What Companies Does ITW Own? A Guide to ITW’s Diverse Holdings

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Illinois Tool Works Inc., commonly known as ITW, is a global industrial conglomerate renowned for its diversified portfolio of specialized industrial equipment, consumable systems, and related services. Founded in 1912, the company has grown significantly through a strategy that emphasizes customer-focused innovation and smart acquisitions. ITW owns a multitude of brands across varied market segments, demonstrating a robust commitment to offering high-quality products and pioneering technological advancements.

The company’s business model is characterized by a decentralized and streamlined approach that fosters agility and responsiveness in meeting customer needs. ITW’s ownership spans over multiple brands and companies, each focusing on a specific niche in industries where performance and reliability are paramount. This multi-brand strategy enables ITW to maintain a strong market presence while continuously evolving in terms of product offerings and technological leadership. By strategically acquiring companies, ITW not only extends its brand portfolio but also integrates diverse cultures and expertise, propelling the organization towards long-term growth.

Key Takeaways

  • ITW is an established industrial leader with a broad brand portfolio.
  • The company thrives on a decentralized model, encouraging customer-focused innovation.
  • ITW’s growth is largely driven by strategic acquisitions and a commitment to quality.

Company Overview

Illinois Tool Works, known as ITW, is an established player in the global manufacturing landscape, recognized for its extensive portfolio and strategic growth.


Founded in 1912, ITW began as a manufacturer of gears and cutters. Over a century later, it has flourished into a Fortune 500 company with a presence in 57 countries. The company is based in Glenview, Illinois, and prides itself on innovation and specialty products across industries.

Illinois Tool Works Inc

ITW operates as a highly diversified enterprise with an array of subsidiaries. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ITW), it maintains a decentralized organizational structure, enabling flexibility and rapid response to market changes. This approach powers ITW’s delivery of highly engineered products and solutions, targeting critical customer needs.

Business Strategy

In shaping its corporate landscape, ITW places a strong emphasis on a business strategy that is both innovative and growth-focused, benefitting from a decentralized structure that encourages entrepreneurial practices at all levels.


At ITW, decentralization plays a crucial role in the company’s success. They operate under a philosophy that aligns with providing their business units with significant autonomy. This approach fosters an entrepreneurial culture where decision-making is pushed down to the divisional levels, allowing these units to respond swiftly and effectively to market changes and customer needs. Units have the agility to innovate, reflective of ITW’s enterprise strategy, positioning them to capitalize on opportunities and drive growth.

Innovation and Growth

Innovation serves as the cornerstone of ITW’s growth engine. They are steadfast in their commitment to offering market-leading products that cater to a diverse set of industries where performance is paramount. The ITW Business Model is deeply interwoven with this ideal, encouraging a constant pursuit of innovative solutions. This strategy doesn’t just propel growth but is integral to the culture at ITW, where they see innovation as the best solution to win in competitive markets.

Market Presence

Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW) showcases a robust footprint with operations spanning multiple continents. Their business model emphasizes proximity to customers, ensuring responsiveness and tailored solutions.

Global Operations

ITW operates on a global scale, with a presence in numerous countries that cater to a diversity of industrial needs. The company’s business portfolio consists of several market-leading segments, demonstrating a significant worldwide presence that affirms its reputation as a formidable player in the industrial sector. ITW’s businesses have a strategic international placement, facilitating close customer relations and enabling the delivery of superior product solutions where performance is of the essence.

North America Focus

In North America, ITW’s influence is especially prominent with a focus that extends through the United States and into other territories including Brazil. The company is headquartered in Chicago, which underscores its strong roots and operational base in a key industrial hub. As an entity listed on the NYSE, ITW commands significant attention from both institutional and retail investors, indicating its notable position in the market.

Product Segments

Illinois Tool Works (ITW) owns a diverse range of companies across various industries. The organization’s structure is such that it encompasses several business segments, each focused on delivering specialized products and solutions in their respective fields. With a global presence and a reputation for innovation and quality, ITW’s segments are shaped by a commitment to customer needs.

Construction Products

ITW’s Construction Products segment caters to the construction industry with a variety of brands, including Ramset and Paslode. They provide an array of fastening solutions designed for both commercial and residential applications. From innovative nailers to anchoring systems, they ensure construction professionals have reliable tools for their projects.

Welding Products

A key segment within ITW is their Welding Products, which includes leading names such as Miller and Hobart. Recognized for state-of-the-art welding and cutting products, these brands offer equipment that enhances productivity and performance in a variety of industrial and commercial settings.

Food Equipment

In the realm of commercial food service, ITW’s Food Equipment segment provides a range of products including commercial dishwashers, ovens, and cookware under reputed brand names. Their focus is on delivering high-quality, durable equipment that can meet the high-volume demands of the food industry.


Lastly, the Electronics segment serves the electronics industry with products that range from solder and adhesives to electronic components. ITW brands in the electronics sector prioritize innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of technology manufacturers and service providers.

Brand Portfolio

Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW) manages a diverse array of brands that stand at the forefront of innovation and quality across numerous industries. They have strategically acquired companies that are leaders in their respective fields, forming a robust portfolio that enhances ITW’s market presence and technological prowess.

Major Brands

Among ITW’s crown jewels, Miller Electric is a standout in the welding industry, known for its high-quality welding equipment and cutting-edge technology. This brand has earned a strong reputation for durability and performance, making it a preferred choice for professionals.

Another distinguished brand in the ITW family is Brooks Instrument, a name synonymous with precision and reliability in the field of flow measurement and control products. Their advanced solutions serve a multitude of critical applications across various industries, fortifying ITW’s position in specialized markets.

Specialty Products

ITW’s specialty products extend to a variety of sectors with brands like Tapcon, Red Head, and Duo-Fast leading the charge in the construction and building materials markets. These brands are renowned for their innovative fastening solutions and have become mainstays on job sites everywhere.

Within the company’s construction products segment, Buildex also plays a pivotal role, offering advanced fastening and anchoring systems. Each brand under the ITW umbrella brings a unique set of products that cater to niche markets, reinforcing the company’s commitment to specialized, high-performance solutions.

Commitment to Quality


ITW (Illinois Tool Works Inc.) maintains a steadfast commitment to quality, ensuring that each of their diverse business units respects high standards and places the customer at the center of its quality assurance programs.

Quality Assurance

At ITW, quality assurance is a systematic process designed to gauge whether the products meet the stringent standards expected by customers. Each entity within ITW’s family of companies implements rigorous testing procedures and adheres to international quality standards to ensure reliability and excellence. Continuous improvement is a core principle, where feedback loops and operational assessments are integral to their business practices, continually enhancing performance metrics.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is paramount and serves as a critical metric for ITW’s success. By fostering a culture of respect for the customer’s needs and priorities, ITW strives to not only meet but exceed customer expectations. Direct customer engagement and attentive after-sales support amplify their commitment. This dedication manifests itself in personalized services and a responsive approach to customer feedback, solidifying trust and loyalty within ITW’s client community.

Technological Leadership

ITW (Illinois Tool Works Inc.) has cemented its position as a technological leader by continuously fostering innovation and strong research and development practices. It maintains a dynamic portfolio of patents and actively pursues new advancements to stay at the forefront of the technology curve.

Patents and Innovations

ITW prides itself on a robust patent portfolio, which reflects a commitment to innovation. They hold numerous patents that serve as a testament to their creative solutions across diverse industries. Their patented technologies often become industry standards, demonstrating their role in pioneering new advancements. The range of patents extends through their various business segments, from automotive OEM components to specialized industrial equipment.

Research and Development

The company’s research and development (R&D) efforts are central to its strategy. ITW invests in R&D to refine existing products and to catalyze the creation of new technologies that meet evolving customer needs. This dedication to research ensures that they remain competitive, and their solutions stay innovative. They leverage a global network of R&D centers, which allows them to harness a wide array of talents and insights, culminating in the development of cutting-edge technologies.

Industrial Equipment

Illinois Tool Works, often referred to as ITW, owns a vast selection of companies that specialize in industrial equipment, placing a strong emphasis on tools and machinery for various manufacturing sectors.

Tools and Machinery

Within the realm of industrial equipment, ITW takes pride in its acquisition of brands that are integral to the manufacturing industry. They own companies that produce a range of high-performance tools and machinery, essential for professionals who demand quality and durability.

  • Miller Electric: This subsidiary is known for its advanced welding equipment and solutions, catering to professionals across the globe.
  • Hobart Filler Metals: Another prominent name under ITW, Hobart supplies a diverse array of filler metals including stick electrodes and solid wires, instrumental for welding operations.

Their tools segment is also represented by Paslode, mentioned in a JLC Online article, providing a suite of pneumatic and gas nailers, which are staples in construction and woodworking industries. Through these subsidiaries, ITW ensures that high-quality equipment is consistently supplied to those who operate in environments where precision and reliability are not just required but are the standard.

Growth through Acquisition


ITW (Illinois Tool Works Inc.) has a history marked by strategic growth predominantly through acquisitions. This strategy has played a vital role in the expansion and diversification of its business portfolio.

Company Acquisitions

  • Acquisition Strategy: For over a century, ITW has expanded its reach through a consistent strategy of acquiring companies that complement and enhance its existing businesses. This approach has allowed them to enter new markets and offer an array of innovative solutions.

  • Historical Growth: The company’s acquisition history is impressive, showing a profit every year since the Great Depression—a testament to ITW’s strategic management. The acquisitions have been a fundamental driver in ITW’s growth, doubling the company’s size over certain decades.

  • Notable Acquisitions: Noteworthy examples include the acquisition strategy in the 1990s where ITW doubled in size. This included a spate of acquisitions, 32 in total, which bolstered ITW’s revenues to $1.5 billion.

Organizational Culture


Organizational culture at ITW is centered around a well-defined business model emphasizing decentralization and simplicity. The company trusts its leaders to steer their teams toward innovation and productivity while maintaining a consistent cultural approach across the enterprise.

Leadership Principles

ITW fosters a leadership environment that is both empowering and principled. They focus on nurturing a space where trust and autonomy are given to leaders at all levels, allowing for a decentralized approach to decision-making. This empowerment is a cornerstone of ITW’s organizational culture, encouraging managers to lead with a mix of vision and practical oversight.

Leadership at ITW is expected to exemplify and inculcate core values like integrity and responsibility. By doing so, they create an atmosphere where all employees feel valued and motivated, further driving the company’s success in a highly competitive landscape.

Historical Milestones

Illinois Tool Works Inc., known as ITW, has a rich history of growth and innovation since its inception. This section delves into the crucial events that have shaped the company.

Foundational Events

Byron L. Smith founded ITW in 1912, shaping the future of the company through his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to innovation. The beginning of ITW is marked by invention and a vision for creating new products that would lead to a global manufacturing leader.

During World War II, ITW contributed to the war effort which significantly helped in expanding its operations and expertise. This period was pivotal for the company as it took on new challenges and expanded its capabilities, laying down a robust foundation for its post-war growth and diversification.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, readers will find answers to common inquiries regarding the business structure and operations of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a diversified manufacturing company known for its broad spectrum of industrial products and equipment.

What are the primary business segments of Illinois Tool Works?

Illinois Tool Works operates across seven key segments, delivering specialized industrial solutions. Each segment focuses on markets where product performance is critical and the most effective solution prevails.

Which notable brands or businesses fall under the umbrella of Illinois Tool Works in the automotive sector?

In the automotive realm, ITW leads with innovations and services in the OEM market, representing a significant portion of the company’s business, indicated by the ITW’s Business Segment Overview.

Can you list some of the key construction product companies affiliated with ITW?

ITW is associated with several prominent construction product companies, though specific names are not disclosed in the provided search results. Nevertheless, they are recognized for delivering highly engineered products and solutions in the construction industry.

Who currently holds the position of CEO at Illinois Tool Works?

The CEO of Illinois Tool Works is a central figure responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of the company. The search results do not specify the current CEO.

What is the significance of ITW’s ranking in the Fortune 500 list?

ITW’s ranking in the Fortune 500 underscores its stature as a large and highly regarded industrial entity with a substantial impact on the global market.

Where is the global headquarters of Illinois Tool Works located?

The global headquarters of ITW is situated in the heart of its operational landscape, providing strategic governance and support for its business segments and brands. The search results did not provide the exact location.