What Companies Does Genuine Parts Company Own: Exploring Its Corporate Family

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Genuine Parts Company (GPC), headquartered in the bustling hub of Atlanta, Georgia, stands as a venerable institution within the automotive and industrial parts sector. Established in 1925, GPC has grown from a local parts supplier into a diversified global distributor. It’s a narrative of growth and expansion that is intimately tied to the acquisitions and management of a family of specialized subsidiaries.

These subsidiaries operate under the wide-reaching umbrella of GPC and service a variety of market segments, driven by a commitment to innovation, technology, and customer service. Among these, the NAPA Auto Parts brand is particularly notable for its reach in the automotive industry. GPC’s strength lies in its strategic business operations, which are divided into distinct but interconnected groups focusing on automotive and industrial replacement parts, thereby ensuring a comprehensive coverage of customer needs.

Key Takeaways

  • GPC has a global presence with diversified subsidiaries catering to automotive and industrial markets.
  • The company emphasizes innovation and customer service in servicing various segments.
  • Financial performance and workforce development are central to GPC’s ongoing success.

Company Overview

Genuine Parts Company, with its significant presence in the automotive and industrial parts sector, has built a notable reputation for excellence and service. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company has become synonymous with reliable distribution and a cornerstone of the local economy.

Founding and Growth

Genuine Parts Company was founded in 1928, and since then, it has experienced substantial growth in its sector. Starting from a single location in Atlanta, it has expanded its operations to include a vast network of distribution centers and retail outlets, across various countries. They have made strategic acquisitions to bolster their market presence and diversify their service offerings. The company has shown a strong commitment to efficiency and productivity, contributing to its revenue growth over the years.

Automotive Parts Group

The Automotive Parts Group is a vital component of Genuine Parts Company, comprising a network of businesses that focus on the distribution of automotive parts and accessories across distinct geographical regions.

NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA Auto Parts stands as a prominent player in North America, providing a comprehensive range of parts for automobile repairs and maintenance. They are renowned for their extensive inventory that caters to both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. NAPA’s offerings include not only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts but also quality aftermarket options, ensuring they can meet various customer needs.

GPC Asia Pacific

Under the GPC Asia Pacific banner, enterprises like Repco and UAP strengthen Genuine Parts Company’s footprint in the Asia Pacific region. This division ensures the steady distribution of automotive replacement parts, with a keen focus on adhering to high-quality standards and ensuring the availability of a broad selection of products for customers.

Automotive Replacement Parts

Genuine Parts Company maintains a robust distribution network, ensuring that Automotive Replacement Parts remain accessible to a wide market. They support the automotive industry by supplying essential parts and accessories that are crucial for vehicle maintenance and repair services, emphasizing the importance of reliable and readily available components.

Industrial Parts Group

The Genuine Parts Company’s Industrial Parts Group is a major force in the distribution sector, prominently serving MRO and industrial replacement parts markets across North America. This group operates through its pivotal subdivisions, ensuring that a vast array of industries are consistently supplied with essential parts and services.

Motion Industries

Motion Industries, a subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company, stands as a cornerstone within the Industrial Parts Group, offering a global service organization that caters to the needs of a diverse client base. As a well-recognized industrial distributor, it provides comprehensive industrial solutions encompassing bearings, mechanical power transmission, electrical and industrial automation, hydraulic and industrial hose, and more. They position themselves as an invaluable partner in industrial operations, delivering an extensive array of products and services crucial for maintaining and enhancing machinery and production processes.

Industrial Replacement Parts

Focusing on the critical role of industrial replacement parts, the group ensures that more than 19 million parts are accessible to over 200,000 customers, including both OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) sectors. This diversity of parts supports industries in maintaining efficient operations by providing the necessary components to repair and upgrade machinery. The acquisition of Kaman Distribution Group augmented the Industrial Parts Group’s network, further solidifying Genuine Parts Company’s commitment to delivering top-tier industrial replacement parts and solutions.

Business Operations

Genuine Parts Company (GPC) operates an extensive supply chain with a strong focus on efficient distribution and strategic global expansion. They support a diverse range of industries and clients, ensuring a wide-reaching impact throughout multiple countries.

Distribution Network

GPC manages a vast distribution network including numerous distribution centers that are integral to their operation. This network caters to a variety of clients, from independent dealers to large contract stationers and national office supply stores. The company’s distribution framework is designed to support their service organization and meet the needs of their global customers.

Key entities and regions served by GPC’s distribution network include:

  • Automotive Parts Group within the United States, Canada, Mexico
  • Industrial Parts Group with significant presence in North America
  • Office Products Group serving North America and Puerto Rico
  • Electrical/Electronic Materials Group operating across North America

Global Expansion

The company’s global expansion strategy has included acquiring businesses and establishing new operations in several key markets. Currently, their Automotive Parts Group has spread across the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. This international presence not only extends their reach but also diversifies their client base and solidifies their position in the global market.

Acquisitions have been a significant part of GPC’s growth, with the company taking over in different countries, including several in the United States. These strategic moves have bolstered GPC’s global distribution capabilities and enhanced their service offerings.

Product and Services


Genuine Parts Company offers a comprehensive range of products and services tailored to the automotive and industrial sectors. They are a major player in distributing high-quality vehicle accessories and a trusted source for industrial parts solutions, consistently meeting the evolving needs of their customers.

Automotive Accessories

Genuine Parts Company provides an extensive array of automotive replacement parts and accessories. From essential fluid power components to value added fabricated parts, they ensure vehicles run smoothly and efficiently. In the realm of automotive accessories, customers can find everything from custom fittings to performance-enhancing components, catering to both car enthusiasts and professional mechanics.

Industrial Solutions

In the industrial sphere, Genuine Parts Company stands out for its MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) offerings and industrial solutions. They supply a vast selection of bearings, motion control products, and process materials, vital for industrial maintenance and operations. The company’s commitment to quality is evident in their provision of production supplies that ensure the continuity and efficiency of industrial processes.

Specialized Subsidiaries

Genuine Parts Company (GPC) consists of several specialized subsidiaries, functioning as integral parts of its expansive network. They distribute a range of products, from specialty wire and cable to office furniture, reflecting the diversified interests of the company.

EIS Inc.

EIS Inc. operates within the electrical and electronic materials distribution sphere. It is a key player in providing materials for motor repair, and it supplies an extensive array of parts directly to motor parts depots. EIS Inc. stands as a critical link in the chain between manufacturers and a wide network of resellers.

S.P. Richards

S.P. Richards specializes in distributing a variety of products, with a particular emphasis on office furniture. As a subsidiary of GPC, S.P. Richards ensures that distributors and resellers are well-stocked with high-quality office essentials. They are recognized for their commitment to delivering value to businesses with every shipment.

Market Segments

Genuine Parts Company has a diverse portfolio, serving various market segments through its subsidiaries. The company prides itself on meeting the distinctive needs of its diverse clientele spread out in various sectors.

OEM Customers

Genuine Parts Company provides OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers with automotive replacement parts essential for vehicle maintenance and repair. The Automotive Parts Group is the largest division, ensuring a steady supply of quality components to OEM customers who require reliable parts for production and aftermarket services.

Food and Beverage Sector

They have penetrated the food and beverage sector by supplying parts necessary for maintaining the specialized equipment used in this industry. This includes distribution of parts for processing, packaging, and preservation machinery, playing a crucial role in the operation’s efficiency and ongoing production.

Mining Industry

The mining industry is another significant customer for Genuine Parts Company. They supply the sector with industrial parts designed to withstand the harsh conditions of mining operations. They also ensure a robust inventory that caters to the demanding nature of the mining industry, providing a range of products from safety gear to heavy-duty parts.

Innovation and Technology


Genuine Parts Company (GPC) emphasizes a future-forward approach, integrating cutting-edge technological solutions to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Industry 4.0 Solutions

GPC engages in Industry 4.0 with a commitment to engineering excellence, advanced communication technologies, and efficient power transmission systems. Collaborating with Google Cloud, GPC focuses on enhancing automation capabilities and leveraging data analytics to improve processes.

  • MI Automation Solutions: They embody the transformation towards smart manufacturing by incorporating digital tools and machine learning into operations for predictive maintenance and optimized performance.

  • MI Conveyance Solutions: GPC integrates sophisticated conveyance systems, ensuring smooth and intelligent material handling workflows within the supply chain.

By harnessing Industry 4.0 technologies, GPC ensures a competitive edge in automation, communication, and engineering, promoting a more connected and responsive business model.

Workforce and Employment

Genuine Parts Company has a significantly large and diverse workforce that underscores its multinational reach. As a leader in the distribution of automotive and industrial replacement parts, they depend on a robust employee base to sustain operations across geographies.

Global Employment Figures

Genuine Parts Company employs people worldwide, reflecting the company’s extensive network. Paul Donahue, the CEO, and Randy Breaux, among other executives, lead a global team that is crucial for managing their operations that span over 10,000 locations in 15 countries.

In specific terms, the company hosts around 1,700 employees within its subsidiary S.P. Richards Company, a notable entity in office products and business equipment. Another subsidiary, Motion Industries, which specializes in industrial replacement parts and materials, is supported by nearly 9,000 employees who are integral to its success and customer satisfaction.

Their workforce, with a collective emphasis on responsible and sustainable business practices, strengthens Genuine Parts Company’s commitment to being a service-oriented organization with employees that are known for their genuine collaboration and dedication.

Customer Service Philosophy

Genuine Parts Company (GPC) places a significant emphasis on maintaining a customer service philosophy that revolves around service excellence. This approach permeates throughout their network, repair services, and service organizations to ensure high-quality products are consistently delivered under the NAPA brand.

Service Excellence

GPC’s commitment to service excellence is rooted in a straightforward principle: they prioritize the delivery of top-tier service items and solutions across their extensive network. Their automotive parts distribution network is specifically designed to support repair services with efficient access to quality products, embodying the company’s dedication to service reliability and customer satisfaction.

The company ensures that service organizations associated with the NAPA brand are stocked with a broad range of quality products, fostering an environment that allows for quick and comprehensive repair services. This reflects GPC’s philosophy that access to the right parts is critical to service excellence and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Financial Performance

The Genuine Parts Company’s financial health is anchored by robust revenue streams from multiple sectors, including its Automotive Parts Group and Industrial Parts Group. These entities, which operate across 600 locations and 25 distribution centers, contribute significantly to the company’s fiscal performance.

Revenue Streams

  • Automotive Parts Group: Genuine Parts Company has recorded significant sales through its Automotive Parts Group. The increase in revenue is reflected by the year-over-year growth. This entity remains a cornerstone of Genuine Parts Company’s financial success, supporting a network of stores and service centers that meet a broad spectrum of customer needs in the automotive industry.

  • Industrial Parts Group: Complementing the revenue from automotive parts, the Industrial Parts Group plays a critical role in sustaining the financial momentum. This division meets the demands of different sectors, bolstering overall sales figures.

  • Office Products: As a diversified entity, Genuine Parts Company also sees a revenue contribution from office products, which forms a less prominent yet steady income flow within the corporate family.

  • Financial Highlights:

    • Record sales: Genuine Parts Company has achieved record sales of $22.1 billion, evidencing a 17.1% increase.
    • Profit Margin: The company reports a Segment Profit Margin increase, noting a rise to 9.4%, or 60 basis points.
    • Earnings Per Share: Diluted Earnings Per Share (EPS) reached $8.31, with an Adjusted Diluted EPS of $8.34, revealing a 20.7% growth.

The data presented exemplifies Genuine Parts Company’s robust financial performance, founded on diverse revenue sources and effective nationwide and global distribution through their expansive infrastructure of locations and distribution centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If one is looking to understand the breadth of Genuine Parts Company’s reach in the auto parts industry, then they’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore some of the common inquiries regarding the company‚Äôs operations and affiliations.

Who is the parent company of NAPA Auto Parts?

Genuine Parts Company is the parent company of NAPA Auto Parts, a widely recognized name in the automotive parts and accessories industry.

Can you tell me what other businesses are operated by Genuine Parts Company besides NAPA?

Aside from NAPA, Genuine Parts Company operates a diversified portfolio, including industrial parts and electrical/electronic materials.

Where can I find the latest annual report for Genuine Parts Company?

The latest annual report for Genuine Parts Company can be found on their Investor Relations website.

How can I find out where the headquarters of Genuine Parts Company are located?

The headquarters of Genuine Parts Company is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and one can find more information by visiting their official website.

Are there any job opportunities currently available at Genuine Parts Company?

Job seekers can look for current opportunities and find out more about careers at Genuine Parts Company by checking their careers page.

Which company is recognized as the largest auto parts supplier in the industry?

While Genuine Parts Company is a significant player, the distinction of being the largest auto parts supplier globally is often attributed to companies like AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts based on various metrics such as revenue and store count.