What Companies Does UNFI Own? A Quick Guide to Its Subsidiaries

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United Natural Foods, Inc., widely recognized by its acronym UNFI, holds a pivotal position in the distribution of natural and organic products across North America. Established in 1976, the company has grown through strategic acquisitions and by fostering a robust portfolio of private label offerings designed to appeal to a broad consumer base. This growth is underscored by their forward-thinking approach that blends scale and service with sustainability and logistics. Emphasizing organic and natural products, UNFI’s comprehensive range includes not only food but also personal care and wellness products.

The company’s expansion has been marked by notable acquisitions, allowing UNFI to cater to an increasing demand for health-conscious and specialty foods. This has solidified UNFI’s role as a key player in setting industry trends, prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices, all while maintaining strong employee relations and a unique company culture. As they continue to adopt innovative growth strategies, UNFI demonstrates an ongoing commitment to meeting the evolving needs of both the market and the communities they serve.

Key Takeaways

  • UNFI is a key distributor of organic and natural products with a diverse brand portfolio.
  • Acquisitions and private label development have been central to UNFI’s growth strategy.
  • The company is committed to sustainability, industry innovation, and comprehensive offerings beyond food.

UNFI’s Core Business Model and Operations

United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) has established itself as a dominant player in the food wholesale industry, focusing on the distribution of natural, organic, specialty, and conventional products. This company serves a wide array of customers, including independent retailers and conventional grocery chains, with a commitment to sustainability and a robust infrastructure supporting their operations.

Wholesale Distribution

UNFI operates as a pivotal wholesale distributor, delivering an extensive range of products from natural and organic foods to specialty and perishable items. They have forged strong relationships with independent retailers, ensuring a steady supply of both organic and conventional products. Their network provides the essential link between producers of high-quality groceries and the stores that sell them, ensuring the availability of health-conscious and environmentally sustainable options for consumers.

Retail and Market Presence

Besides wholesale, UNFI maintains a direct retail footprint, offering consumers access to natural, organic, and specialty grocery items. With an eye for the diverse needs of different markets, they cater to both health-aware individuals and those seeking conventional grocery choices. This dual approach allows UNFI to command a significant presence in the marketplace, satisfying the demand for produce and other food wholesales while supporting a large workforce of dedicated employees.

E-Commerce and Digital Expansion

Complementing their traditional wholesale and retail channels, UNFI is actively expanding into the e-commerce realm. This digital progression enables them to reach a broader audience and adapt to the increasing preference for online shopping. Through their sophisticated infrastructure, they are equipped to handle a variety of consumer needs, seamlessly integrating organic products with conventional offerings in a single online experience.

UNFI’s operations are a testament to their adaptability and dedication to serving a market with ever-evolving preferences towards food consumption, driven by a deep understanding of both the natural and conventional sectors.

UNFI’s Acquisition History

UNFI has grown significantly over the years, strategically acquiring companies that have bolstered its position as a leading wholesale distributor in the food industry. These acquisitions have enabled UNFI to expand its national scope and product offerings.

Acquisition of Supervalu

In a transformative move, UNFI purchased Supervalu, a grocery retailer and wholesaler, for approximately $2.9 billion. This 2018 acquisition significantly expanded UNFI’s footprint in the grocery sector and marked its biggest expansion into full-service grocery wholesaling.

Past Strategic Acquisitions

Before the major Supervalu deal, UNFI had a history of making strategic acquisitions to foster growth and enhance their distribution network. These included the merger of Mountain People’s Warehouse and Cornucopia Natural Foods, which created UNFI in 1996 as a powerhouse with national reach. The acquisition history of UNFI reflects a consistent effort to serve a broadening customer base with a variety of food products, ranging from organic to conventional.

UNFI’s Brand Portfolio

United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) boasts a diverse range of own-brand products that cater to a variety of tastes and dietary needs. From organic items to everyday essentials, UNFI’s portfolio extends across multiple product categories.

Proprietary Brands

UNFI’s proprietary brands are tailored to provide consumers with high-quality options that support healthier lifestyles. Two prominent brands in this category are Wild Harvest and Essential Everyday. Wild Harvest offers a line of products that are largely USDA certified organic and free from over 140 undesirable ingredients, highlighting the brand’s commitment to natural and wholesome choices. Essential Everyday features as a go-to for household staples, offering affordability without sacrificing quality.

Specialty and Conventional Brands

Under the specialty and conventional umbrella, UNFI presents a range of brands designed to appeal to gourmet tastes and conventional consumers alike. For those with a penchant for gourmet foods, Culinary Circle presents an assortment of sophisticated flavors and unique products. Those looking for classic treats can turn to Stone Ridge Creamery for an array of ice cream selections.

Meanwhile, Field Day provides an option for those preferring environmentally responsible and organic products, whereas Shoppers Value appeals to budget-conscious customers seeking reliable quality at a great price.

UNFI also sources items from Woodstock Farms, known for their organic condiments and quality produce, maintaining a commitment to sustainability and taste. The company’s focus does not end with food products, as Equaline broadens the selection with over-the-counter health and beauty items, ensuring that UNFI’s offer extends beyond the pantry.

Across these brands, UNFI’s product lineup satisfies a spectrum of consumer preferences, from organic and specialty goods to everyday necessities and personal care items.

UNFI’s Financial Overview

United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI) exhibits stability and growth within the market, with its stock performance reflecting investor confidence and its revenue trends demonstrating business expansion.

Stock Performance and Dividends

UNFI’s stock, traded on the NYSE, typically demonstrates a steady price pattern with occasional fluctuations mirroring market trends. As of the close referenced in the Wall Street Journal, UNFI’s stock showed a minor gain of 0.39%, with a 1.90% increase at the close as reported by Yahoo Finance. UNFI does not currently issue dividends, redirecting potential dividend funds towards company growth and operational needs.

Revenue Trends

Regarding revenue, UNFI has displayed an upward trend. This positive trajectory points to effective strategic management and adept adaptation within the food distribution industry. Specific financials, such as quarterly results, can be cross-referenced for detailed insights into their fiscal progress on UNFI’s Quarterly Results page.

Organic and Natural Products Focus

United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) has a strong commitment to organic and natural products. They are the largest wholesale distributor of health and specialty food in the United States and Canada. Their emphasis on fostering relationships between organic producers and retailers highlights their dedication to the organic market.

UNFI’s extensive private brands portfolio offers retailers turn-key solutions that resonate with the consumer’s growing preference for organic and natural options. Their partnership with Albert’s Organics, a pioneer in connecting organic producers with the market, underscores their commitment to the organic food movement.

Additionally, the company’s history includes the acquisition of Blooming Prairie, a regional distributor that began with a grassroots approach and was instrumental in the expansion of UNFI’s organic offerings. Their aim has been to provide a diverse range of high-quality, organic products that cater to the needs of health-conscious consumers.

The UNFI Brands+ program boasts over 5,000 products across 200 categories, showcasing UNFI’s focus on providing variety and availability of organic and natural products. It is a testament to their strategic positioning to lead and grow within the organic and natural foods market. By taking a forward-thinking approach to category management and eCommerce, UNFI is working to carve out a more significant space for healthier food choices in the retail sector.

Their supply to Whole Foods Market, representing a significant portion of revenue, further illustrates their stake in the organic and natural foods sector. UNFI’s role is not just that of a distributor, but also as a key player in the organic and natural food industry, aiming to offer healthier options to an ever-increasing base of informed consumers.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices


United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) has committed itself to fostering sustainability and ethical practices within its operations. These efforts are reflected in their supply chain management and community initiatives, which are built around quality, natural, and organic values.

Supply Chain Sustainability

UNFI’s supply chain underscores the importance of quality and sustainability. They aim to ensure that every step, from sourcing to distribution, aligns with their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments. This includes prioritizing natural and organic products that not only meet high standards of quality but also reduce environmental impact.

  • Natural Selection: A strategic approach is taken to choose suppliers that provide organic and natural products, emphasizing the importance of responsible farming and production methods.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous assessment processes are in place to verify that all products meet the company’s high standards for quality, safety, and sustainability.

Community Engagement and Partnerships

UNFI believes in strengthening communities through partnerships and engagement. Their ESG initiatives demonstrate a drive towards investing in community relationships and promoting healthy, sustainable living.

  • Local Partnerships: They collaborate with local farms and businesses to support organic and natural food systems, which can help foster regional economic growth and sustainability.
  • Social Impact: Through various programs, UNFI aims to address food access, provide nutrition education, and encourage broader adoption of sustainable and ethical food choices.

In managing their supply chain and engaging with communities, UNFI is dedicated to maintaining a balance between delivering quality products and contributing positively to the planet and its inhabitants.

Innovation and Growth Strategies


United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI) continuously shapes its future through targeted strategies in market expansion and product innovation to sustain growth, stimulate retail operations, and offer enhanced bulk purchasing options.

Market Expansion

UNFI aims to increase its market share by optimizing its network. This involves streamlining distribution channels to provide efficient service to a growing clientele and expanding its presence in key markets. Notably, UNFI has entered into a long-term supply agreement expected to generate significant sales revenue, affirming its commitment to accelerating growth.

Product Innovation

In the realm of product innovation, UNFI focuses on offering unique and competitive products to meet the evolving needs of the market. This strategy includes the creation of exclusive brands and items that cater to specific consumer trends. Additionally, UNFI places a substantial emphasis on enhancing the customer experience through innovation which, in turn, fosters consumer retention and loyalty in the competitive retail landscape.

Personal Care and Wellness Product Lines

UNFI offers an extensive selection of personal care and wellness products that cater to the growing consumer demand for health-oriented items. Their portfolio includes options for various personal care needs, ensuring customers have access to a comprehensive range of products.

Personal care enthusiasts can find a diverse assortment of items ranging from essential oils to massage oils and body care products. Consumers seeking health and wellness options are provided with vitamins, including multi-vitamins and those focused on specific health benefits like Vitamin A, B complexes, and Vitamin C.

  • Personal Care:

    • Essential oils
    • Body and massage oils
    • Deodorants
    • Sun care products
  • Wellness Products:

    • Multi-vitamins
    • Vitamin A & D
    • Vitamin B & B Complex
    • Vitamin C & C Complex
    • Vitamin E products

In addition, UNFI offers specialized supplements that cater to the wellness sector. The range includes homeopathic remedies, specialty supplements, and a variety of food and beverage supplements tailored to support digestion and overall health. Their selection provides for an array of dietary needs and preferences.

For those focused on fitness and sports nutrition, UNFI provides products like protein supplements, amino acids, ready-to-drink nutritional beverages, and bars that support a healthy and active lifestyle.

Each product is curated to support UNFI’s commitment to guiding consumer health and wellness, and they are often among the first to market with new innovations in this space. UNFI’s personal care and wellness products are designed to meet everyday needs while supporting health goals.

UNFI’s Role in Industry Trends


UNFI plays a critical role in shaping grocery trends, aligning supply chain efficiencies with consumer demands. They focus particularly on the rise of health consciousness and the digital transformation of retail.

Health Conscious Consumerism

UNFI has positioned itself at the forefront of the health and wellness movement, catering to a growing consumer base that prioritizes organic and natural products. They support emerging brands by providing distribution channels to over 30,000 retail locations, which is significant in furthering access to wholesome, health-focused options.

Adaptation to E-Commerce Demands

In response to escalating e-commerce demands, UNFI has advanced its logistics infrastructure to service a digital-first customer base efficiently. Their extensive network of distribution centers is strategically designed to facilitate online shopping trends, delivering a vast range of products including those that cater to health-conscious consumers.

Employee Relations and Company Culture


At UNFI, the company culture hinges on respect, safety, and integrity. Employees are considered the heartbeat of the organization, where a collaborative team environment is highly valued. They prioritize health and well-being through comprehensive benefits that include medical, dental, vision, and 401(k) plans with a generous match. This is a testament to their commitment to their employees’ future and recognition of their role as a key stakeholder in success.

The management style, led by the CEO, focuses on empowerment and leadership. They encourage employees to take initiative and contribute to the company’s vision, aligning individual goals with the company’s strategic direction. An open-door policy is indicative of the transparent and inclusive work culture at UNFI.

Core Values Description
Empowerment Fostering a culture where every employee feels confident to contribute.
Integrity and Respect Maintaining a respectful environment ensures ethical conduct and mutual trust.
Team Collaboration Together, they overcome challenges and celebrate successes.
Health and Well-being A robust benefits package supports the staff’s physical and financial health.

Finally, UNFI’s diversity and inclusivity efforts are evident in its workforce, which spans multiple locations, creating a dynamic and culturally rich environment. Their aim is to reflect the diversity of the communities they serve, making it not just a place of employment, but also a community where everyone can thrive.

UNFI’s Offerings Beyond Food

In addition to its extensive range of food products, United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) also caters to various non-food needs. They provide a selection of items in both the home and personal care sectors, along with pet supplies, expanding their market presence beyond edible goods.

Home and Personal Items

UNFI’s inventory extends into the home and personal care domains, featuring eco-friendly and sustainable options. They supply a variety of products including essentials like biodegradable cleaners, natural laundry detergents, and personal care items such as organic shampoos. This aligns with the growing consumer trend towards health-conscious and environmentally mindful purchasing decisions.

  • Household Cleaners: Biodegradable, non-toxic formulas.
  • Laundry Care: Plant-derived ingredients, free from harsh chemicals.
  • Personal Care: A broad selection of items from shampoos to soaps, focusing on organic and cruelty-free options.

Pet Supplies

For pet owners, UNFI offers a diverse array of pet supplies that cater to the wellbeing of pets. The product line includes both frozen and chilled items, ensuring pets have access to nutritious and high-quality foods. Additionally, they offer a wide range of non-food pet products, including eco-friendly toys and accessories.

  • Food: Nutrient-rich options, encompassing frozen and chilled meals for various dietary needs.
  • Accessories: Sustainable toys, bedding, and grooming essentials.

By expanding into these categories, UNFI demonstrates an understanding of the holistic lifestyle preferences of their consumers, showcasing products that nurture both the home environment and furry family members.

Frequently Asked Questions


This section addresses the common inquiries regarding the businesses and operations that are part of the UNFI portfolio.

What are the names of businesses acquired by UNFI?

UNFI has expanded its family of companies through acquisitions, notably the purchase of Supervalu, a significant player in grocery retail and wholesale distribution.

How has UNFI expanded its retail operations over recent years?

They have broadened their retail presence through strategic acquisitions, which enabled them to diversify their offerings and increase their market reach within the organic and natural foods sector.

Which major business buyouts has UNFI completed?

One of UNFI’s key buyouts was the acquisition of Supervalu, markedly reinforcing their footprint in the food distribution industry.

What is the scope of UNFI’s distribution network?

Their distribution network is extensive, being the largest publicly traded wholesale distributor of health and specialty food in the United States and Canada, catering to a diverse clientele that includes Whole Foods Market.

In what ways does UNFI participate in the natural foods market?

UNFI is a major force in the natural foods market, supplying organic and natural products to retailers and serving as a principal supplier to prominent establishments like Whole Foods Market.

Can you list the subsidiaries that fall under the UNFI corporate umbrella?

Under the UNFI corporate umbrella, there are several subsidiaries including Supervalu and other businesses centered on natural and organic food distribution and retail.