stylish family – the Urban Outfitters Inc.

Understanding Anthropologie Group

Let’s delve into the world of Urban Outfitters’ sister brand, Anthropologie Group. This part of the URBN portfolio has been making waves in the retail landscape for years, and it’s not hard to see why.

Firstly, you might be asking yourself: What does the Anthropologie Group encompass? The group is made up of three distinct brands:

  • Anthropologie
  • Terrain

The core brand, Anthropologie, was first launched in 1992 and it quickly established itself as a go-to destination for women seeking unique, curated collections of clothing, accessories, home décor and beauty products. It’s all about providing an immersive shopping experience that goes beyond mere consumerism.

Next up is BHLDN. Pronounced “beholden”, it illustrates love stories with its dreamy collection of wedding dresses and bridal party attire. Launched in 2011 as a digital-only brand before expanding to physical stores later on; they’ve got you covered from your engagement photoshoot all the way down to your flower girl’s dress.

Then there’s Terrain – a haven for gardeners and plant enthusiasts alike. Since its inception in 2008, Terrain blends home décor with horticulture offering everything from house plants to hand-crafted furniture.

Brands Year Launched
Anthropologie 1992
BHLDN 2011
Terrain 2008

We can’t talk about these brands without mentioning their shared commitment to sustainability. They’re continuously striving towards more ethical sourcing practices while reducing environmental impact through recycling programs and utilizing less packaging material.

In summary: when you’re exploring what companies Urban Outfitters owns — don’t overlook Anthropologie Group! Each brand under this umbrella offers something uniquely captivating; keeping customers coming back time after time.

What’s Free People All About?

If you’re into bohemian fashion, chances are you’ve come across Free People. This brand is one of the proud members of the Urban Outfitters family. However, it’s not just a shadow of its parent company; it has carved out a distinct identity in the world of fashion.

Free People, founded in 1984, captures the spirit and creativity of women with their wide collection that includes apparel, shoes, accessories, beauty products and more. They are all about embracing individuality and expressing oneself freely.

It’s essential to mention here that Free People operates over 1400 specialty stores worldwide. They don’t limit themselves to physical outlets; they also have an expansive digital presence catering to online shoppers from all corners of the globe.

Year Founded Number of Stores
1984 Over 1400

You might be wondering what sets Free People apart? Well, their designs echo a sense of adventure and romance which appeals to those who love eclectic styles. The brand prides itself on its quality products that blend femininity with contemporary trends while maintaining their true boho spirit.

Here are few key attributes that define Free People:

  • Bohemian aesthetic
  • Emphasis on quality
  • Blend of vintage and contemporary styles

So next time you’re looking for something uniquely stylish yet comfortable to wear or thinking about experimenting with your look – remember Free People could be your go-to destination. It’s not just a brand but a lifestyle choice for many individuals around the world.

Delving Into The World Of BHLDN

Peeling back the layers of Urban Outfitters Inc.’s portfolio, you’ll discover a gem in the form of BHLDN. This specialized bridal boutique is another subsidiary owned by Urban Outfitters, catering to brides seeking unique and distinctive wedding attires. It’s an enthralling world where fashion meets romance.

Founded in 2011, BHLDN stands for “Beholden”. This brand was created with a specific vision – to meet the needs of brides looking for more than just traditional wedding garb. They offer a wide variety of gowns, bridesmaid dresses, accessories and décor that cater to every bride’s personal style.

A remarkable thing about BHLDN is its commitment to providing high-quality products without compromising on aesthetics or affordability. By offering a range of products priced between $200 and $3000, they’ve made it possible for almost any bride to have her dream dress without breaking the bank.

Here’s a brief overview of their product offerings:

  • Bridal Gowns: From classic silhouettes to modern designs
  • Bridesmaids Dresses: A plethora of styles and colors
  • Accessories: Veils, jewelry, shoes, lingerie
  • Décor: Unique items to add personality to your venue

With over 20 physical stores across North America and an extensive online presence serving international customers too, it’s clear that BHLDN has successfully carved out its niche in the bridal market.

To sum up: BHLDN isn’t just another business under Urban Outfitters Inc.’s umbrella. It’s a thriving brand that adds significant value by appealing directly to those who crave uniqueness and individuality on their big day. So when you’re exploring businesses owned by Urban Outfitters Inc., don’t overlook this impressive entity within their fold!

Spotlight On Terrain: Another Company Under UO

While you’re familiar with Urban Outfitters, it’s time to shine the spotlight on another notable company under their umbrella – Terrain. Born out of a passion for outdoor living, Terrain is your go-to destination for everything related to gardening and home décor.

You might ask, ‘What sets Terrain apart?’ Well, it’s their philosophy that embraces the idea of merging house and garden to create an innovative, stylish yet practical space. With a unique mix of products ranging from plants and pots to furniture and lighting, they’ve got you covered. It’s not just about selling items; it’s about providing inspiration to transform your own space into something truly magical.

Here are some quick facts about Terrain:

  • Founded in 2008
  • Headquarters located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
  • A part of URBN portfolio along with Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie Group, Free People, BHLDN

Indeed,Terrain isn’t your average garden store! They also host special events like workshops on terrarium building or caring for succulents. You can even book them for private functions such as weddings!

So next time when you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor living space or seeking new ideas for indoor greenery- remember Terrain. Part of the same family as Urban Outfitters but offering a completely different set of products and services!

And while we’re discussing companies owned by Urban Outfitters Inc., let’s not forget others in this impressive retail repertoire:

  • Anthropologie: Known for its eclectic assortment of clothing, accessories and home décor.
  • Free People: Offers contemporary apparel targeting the younger demographic.
  • BHLDN: Bridal collection featuring wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses & accessories.

This knowledge will give you a better understanding not only about Urban Outfitter’s reach but also about its diverse business strategy which has allowed it to thrive in today’s competitive retail environment. So now when someone asks “what companies does Urban Outfitters own?”, you’ll be able to answer confidently!

Nuuly: Urban Outfitter’s Foray into Rental Services

Ever thought about wearing a new outfit every day, without having to buy it? Well, Nuuly, an initiative by Urban Outfitters, makes that possible. Offering a unique clothing rental service, this venture lets you enjoy the thrill of constantly updated wardrobe.

You might be wondering how Nuuly operates. It’s quite simple! By paying a flat fee of $88 per month, you can rent any six items from their extensive catalogue. This includes pieces from high-end brands like Free People and Anthropologie, both owned by Urban Outfitters.

Below is a quick snapshot of what your subscription gets you:

Subscription Fee Number of Items
$88/month 6

While it may seem peculiar for a retail giant like Urban Outfitters to delve into the rental market, it’s actually quite strategic. By doing so, they’ve tapped into the ever-growing “sharing economy”. People today are more interested in experiences than owning goods – especially when it comes to fashion.

The benefits are endless with Nuuly – not only do you get to flaunt fresh styles every day, but also contribute towards sustainable fashion. After all, fewer purchases mean less waste!

So if you’re someone who craves variety in your wardrobe or simply wants to make eco-friendly fashion choices while staying stylish – Nuuly could be your go-to.

Remember though: as with any service there might be some limitations or hidden costs such as late return fees or cleaning charges – always read the fine print before signing up for anything!

So there you have it! With Nuuly being part of Urban Outfitter’s brand family alongside other popular names such as Anthropologie and Free People – you now know where all those trendy outfits come from!

Unpacking Urban Outfitter’s Impact on Its Companies

When you step into a shop or browse an online store, it’s easy to overlook the parent company behind your favorite brands. In reality, many popular companies fall under larger corporate umbrellas. One such conglomerate is Urban Outfitters Inc., a multinational lifestyle retail corporation with several renowned subsidiaries.

In addition to its namesake brand, Urban Outfitters, this power player in the retail industry owns and operates a portfolio of well-known fashion and lifestyle brands including:

  • Anthropologie
  • Free People
  • Terrain
  • Nuuly

Each of these subsidiaries benefits from Urban Outfitters Inc.’s robust resources and industry expertise. But how exactly does Urban Outfitters impact its companies? Let’s delve deeper.

Anthropologie was the first acquisition made by Urban Outfitters in 1992, significantly expanding their market reach. Under Urban Outfitter’s guidance, Anthropologie has flourished with more than 200 stores worldwide today.

The bridal-focused brand BHLDN was launched in 2011 as part of the Anthropologie group but stands as a separate entity within the corporation. With Urban’s backing, BHLDN now offers an array of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and accessories that cater to modern brides looking for unique designs.

Free-spirited fashionistas might recognize Free People, another subsidiary owned by Urban since it was first introduced in 1984. It provides contemporary bohemian apparel catering mainly to young women.

Terrain, founded in 2008, takes a different route offering garden products and home décor while Nuuly, their latest venture launched in 2019, is an online subscription service that rents out clothes from all of their brands plus third-party labels.

By owning multiple companies across varying niches within the retail sector – from clothing rental services to garden supplies – Urban Outfitters demonstrates versatility and adaptability amidst changing consumer demands. The shared resources among these diverse businesses allow each brand to flourish independently while benefiting from being part of a larger network.

So next time you’re shopping at one of these stores or browsing through their websites, remember there’s more than meets the eye – they’re part of the successful family led by none other than Urban Outfitters Inc.

How These Brands Contribute to UO’s Success

Let’s dive deep into understanding the role of these brands in Urban Outfitters’ success.

Urban Outfitters isn’t just a standalone brand; it’s a conglomerate that owns multiple successful brands. For instance, Anthropologie and Free People are two major contributors to their success. They’ve allowed UO to cater to a broader audience with diverse fashion tastes, driving more traffic and sales.

Anthropologie brings an upscale, eclectic aesthetic that appeals to women who prefer bohemian-inspired designs, while Free People offers contemporary boho fashion for younger women. The uniqueness of each brand within the UO family attracts different customer segments which boosts overall revenue.

Another key player is BHLDN, focused on wedding dresses and bridal accessories. With weddings being significant events where people often splurge, BHLDN helps Urban Outfitters tap into a profitable niche market.

Here’s how each brand contributes to Urban Outfitter’s total revenue (as per last financial year):

Brand % Contribution
Anthropologie 40%
Free People 30%

But it’s not just about offering diverse products under one umbrella; it’s also about smart positioning in the market. For example, the company launched Nuuly – its rental subscription service – responding quickly to growing consumer interest in sustainable shopping practices.

In addition, they’ve been savvy in leveraging digital channels for greater reach. A strong online presence across all brands has made shopping convenient for customers wherever they are, ensuring steady sales even during pandemic lockdowns.

  • Anthropologie: Unique eclectic aesthetic
  • Free People: Contemporary boho fashion
  • BHLDN: Tapping into the wedding industry
  • Nuuly: Sustainable shopping initiative

It’s clear then that each brand plays a crucial role in UO’s business model by diversifying offerings and expanding customer base. This strategy strengthens its position against competitors and secures long-term growth potential.

Final Thoughts on Companies Owned by Urban Outfitters

Looking back, it’s clear that Urban Outfitters is more than just a single retail shop. It’s a parent company that owns several well-known brands. From fashion-forward Free People to the home goods store Anthropologie, these subsidiaries contribute significantly to Urban Outfitters’ success.

You might be surprised to learn that even with its broad reach, each brand under the Urban Outfitters umbrella maintains a unique identity and target market. Whether it’s quirky Bohemian style or contemporary chic, there’s something for every taste in their portfolio.

While owning multiple companies can present challenges (think managing different brand identities and meeting diverse customer needs), Urban Outfitters seems to have mastered this art. Their growth strategy of diversifying into various market segments has certainly paid off.

But don’t just take our word for it – check out their impressive financials:

Year Net Sales (in Millions)
2016 $3,545
2017 $3,616
2018 $3,950
2019 $4,036

These figures show steady growth year-on-year – testament to the strength and appeal of their brand portfolio.

So next time when you’re shopping at one of these stores:

  • Urban Outfitters
  • Free People
  • Anthropologie
  • Terrain

Remember, they’re all part of one successful family – the Urban Outfitters Inc. Moreover, keep an eye on this retail powerhouse as they continue to expand and innovate in today’s dynamic fashion industry.