What Companies Does Hallmark Own: Your Comprehensive Guide to the Hallmark Empire

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When you think of Hallmark, the first thing that likely comes to mind is their wide selection of greeting cards. You might be surprised to learn, however, that Hallmark’s empire extends far beyond just cards. In fact, they own a number of companies in various industries.

One well-known company owned by Hallmark is Crayola. Yes, the iconic brand behind your favorite crayons and markers is part of Hallmark’s family! Another significant acquisition made by them was Crown Media Holdings, which operates three major cable channels: Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Hallmark Drama.

And there’s more! A notable mention goes to Hallmark Business Connections, a subsidiary dedicated to improving business relationships through personalized engagement solutions. It doesn’t stop there; they also have interests in real estate with their ownership of Kansas City’s Crown Center. As you can see, when we’re talking about what companies Hallmark owns—it’s quite an impressive list!

Understanding Hallmark’s Corporate Structure

When you think of greeting cards, you’re likely thinking of Hallmark. This company has dominated the industry with its wide range of products for every occasion. But did you know that Hallmark is actually part of a much larger corporate structure?

Firstly, it’s important to note that Hallmark Cards, Inc. is a private company owned by the Hall family. The roots of this establishment date back to 1910 when Joyce Clyde Hall started selling postcards in Kansas City.

Now, let’s delve into what companies are under the umbrella of Hallmark Cards, Inc:

  • Crown Media Holdings: Crown Media Holdings operates the well-loved channels: Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Hallmark Drama. These channels broadcast an array of original content like movies and TV shows.
  • Crayola LLC: Yes, Crayola — your childhood favorite crayon brand — also belongs to the Hall family. They purchased Binney & Smith in 1984 and have continued providing tools for kids’ creativity ever since.
  • Hallmark International: This division manages the distribution of Hallmark products outside North America.

Moreover, there are several other divisions including Hallmark Retail which oversees their stores across America and Sunrise Greetings which caters to upscale markets.

So next time you pick up a card or watch a feel-good movie on one their channels remember – it all comes from one place – the multifaceted corporate structure behind Hallmark.

Here’s a quick look at some key holdings:

Company Description
Crown Media Holdings Operates multiple TV networks
Crayola LLC Manufactures art materials
Hallmark International Oversees international operations
Sunrise Greetings Provides cards for upscale market

From greeting cards to crayons and TV networks, Hallmarks’ reach goes far beyond what meets the eye!

Part of the Family: Crown Media Holdings

Ever wonder who’s behind those feel-good Hallmark movies you love so much? It’s none other than Crown Media Holdings, an integral part of the Hallmark family. Crown Media is a key player in Hallmark’s diverse portfolio, with its fingers on the pulse of entertainment.

When you’re cozied up on your couch, enjoying a heartwarming Hallmark Channel movie, you’re directly experiencing the magic that Crown Media creates. This company operates three cable channels under their umbrella:

  • The Hallmark Channel
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
  • And the lesser-known but equally delightful, Hallmark Drama

But that’s not all. Did you know that Crown Media also dabbles in digital media? They manage Hallmark Movies Now, an online streaming service where viewers can access their favorite feel-good films anytime they want.

You might be wondering about ownership details. Well, it’s quite simple really. Hallmark Cards Inc owns 90% of Crown Media Holdings as per recent data. So when we say “family”, we mean it quite literally!

Let’s dive into some numbers:

Company Ownership Percentage
Hallmark Cards Inc 90%

This tight-knit corporate structure helps maintain consistency and quality across all platforms, ensuring that you always get a healthy dose of warmth and positivity whenever you tune into any one of their channels or digital platforms.

In conclusion, whether it’s heartfelt dramas or holiday specials that warm your heart; remember this – behind every great show is an even greater team making it happen!

Digging Deeper Into Crayola LLC Ownership

When you’re exploring the Hallmark family of companies, it’s impossible to overlook Crayola LLC. Yes, that’s right – the beloved brand known for its vibrant crayons is indeed part of Hallmark’s portfolio.

Hallmark Cards, Inc. acquired Binney & Smith, now known as Crayola LLC, back in 1984. As a globally recognized brand, Crayola has significantly contributed to Hallmark’s diverse range of products and services. If you’ve ever used one of their colorful crayons or markers to make your artwork come alive, then you’ve been touched by the magic of this Hallmark company.

Here’s a quick snapshot that sums up this ownership:

Company Acquired By Year
Binney & Smith (Crayola LLC) Hallmark Cards Inc. 1984

Aside from crayons and markers, Crayola also offers a plethora of other creative tools like colored pencils and craft kits. They’ve even branched out into digital platforms with their innovative apps that allow kids (and adults too!) to tap into their artistic side.

Being owned by Hallmark has enabled Crayola to reach greater heights. With the support and resources available from such an established parent company, they’ve been able to continually evolve while staying true to their mission: helping parents and educators raise creatively alive children.

So next time when you pick up a box of those iconic rainbow-colored crayons or use a Crayola marker on a Hallmark card, remember – it’s all in the family!

Exploring Hallmark Cards’ Relation with DaySpring

When you think of greeting cards, it’s likely that the name Hallmark pops into your mind first. That’s no coincidence. The brand’s reach extends far beyond its iconic holiday specials and heart-tugging ad campaigns. One particular connection you may not be aware of is Hallmark’s ownership of DaySpring.

DaySpring, a company specializing in Christian-themed merchandise, became part of the Hallmark family back in 1999. This strategic acquisition enabled Hallmark to tap into the religious market segment, increasing its product diversity while maintaining its core values.

Curious about how this partnership works? Let’s dive deeper.

DaySpring operates as an independent subsidiary within Hallmark’s portfolio. While staying true to its mission of inspiring faith through their products, DaySpring benefits from Hallmark’s extensive distribution network and industry expertise. It’s a synergic relationship where both entities complement each other.

Let me illustrate this with some numbers:

Year Number of Retail Locations
2000 Approx 6,000
2010 Over 10,000
2020 Nearly 15,000

This table demonstrates DaySpring’s growth in terms of retail locations since joining the Hallmark family; indeed a remarkable increase over two decades!

On the product side:

  • Cards: From birthdays to baptisms, there are diverse card options that cater to various religious occasions.
  • Gifts: Inspirational books, home decor items and even jewelry pieces form part of their unique offering.
  • Church resources: They provide tools for churches like bulletin board materials and Sunday school supplies.

So why does this matter for you? Well if you’re seeking heartfelt sentiments paired with a spiritual touch – whether it’s for yourself or someone else – DaySpring under the umbrella of Hallmark is your go-to destination!

Prelude to the Acquisition of Tiny Prints, Inc.

In the annals of Hallmark’s acquisitions, Tiny Prints, Inc. stands out as a significant milestone. The first time you think about Hallmark, greeting cards and holiday decorations might be the first things that come to mind. But did you know that they’ve expanded their holdings in recent years? One such acquisition is Tiny Prints, Inc., a leader in personalized stationery and photo gifts.

Hallmark’s move to acquire Tiny Prints wasn’t out of the blue- it was part of a strategic decision to delve deeper into the digital space. You see, at that point in time, e-commerce was picking up speed like never before. Recognizing this trend ahead of time allowed Hallmark to add another feather to its cap.

Before being acquired by Hallmark in 2011, Tiny Prints had already made waves with its unique offerings and user-friendly online platform. In fact, their success didn’t go unnoticed; Shutterfly purchased them for $333 million just before Hallmark stepped onto the scene.

This acquisition marked a pivotal shift for both companies:

  • Hallmark, long known for its tangible products like greeting cards and holiday ornaments, could now offer customers a way to personalize products digitally.
  • For Tiny Prints, joining forces with an established brand like Hallmark meant access to more resources and an expanded customer base.

However, don’t assume that these are all the businesses under Hallmarks’ umbrella! The company also owns Crayola LLC (yes! those iconic crayons), Crown Media Family Networks (known for heartwarming TV movies), and even real estate through Crown Center Redevelopment Corporation among others.

So remember: next time you’re creating custom invitations on Tiny Prints or coloring with Crayola crayons – you’re interacting with pieces of the larger puzzle called Hallmark.

Unveiling the Ownership Behind William Arthur, Inc.

Dive into the world of William Arthur, Inc. and you’ll find it tucked snugly within the Hallmark Cards, Inc. portfolio of brands. It’s a surprise for some to learn that this well-known purveyor of fine stationery is actually owned by a household name in greeting cards.

Why did Hallmark acquire William Arthur? The answer lies in its strategic approach to diversifying its offerings and reaching out to different market segments. Hallmark recognized the potential in the high-quality paper products market – a space where William Arthur has made its mark with distinctive design and exemplary craftsmanship.

Consider those beautifully crafted wedding invitations or exquisite holiday cards you’ve come across at boutique stores; chances are they’re from William Arthur. Its reputation for creating elegant and sophisticated stationery complements Hallmark’s broad range perfectly as they strive to meet various consumer needs.

Let’s talk numbers for a bit:

Year Event
1999 William Arthur becomes part of Cranes & Co., another stalwart in stationery
2005 Neenah Paper acquires Crane Stationery Corporation
2018 Hallmark swoops in to buy Crane Stationery Corporation

What does this mean for you as a customer? You get access to an extensive array of products under one umbrella – whether it’s an everyday greeting card from Hallmark or couture stationery from William Arthur.

Moreover, being backed by such a massive enterprise like Hallmark ensures that quality standards are maintained across all products consistently – no matter which brand you choose.

Remember though, while each company under the Hallmark family may share common goals and quality standards, they still retain their unique identities and serve different markets. So your love for uniquely designed high-end paper goods won’t be compromised when shopping with any brand owned by Hallmark – including the esteemed William Arthur, Inc.

Decoding Hallmark Retail’s Integral Role in the Corporation

Diving into the intricacies of Hallmark, you’ll find that its retail segment plays a pivotal role. When we talk about Hallmark, it’s not just about greeting cards. The company has a much more diverse portfolio than you might imagine, with numerous subsidiaries under its umbrella.

Firstly, let’s take a look at Crayola. Yes, those beloved crayons that sparked your childhood creativity are part of Hallmark’s family. Acquired back in 1984, Crayola LLC is an industry leader in children’s art supplies. It’s more than just crayons though – they’ve got markers, colored pencils and even digital tools to keep up with today’s tech-savvy kids.

Another significant player in the mix is Hallmark Channel, which came into existence when Crown Media Holdings was acquired by Hallmark Cards Inc. Today, it’s known for its heartwarming movies and series that have become mainstays during holiday seasons.

On top of these well-known entities, Hallmark also owns:

  • Hallmark Business Connections: An agency focused on employee recognition and engagement.
  • DaySpring: A leading manufacturer and distributor of Christian greeting cards and other personal expression products.
  • Sunrise Greetings: Another greeting card company offering unique designs for every occasion.

That said, here is a quick rundown on some key data:

Company Acquired Year
Crayola LLC 1984
Crown Media Holdings (Hallmark Channel) 2001

In essence, each subsidiary contributes uniquely to the corporation as a whole. Through these diversified investments, Hallmark has managed to extend its reach across various markets – from arts & crafts to entertainment to business solutions – thereby solidifying its standing as a formidable global entity. So next time when you think of Hallmark remember this: it’s more than just greeting cards!

Looking at Feeln: A Streaming Service under Hallmark Flagship

You may not know it, but Hallmark owns a streaming service known as Feeln. It’s part of the broad portfolio of companies that Hallmark has under its wing. This section will delve into what Feeln is, and how it fits into the larger Hallmark picture.

Feeln started life as an independent company before being snapped up by Hallmark Cards Inc in 2012. Its main aim? To provide family-friendly movies and TV shows via streaming. As part of the acquisition, it was renamed “Hallmark Movies Now” in 2017.

Now, you might be wondering why a card company would invest in a film streaming service. Well, diversification is key to any business growth strategy. By owning Feeln (now Hallmark Movies Now), Hallmark extends its reach beyond physical goods into digital entertainment.

While other major streaming platforms often focus on edgy content or big-budget productions, Hallmark Movies Now differentiates itself through heartwarming stories and family values. It’s the go-to place for fans seeking wholesome entertainment – something increasingly rare in today’s media landscape.

Here’s a look at some important data about Hallmark Movies Now:

Year Subscribers
2015 200K
2020 700K

From this table above, you can see that subscriber numbers have more than tripled over five years! That kind of growth clearly shows the demand for family-friendly content isn’t fading away anytime soon.

So there you have it—Feeln (or rather, Hallmark Movies Now) is one small piece of the wider Hallmark empire. And now that you’re aware of its existence, perhaps you’ll give their feel-good films and series a try next time you’re looking for something to watch with your loved ones.

The Connection Between Binney & Smith And Hallmark Companies

It’s quite intriguing to delve into the intricacies of company acquisitions and how they shape the business world. One such fascinating connection is between Binney & Smith, the creators of Crayola products, and Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Binney & Smith might ring a bell in your memory because they’re responsible for those vibrant crayons you probably used as a child. This company was established way back in 1885 by cousins Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith. It wasn’t until 1903 that they introduced the first box of eight Crayola crayons.

Fast-forward to 1984, Hallmark Cards, Inc., widely recognized for their greeting cards and television content, made a strategic move to diversify their product portfolio. They acquired Binney & Smith. This acquisition expanded Hallmark’s reach beyond just cards and TV programs into the realm of children’s art supplies.

Let’s break down this information with some bullet points:

  • 1885: Binney & Smith was founded.
  • 1903: Introduction of the first box of Crayola crayons.
  • 1984: Hallmark acquires Binney & Smith.

So why did Hallmark make this move? Well, it gave them an opportunity to tap into a new market segment – affordable art supplies for children. Not only did this expand their customer base, but it also complemented their existing range of creative products.

To make things clearer on who owns what now: as you can see from above, even though Binney & Smith created Crayola products, today it’s actually owned by Hallmark. Such are the complex webs woven in the world of business!

And don’t forget – these companies aren’t simply about making money; they’ve played significant roles in our lives too! From coloring our childhoods with Crayola crayons to touching hearts with Hallmark cards – these brands have become integral parts of our life stories.

Summing Up Hallmark’s Collection of Companies

You’ve now gained insight into the extensive portfolio of companies under the Hallmark umbrella. It’s a diverse collection, encompassing everything from greeting cards to cable television networks, and even real estate.

Firstly, you’ll find Crayola and Crown Center amongst Hallmark’s most recognized subsidiaries. These are world-renowned brands with substantial influence in their respective industries.

  • Crayola is synonymous with creativity and childhood. This company has been inspiring artistic expression in children for over a century with its vibrant range of art supplies.
  • Crown Center is an impressive mixed-use development based in Kansas City – the home base of Hallmark Cards Inc.

Hallmark also owns two significant cable television networks:

  • Hallmark Channel
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

These platforms have provided great entertainment value to millions worldwide through heartwarming movies, series, and special programming.

You can’t overlook Hallmark Business Connections either. This business-to-business subsidiary leverages the power of Hallmark’s iconic brand to help other businesses build strong relationships through meaningful connections.

To conclude your journey through Hallmark’s empire, it’s essential to mention that they own several other entities such as DaySpring, Sunrise Greetings, and Tree-Free Greetings. Each one contributes uniquely to maintaining Hallmarks reputation as a leader in social expression industry.

In summing up this tapestry of companies that make up the conglomerate that we know today as ‘Hallmark’, it becomes evident just how diversified this company truly is. Its success lies not only within its core mission – enriching lives by helping people express emotions – but also its ability to innovate and expand into new markets while staying true to its values and quality standards.