What Companies Does Onex Own: Your Comprehensive Guide to Onex’s Portfolio

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If you’ve ever wondered about Canadian private equity giant Onex Corporation, let’s delve into the intriguing world of its ownership. Notoriously known for its vast portfolio, Onex has an arm in a variety of industries worldwide. From healthcare to electronics, their reach is far and wide.

Onex owns numerous companies across a range of sectors. Some notable mentions include WestJet Airlines, one of Canada’s major airlines, and SMG, the world leader in venue management. They also have stakes in other impressive businesses like Advanced Integration Technology, a leading provider of automation, integration and tooling solutions.

So, when you’re browsing through your favorite bookstore or catching a flight for that much-needed vacation, there’s a chance you’re interacting with an Onex-owned business without even realizing it! It’s fascinating how this corporation has made such significant strides in various industries globally.

Understanding Onex: A Brief Overview

You might be wondering, “what companies does Onex own?” Let’s dive right in and get to know Onex a bit better.

Onex Corporation is one of Canada’s largest private equity firms. It’s a colossal entity that has its fingers in a wide array of pies – from healthcare and industrials to technology and retail.

Founded back in 1984 by Gerry Schwartz, the company has grown significantly over the years. Today, it boasts an impressive portfolio with investments spanning across continents.

Among its diverse holdings are recognizable names like WestJet Airlines, Advanced Integration Technology (a leading provider of aerospace manufacturing services), and SMG Holdings (the world-leading venue management company). But these big names only scratch the surface.

Digging deeper reveals more about the vast empire under Onex’ umbrella:

  • Healthcare: BrightSpring Health Services and USI
  • Food & Beverage: Save-A-Lot
  • Technology: Clarivate Analytics
  • Manufacturing: JELD-WEN

To put things into perspective, here’s a simple table showing some of Onex’ most notable acquisitions:

Company Industry
WestJet Airlines Aviation
Advanced Integration Technology Aerospace Manufacturing
SMG Holdings Venue Management
BrightSpring Health Services Healthcare
USI Insurance

The diversity of their portfolio demonstrates both the breadth and depth of their investment strategies. With such enormous reach worldwide, it’s clear why Onex is considered a major player in private equity circles. Keep this info handy as you delve deeper into understanding what makes this mammoth corporation tick!

The Growth Story of Onex Corporation

Let’s delve into the growth story of Onex Corporation. Established in 1984, this Toronto-based private equity firm has made its mark in various industries. Over the years, you’ll find that Onex has become synonymous with diversified and strategic investments.

Key to their success is a penchant for creating value through improving operational efficiencies and driving growth. It’s not just about buying companies; it’s about nurturing them to unleash their full potential.

Their portfolio is impressive, spanning across several sectors such as healthcare, electronics, food retail, insurance and more. Some noteworthy names under their ownership include WestJet Airlines, Canada’s second-largest airline company, and Advanced Integration Technology, a leading provider of aerospace manufacturing services.

Here are some significant acquisitions by Onex:

  • Emerald Expositions Events Inc: A leading operator of B2B trade shows.
  • SMG Holding: World’s largest manager of convention centers and entertainment venues.
  • Incline Aviation: A top-tier aviation services platform.

Onex doesn’t just invest domestically but has an international focus too. They’ve acquired companies from different parts of the world including US-based survival equipment maker Survitec Group and Swiss packaging firm SIG Combibloc Group AG.

The numbers speak volumes about Onex’s success:

Year Total Assets
2015 $23 billion
2020 $44 billion

That’s almost doubling assets over five years! Their reputation for disciplined investing and commitment to building shareholder value shines through these figures.

Remember though, like any investment firm, they’ve had their share of challenges too – market volatility or poor performances from certain investments. But it’s clear that they’re resilient enough to weather those storms.

With a robust growth strategy in place, it seems there’s no stopping this global investment juggernaut! So next time you’re thinking about powerhouse investors with a solid track record – remember the name: Onex Corporation.

Diverse Industries: In What Sectors Does Onex Invest?

You might be wondering, “What companies does Onex own?” Here’s a rundown: As one of the oldest and most successful private equity firms in Canada, Onex Corporation has investments in a wide variety of sectors. These range from healthcare to technology and everything in between.

Let’s start with their investments in Healthcare. One significant company they’ve invested in is Carestream Health, a provider of medical imaging systems and IT solutions. Similarly, they’ve also put money into Advanced Integration Technology, an industrial automation company that services the aerospace sector.

Moving on to Technology, Onex has stakes in several key players like SMG – Service Management Group which specializes in customer experience management for more than 500 brands globally. Another tech firm under their umbrella is Clarivate Analytics, that provides insights and analytics to accelerate innovation.

In the Industrial Services sphere, Onex owns JELD-WEN, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of reliable windows and doors. They also have investments in Survitec Group Limited – a market leader offering safety and survival solutions across many industries.

Here’s a brief overview:

Sector Company
Healthcare Carestream Health
Advanced Integration Technology
Technology SMG – Service Management Group
Clarivate Analytics
Industrial Services JELD-WEN
Survitec Group Limited

Don’t forget about their ventures into Consumer Goods as well! They currently own Tropicana Entertainment Inc., amongst other high-profile consumer brands.

But it doesn’t stop there; you’ll find Onex dipping its toes into various other sectors including Aerospace & Defense, where it owns Spirit AeroSystems – one of the biggest suppliers to Airbus and Boeing.

To summarize this snapshot into Onex’s diverse portfolio: whether it’s healthcare or industrial services or even consumer goods – you’ll find their presence making an impact.

Noteworthy Acquisitions: Highlighting Key Companies Owned by Onex

Diving into the portfolio of Onex Corporation, we find a diverse assortment of companies. From healthcare to electronics, Onex’s purchases are as varied as they’re impressive. Let’s take a closer look at some key acquisitions that have made Onex what it is today.

Celestica Inc. was one of the earliest purchases by Onex, in 1996. This global leader in delivering end-to-end product lifecycle solutions has remained under their ownership ever since, demonstrating the long-term value and stability Onex sees in its acquisitions.

Next up is WestJet Airlines Ltd., acquired in 2019. As Canada’s second largest airline and a core part of many Canadians’ travel plans, this purchase is testament to Onex’s confidence in Canadian businesses.

Let’s not forget about SMG Holdings, bought out in 2017. SMG is an international venue management company that oversees convention centers, stadiums and theaters worldwide.

Here are these acquisitions laid out:

Year Company Industry
1996 Celestica Inc Electronics
2017 SMG Holdings Venue Management
2019 WestJet Airlines Ltd. Aviation

You’ll notice there isn’t just diversity across sectors but also geographically speaking – another strategic move by Onex to spread its risk while maximizing opportunities for growth.

It’s also worth noting that while these companies represent significant aspects of their portfolio, they’re only scratching the surface of Onex’s extensive holdings! With over $45 billion under management (as per latest data), their assets span everything from real estate to credit securities and more!

So if you’ve been wondering what companies does Onex own – it’d be easier to ask what sectors don’t they invest in? From your home appliances to your flight tickets, chances are high you’ve interacted with an Onex-owned company without even knowing it!

Analyzing Onex’s Strategy in Building its Portfolio

When you delve into the portfolio of Onex Corporation, what strikes you first is their diversified investment strategy. They’ve got it all, from healthcare and electronics to food retail. This Canadian private equity giant has a knack for identifying profitable opportunities across various sectors.

Onex doesn’t just invest; they actively work with management teams to enhance value. You’ll find that they believe in fostering long-term relationships, rather than seeking quick exits. By doing this, they’re able to nurture businesses and drive strategic growth.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of Onex’s strategy is their focus on underperforming or undervalued assets. They don’t shy away from a challenge – instead, they see potential where others might not.

Here are some key companies owned by Onex:

  • WestJet Airlines: One of Canada’s leading airlines.
  • Advanced Integration Technology: A leading provider of automation, tooling and maintenance services in the aerospace industry.
  • SMG Holdings Inc.: The worldwide leader in venue management services.

It’s clear that with each acquisition, there’s an underlying strategy at play. Their portfolio isn’t just diverse but also well-balanced – mitigating risk while maximizing return on investment.

Let’s take a look at the data:

Company Sector
WestJet Airlines Travel & Leisure
Advanced Integration Technology Industrial Manufacturing & Services
SMG Holdings Inc. Leisure Facilities

With their experienced team and disciplined approach, it’s no surprise that Onex has made a name for itself globally as a savvy investor with an eye for value creation.

Great Examples of Successful Company Turnarounds by Onex

Let’s delve into some notable instances where Onex has successfully turned around companies. After acquiring these businesses, they’ve become profitable and efficient again, showcasing the prowess of Onex in business management.

Celestica Inc. is one such example. In 1996, Onex stepped in to acquire this electronic manufacturing services company from IBM. Post-acquisition, Celestica transformed its operations and expanded globally with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18% over two decades.

1996 0%
2016 18%

Another noteworthy turnaround story is that of Spirit AeroSystems, an aircraft parts designer and manufacturer acquired by Onex in 2005. Under Onex’s guidance, the company increased its revenue from $1 billion to over $7 billion within a decade.

  • Initial Revenue: $1 Billion
  • Final Revenue: $7 Billion

Last but not least is the case of Skilled Healthcare Group, a nursing home operator purchased by Onex in 2005. Despite initial operational challenges, Skilled Healthcare Group was able to improve service quality while increasing net operating income by approximately 15% annually for several consecutive years.

Remembering these success stories can give you faith in the ability of firms like Onex to turn struggling businesses around. It’s crucial though not to overlook the role played by disciplined investment strategies and diligent management practices that such transformations require.

How Does the Future Look for the Companies Owned by Onex?

Looking ahead, you might be wondering what’s in store for the companies under Onex’s umbrella. It’s quite an interesting scenario to consider. Let’s delve into some of these fascinating prospects.

Given that Onex is a private equity firm, their primary goal is always to enhance the value of their investments. To achieve this, they continually strive to improve operational efficiency and explore growth opportunities in each business they own. This means that most companies owned by Onex are likely to experience sustained growth and expansion in their respective markets.

The future also appears promising due to Onex’s strategy of investing across diverse industries from healthcare to aerospace. Such diversification helps mitigate risks and ensures steady returns even when one sector faces challenges.

Let’s take a look at some key players:

  • In the healthcare sector, Carestream Health stands out as a leading provider of medical imaging systems. With increasing global health concerns and technological advancements in medical imaging, its future seems bright.
  • Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc., part of Onex’s financial services portfolio, is expected to continue thriving given the ever-growing demand for wealth management services.
  • In aerospace, Spirit AeroSystems has been making waves with its advanced integrated aircraft structures. As air travel rebounds post-pandemic, Spirit is poised for significant growth.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing; every company will face its fair share of challenges along the way – economic uncertainties, competitive landscapes or regulatory changes can impact outcomes significantly.

While we can’t predict exactly how things will unfold for these companies owned by Onex, it’s clear they’re well-positioned for success given strong industry positioning and strategic guidance from one of Canada’s largest investment firms. So keep your eyes peeled – there’s sure to be plenty more exciting developments unfolding in these sectors!

Evaluating the Impact of these Companies on Onex’s Revenue Stream

Unmasking the fiscal influence of owned entities on Onex’s overall revenue can offer intriguing insights. You might be wondering how much impact these companies truly have. To gain a better understanding, let’s break down some key contributors and their contributions.

First up is WestJet, one of Canada’s most significant airlines. It was acquired by Onex in December 2019 for about $5 billion. This hefty amount wasn’t just for show; WestJet plays a crucial role in bolstering Onex’s revenue stream.

Another heavyweight in Onex’s portfolio is Carestream Health. Acquired in 2007, this global provider of medical imaging systems and IT solutions has consistently shown strong performance, making it a steady contributor to Onex’s earnings.

Here are some figures that give you an idea:

Company Year Acquired Estimated Contribution
WestJet 2019 High
Carestream Health 2007 Steady

However, it isn’t all about big names like WestJet and Carestream Health. Smaller companies such as Survitec Group (a leading manufacturer of survival products) also add value to the mix, though their contribution might not always make headlines.

These businesses help create stability within Onex’s financial landscape – they’re critical cogs within the machine. Whether it’s through providing essential services or offering unique products, each company contributes to strengthening the overall revenue stream.

Remember that diversification is key here – owning a variety of companies across different sectors allows for risk mitigation and fosters overall financial health. Hence, evaluating individual impacts doesn’t just shed light on specific performances but gives you insight into why diversification matters to investment giants like Onex.

The Role and Influence of These Companies in Their Respective Industries

When you dive into the portfolio of Onex Corporation, it’s clear that they own a diverse range of companies. Each one plays a pivotal role in their respective industries, often shaping market trends and setting standards for others to follow.

Take Carestream Health, for instance. As a global provider of medical imaging systems and IT solutions, Carestream has made significant strides in improving healthcare delivery. They’ve pioneered innovative technologies that have revolutionized diagnostic procedures, making them quicker, more accurate, and less invasive.

In the foodservice industry, Onex owns Jack’s Family Restaurants. This fast-food chain is renowned for its commitment to quality ingredients and customer service. It’s not just about serving meals; Jack’s aims to create an experience with every visit.

Onex also owns Advanced Integration Technology (AIT). AIT is a leading provider of aerospace manufacturing services. With its cutting-edge technology and efficient processes, AIT helps keep planes flying safely across the globe.

Another key player in the Onex portfolio is SMG Holdings. As one of the world’s largest venue management companies, SMG manages convention centers, stadiums, theatres and other public assembly facilities worldwide. Its strategic operations ensure these venues are run efficiently while providing exceptional experiences to patrons.

Here’s a quick snapshot:

Company Name Industry
Carestream Health Healthcare
Jack’s Family Restaurants Food Service
Advanced Integration Technology (AIT) Aerospace
SMG Holdings Venue Management

These examples illustrate how each company under Onex ownership doesn’t just participate in their industry – they help shape it. By driving innovation and maintaining high-quality standards across various sectors, these businesses play an essential role within their markets.

Wrapping it All Up: Final Thoughts on What Companies does Onex Own

So, you’ve journeyed with us through the vast landscape of companies that Onex owns. It’s an impressive portfolio, isn’t it? From healthcare to electronics and even aviation, Onex has its hands in a diverse range of industries.

You might be wondering why this matters to you. Well, understanding the reach and influence of giant corporations like Onex could help shape your perception of the global economic landscape. Plus, if you’re an investor or business enthusiast, knowing what moves these corporate giants are making can provide valuable insights.

Looking at their portfolio:

  • Healthcare: They own Carestream Health which provides medical imaging systems.
  • Electronics: Celestica falls under their umbrella as a multinational electronics manufacturing services company.
  • Aviation: WestJet Airlines is also owned by Onex Corporation.

Onex’s diversified holdings not only demonstrate their strategic business acumen but also underline their significant role in various sectors globally. So next time when you fly with WestJet or use any products from Celestica or Carestream Health remember who’s behind them – yes, it’s the powerhouse called Onex!

Remember though that like all businesses, they too have their ups and downs. There are risks involved in every industry and sector they venture into; no investment is ever immune to market fluctuations.

In conclusion (not starting with “in conclusion,” right?), we hope this exploration into the world of what companies Onex owns was enlightening for you. Stay curious about the workings of big corporations because knowledge truly is power!