What Companies Does Fox Own: A Guide to the Media Giant’s Portfolio

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Fox Corporation stands as a titan in the world of media, encompassing a broad array of assets that span across entertainment, news, and sports. With a legacy tied to the early days of broadcast television, Fox has evolved to become a multifaceted business with varied interests in linear television networks, digital and mobile programming, and even direct broadcasting. The company’s portfolio includes influential brands and divisions that have become household names, with initiatives extending from traditional broadcasting to innovative streaming services.

The evolution of Fox’s empire was notably impacted by The Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets, which reshaped the media landscape. Despite this significant move, Fox Corporation continues to thrive, focusing on its remaining assets and carving out a space in the competitive world of digital innovation and content creation. The company’s strategy has been to leverage its dynamic suite of networks, like Fox Broadcasting Company and Fox Sports, alongside ventures like Fox News Media and Fox Entertainment to maintain its influential presence in the rapidly changing media industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Fox Corporation is a key player in media with holdings in entertainment, news, and sports.
  • The company has adapted to industry shifts, including Disney acquiring part of its operations.
  • Fox continues to innovate in content creation and digital platforms while retaining core networks.

Fox Corporation Overview

Fox Corporation began as a holding company that controls various media subsidiaries originally formed by the media mogul Rupert Murdoch. The entity houses a range of prominent television, news, and sports brands known for their significant influence on the media landscape.

Ownership and Structure:
The Murdoch family maintains a substantial influence within the company through a dual-class stock structure. This ownership framework ensures the family wields significant control over corporate decisions, despite the company’s public listing.

Key Entities:

  • Fox News Media
  • Fox Sports
  • Fox Entertainment
  • Fox Television Stations
  • Tubi Media Group

Financial Highlights:
Fox Corporation’s financial health is publicly disclosed, with revenues and stock performance available to investors and the public. The company’s success is reflected in its revenue generation, driven by advertising, subscription fees, and content distribution.

With a dynamic leadership team at its helm, the corporation is currently led by a CEO who guides the strategic direction while fostering a culture congruent with their vision for the corporation’s future. The current CEO has been mentioned frequently in connection with Fox Corporation’s strategic moves.

Diverse in their skills and roles, Fox Corporation’s employees are the backbone of the company, ranging from creative talent to business and technical expertise, all contributing to the entity’s ongoing growth and innovation.

For detailed insights into the various aspects of the company, Fox’s official documentation and reports can provide an in-depth look at its operational and financial specifics.

Fox Broadcasting Company

The Fox Broadcasting Company, known as Fox, is an influential player in American television. It commands an extensive network of both owned-and-operated stations and affiliates across the United States.

Television Network

Fox boasts a vast television network that includes 18 owned-and-operated stations and over 227 affiliates. These stations serve a diverse audience with a variety of programming, including news, sports, and entertainment. Notably, Fox Television Stations owns and operates key stations in major markets, including dual presences, or “duopolies,” in 11 key designated market areas (DMAs), such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, which are the three largest DMAs.

History and Evolution

The Fox network laid its foundations in March 1985 with News Corporation’s hefty investment into the parent company of the iconic 20th Century Fox film studio. This pivotal move initiated the network’s ascent as a major player in the broadcasting arena. Later, a significant development occurred on December 14, 2017, when The Walt Disney Company announced its intent to acquire various divisions of 21st Century Fox, although the Fox Broadcasting Company remained separate under the newly formed Fox Corporation.

Fox News Media

Fox News Media is a significant division of Fox Corporation, housing a variety of platforms and channels that deliver news content to various audiences worldwide. These include traditional television networks, digital platforms, and streaming services that are central to the brand’s operations.

Fox News Channel

The Fox News Channel (FNC) stands as a dominant player in cable news, with a reputation for delivering 24-hour news coverage and political commentary. This channel consistently achieves high viewership, making it a cornerstone in the Fox News Media portfolio.

Fox Business Network

Fox Business Network (FBN) caters to viewers interested in business and financial news. It competes in the cable network space by providing a mix of business analysis and market updates, aiming to inform its audience on economic trends and developments.

Fox News International

Fox News International is an extension of the brand’s global reach, offering their news content to international audiences. It leverages the strong presence of Fox News Media to distribute streaming content across borders, allowing viewers around the world to access their programming.

Fox Weather

Lastly, Fox Weather is a free ad-supported television service that provides weather updates and forecasts. Utilizing the latest in digital technology, this platform offers comprehensive weather reporting to help viewers plan their day or prepare for severe weather events.

Through these various entities, Fox News Media continues to grow its influence by providing multiple avenues for audiences to access their news and content, from traditional television to innovative streaming services and digital platforms like Fox Nation.

Fox Sports

With a broad portfolio that caters to sports fans across various platforms, Fox Sports maintains a significant presence in sports broadcasting. Their properties deliver live games, studio shows, and sports-centric content.

Fox Sports Networks

Fox Corporation owns multiple regional sports networks (RSNs) that are collectively known as Fox Sports Networks. These networks provide local sports content, including live games covering a wide range of professional, collegiate, and high school sports teams.

Fox Deportes

Fox Deportes is the Spanish-language sports network dedicated to delivering a diverse array of sports content to Spanish-speaking audiences. It features live events and studio programming tailored for the Hispanic sports fan base.

FS1 and FS2

The flagship sports networks of Fox Corporation, FS1 (Fox Sports 1) and FS2 (Fox Sports 2), offer a variety of sports content including live events, sports news, and original programming covering major sporting events.

Fox Soccer Platforms

Fox Corporation provides extensive coverage of soccer through Fox Soccer Plus, a premium network offering exclusive soccer matches, as well as through foxsports.com which includes streaming of live sports events and provides scores, stats, and sports news.

Fox Entertainment

Fox Entertainment, a significant player in media, boasts a diverse portfolio of companies, each serving audiences with distinct entertainment options. It ranges from traditional television stations to innovative animation studios and popular entertainment news outlets.

Fox Television Stations

Fox Television Stations operates a group of U.S. television stations. Across the country, these stations deliver a variety of programming, with shows like “The Simpsons” captivating millions of viewers and becoming a staple of American television culture.

Fox Alternative Entertainment

Fox Alternative Entertainment is the creative hub behind some of Fox’s most successful unscripted shows, such as “The Masked Singer” and “LEGO Masters.” These shows have garnered wide audiences, offering unique and engaging content.

Bento Box Entertainment

Acquired in 2019, Bento Box Entertainment is known for producing animated content like “The Great North.” Its commitment to quality animation has solidified its reputation amongst fans and cemented its value within Fox Entertainment’s ecosystem.


TMZ stands out as a prominent entity under the Fox Entertainment umbrella, focusing on celebrity news and gossip. It has established itself as a go-to source for entertainment news, often breaking stories that become national conversations.

Acquisition by The Walt Disney Company


In a landmark deal, The Walt Disney Company acquired numerous entities from 21st Century Fox, fundamentally altering the media landscape. This acquisition encompassed several key businesses and franchises.

Properties Transferred:

  • Film and Television Studios: Disney gained the prolific 20th Century Fox studio, a hub for movie and television production.
  • Cable Networks: Among the treasures were also FX Networks and National Geographic Partners, each known for their distinctive content offerings.
  • Sports Networks: Fox Sports regional networks transitioned to Disney’s oversight, expanding their sports broadcasting reach.
  • International Assets: This included Fox Networks Group International, augmenting Disney’s global footprint.
  • Streaming Services: This

enhanced Disney’s presence in the streaming market with a significant stake in Hulu.

  • Other Interests: Properties such as Star India and interests in Sky plc and Tata Sky broadened Disney’s influence in international media markets.

The transaction was primarily a stock deal, with Disney disbursing approximately $71.3 billion in the form of its shares. This strategic move not only allowed Disney to acquire a vast array of entertainment assets but also consolidated its position as a dominant player in the media and entertainment industry. The acquisition signified a major shift in content ownership, with Disney now helming a more diverse and extensive portfolio, setting a precedent for media consolidation in the modern era.

Fox’s Expansion into Streaming


Fox has made significant strides into the streaming landscape, recognizing the growing demand for digital content consumption. Their entry is marked by strategic acquisitions and service enhancements designed to attract a diverse audience.

Tubi Streaming Service

Tubi has become a central piece of Fox’s streaming portfolio. Acquired by Fox Corporation, Tubi is a free, ad-supported streaming service providing a variety of TV shows and movies. With an emphasis on being accessible without subscription fees, Tubi appeals to a wide range of audiences seeking cost-effective streaming options.

Tubi Media Group

The establishment of the Tubi Media Group represents Fox’s commitment to leveraging its streaming assets to cater to both viewers and advertisers. Under the Tubi brand, this group specializes in offering tailored advertising solutions that maximize reach and engagement in the evolving streaming industry. Their approach combines the rich, on-demand content library with advanced ad-targeting capabilities, intending to provide value to partners and a personalized viewing experience to audiences.

Fox’s Creative Production

Fox’s footprint in the creative production landscape is marked by diverse studios and innovative content that have reshaped the entertainment industry. Their strategic investments in talent and a variety of creative entities underline their commitment to excellence.

Fox Entertainment Studios

Fox Entertainment Studios is a powerhouse in content creation, with a particular spotlight on television. The Masked Singer, a sensational hit show, exemplifies their ability to ingeniously blend talent and creativity, resulting in wide-reaching success. They have built a solid reputation for producing compelling narratives that captivate audiences globally.

Fox Entertainment Global

At the forefront of international appeal, Fox Entertainment Global extends its reach by promoting and distributing content across a vast array of networks. They have established themselves as pivotal players in the industry, leveraging their capabilities to deliver content that transcends borders and language barriers, catering to a diverse, global audience.

Studio Ramsay Global

Under the leadership of the acclaimed chef Gordon Ramsay, Studio Ramsay Global has emerged as a creative hub for developing original programming that fuses culinary expertise with compelling storytelling. Their collaboration with Fox underscores a mutual ethos of innovation, securing a niche in the market for gastronomy-centered entertainment that resonates with food enthusiasts around the world.

Digital Innovation at Fox

Fox Corporation has embraced technological innovation to reinforce and expand its media empire. One key focus area has been the development of blockchain technology for new forms of content distribution and engagement.

Blockchain Creative Labs

Fox Corporation has pioneered a new venture, Blockchain Creative Labs, that combines the power of blockchain with digital streaming to revolutionize the way content is created, distributed, and monetized. This entity not only explores the possibilities within the blockchain space but also seeks to establish new licensing methods, potentially disrupting traditional media distribution channels. By delving into blockchain technology, Fox is positioning itself at the forefront of content innovation, exploring fresh avenues for viewer interaction and creator compensation.

Fox’s Business Ventures

As a major player in the media industry, Fox Corporation owns a variety of businesses that contribute to its portfolio, ranging from education financing to film production. They generate revenue not only through direct sales but also through licensing and distribution agreements.


Credible is known as an online marketplace for student loans, personal loans, and mortgages. Acquired by Fox Corporation, Credible expands the company’s reach into consumer finance, providing a platform for borrowers to compare prequalified financial products from various lenders.

MarVista Entertainment

Fox Corporation also has a stake in the entertainment industry through its acquisition of MarVista Entertainment. This production company is known for its distribution power in the global marketplace, offering a diverse library of content and engaging in both the sales of its products and extensive licensing deals.

Frequently Asked Questions


The following subsections aim to address common queries regarding the ownership and operations of Fox Corporation, known for its expansive presence in the media industry.

Which subsidiaries are part of Fox Corporation?

Fox Corporation operates a variety of subsidiaries, including the FOX Television Stations, which owns and operates 29 full power broadcast television stations across key U.S. markets.

What are some well-known movies produced by 21st Century Fox?

21st Century Fox has produced numerous well-known films, although specifics on the latest movies are unavailable in the provided search results.

Can you list the various networks that fall under Fox’s ownership?

Fox’s ownership encompasses a range of networks, most notably the FOX Network, affiliated with 18 of its television stations, covering major U.S. designated market areas.

What is the estimated value of Fox Corporation?

The estimated value of Fox Corporation is not detailed in the provided search results, therefore, no specific figure can be stated.

Who currently holds the position of CEO at Fox News?

The current CEO of Fox News is not specified in the provided search results.

How extensive is the Murdoch family’s media portfolio?

The Murdoch family has a significant media portfolio, which includes ownership and interests in several international media companies. Details on the exact extent are not specified in the provided search results.