What Companies Does Fortune Brands Own: A Guide to Their Diverse Portfolio

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Fortune Brands Innovations, which spun off from its previous identity, now specializes in a diverse set of products across home, security, and commercial building markets. With the acquisition of companies like Aqualisa Holdings, a manufacturer of shower products, for $160 million, it continues to expand its impressive product portfolio. The company prides itself on its brand leadership, emphasizing strong brand presence to distinguish itself from competitors, drive sales, and increase profitability.

The structure of Fortune Brands Innovations portrays a deliberate focus on market growth and productivity, which is supported by their 12,000 associates worldwide. With its headquarters orchestrating the strategic direction, the team ensures that the brands under their wing, including Master Lock, continue to be leaders in their respective industries. Their market presence is bolstered by engaging marketing and advertising strategies and a commitment to sustainable growth and strong customer relations.

Key Takeaways

  • Fortune Brands owns a variety of companies specializing in home, security, and commercial markets.
  • They focus on brand strength and market leadership to drive growth.
  • The company employs strategies to ensure sustainable growth and maintain strong customer relations.

Fortune Brands Overview

Fortune Brands Innovations, headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, is a prominent player in the home and security products industry. As a Fortune 500 company, it has established a reputation for both growth and innovation. At the helm is CEO Nicholas Fink, guiding the organization towards a strategy focused on leveraging its brand and channel strengths.

Table of Fortune Brands Companies:

Company Industry Sector Notable Products
Master Lock Security Padlocks, Safes
Therma-Tru Home Entry Doors
Fiberon Home Decking, Railing

These companies underscore Fortune Brands’ commitment to diversifying its portfolio to meet various consumer demands and industry needs. Listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol FBHS, the company plays a significant role in the Chicago business landscape.

Fortune Brands Innovations prides itself on fostering an organization that thrives on dynamic growth opportunities within the competing markets. They emphasize the key roles of innovation and strategic alignment among their 12,000 associates to remain industry leaders.

Their performance and influence reflect the company’s focus on creating value for both customers and shareholders, contributing to a robust commercial presence nationally and globally.

Key Brands and Acquisitions

Fortune Brands Innovations, a leading name in home and security products, holds an impressive portfolio of brands and recent acquisitions. These brands are essential in their respective markets, ranging from cabinetry to plumbing, and security solutions.

MasterBrand Cabinets

MasterBrand offers a comprehensive spectrum of cabinetry products designed to satisfy every budget and lifestyle. With an array of brands like Omega, Aristokraft, and Diamond, they’ve solidified their reputation in providing quality construction and stylish cabinetry solutions.

Global Plumbing Group

The Global Plumbing Group, a division of Fortune Brands, encompasses several respectably recognized brands like Moen, Riobel, and the luxury-focused House of Rohl with its collections from Victoria + Albert and Shaws. Moen, known for its innovative faucets and fixtures, plays a significant role in reinforcing Fortune Brands’ presence in the global plumbing industry.

Security and Safety Solutions

Fortune Brands’ emphasis on security is evident through their Security and Safety Solutions. This includes industry stalwarts such as Master Lock and SentrySafe, which offer reliable security products ranging from padlocks to safes. Additionally, the company has expanded its security offerings with the acquisitions of Emtek and Schaub, enhancing their portfolio with premium door and cabinet hardware, as well as Yale and August locks, notable for their residential smart lock technologies.

Corporate Leadership and Structure


Fortune Brands maintains a robust corporate structure that is pivotal for steering its diverse collection of companies. The leadership is composed of experienced professionals who work closely to ensure the strategic alignment and operational efficiency of the organization.

Executive Team

At the helm of Fortune Brands’ executive team is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who oversees the company’s overall strategic direction. Key members include the Chief Operating Officer (COO), who manages day-to-day operations, and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), who spearheads innovation and technological advancements. They work alongside the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), focused on revenue generation strategies, and the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), ensuring the company adheres to laws and regulations.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at Fortune Brands plays a crucial role in governance and oversight. This board is an association of individuals chosen to represent shareholders’ interests and ensure that the company’s management acts in their best interest. The board’s responsibilities include establishing broad company policies and objectives, selecting and appointing the CEO, and evaluating the overall performance of the leadership team.

Financial Performance

Fortune Brands Innovations has showcased a robust financial performance in recent times. They reported a significant increase in sales by 44 percent, reaching $2.0 billion in their Outdoors & Security segment, highlighting the company’s substantial growth in that market area. The operating income in this segment rose by an impressive 49 percent, amounting to $305 million, complemented by a healthy operating margin of 14.9 percent.

  • Financial Highlights (as of 12/31/2022)
    • Total Net Sales: $4,723 million
    • Operating Income: $810 million
    • Earnings Per Share: $4.24
    • EBITDA: $952 million

Their financial stability is further evidenced by the balance sheet, which shows $643 million in cash and a total debt of $2,673 million, leading to a debt-to-capital percentage of 56.2%. These figures reflect Fortune Brands’ adept financial management and strategic business operations.

In summary, the company’s financial health is strong, with revenues and net income showing consistent growth. Their assets have been efficiently managed to support and sustain their business activities, ensuring a continued competitive edge in their respective industries.

Research and Development


Fortune Brands Innovations, a company that thrives on innovation and channel leadership, places a significant emphasis on Research and Development (R&D). This focus is essential as they seek growth opportunities within their market domains, which include home, security, and commercial building products.

Their approach to R&D harnesses the collective expertise of their 12,000 associates. The Chief Research Officer (CRO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) play pivotal roles in guiding the R&D efforts to ensure alignment with the company’s strategic vision. They aim to foster a culture of innovation that is both vibrant and productive.

The product development process at Fortune Brands is strategic and data-driven, helping to create cutting-edge products that meet evolving consumer needs. They prioritize the following aspects:

  • Streamlined Innovation: Implementing efficient systems to turn creative ideas into tangible products.
  • Focused Productivity: Balancing inventiveness with operational efficiency.

Here’s a brief overview of their R&D investment:

Year R&D Expenditure
2020 Data not specified

While specific figures for their annual R&D expenditure are not publicly disclosed, it is clear from their market posture that substantial investments are at play. They understand that continued investment in R&D is critical for maintaining a competitive edge and driving long-term success.

Marketing and Advertising Strategies

Fortune Brands employs a variety of marketing and advertising strategies that heavily focus on user experience and partnering with adept advertising partners. Their approach underscores the importance of engaging their customer base with creative and effectively targeted advertising campaigns.

They understand that a strong CCO (Chief Communications Officer) is essential in crafting a message that resonates with their audiences. The CCO is responsible for ensuring that every marketing effort aligns with the company’s values and vision, maintaining a consistent brand voice across various platforms. Fortune Brands’ marketing teams are known for their skill in crafting campaigns that not only attract attention but also create lasting brand loyalty.

  • User Experience: They place the needs and preferences of the user at the forefront, creating a seamless interaction with their brands.
    • Improved website navigation
    • Personalized content
    • Responsive customer service

The company’s privacy policy is another crucial facet of their strategy, ensuring that customers’ data is handled securely, fostering trust, and adhering to regulations.

  • Privacy Policy: They are transparent about how customer data is used, providing peace of mind and building trust.
    • Clear communication of terms
    • Safe handling of user data
    • Adherence to international privacy laws

Fortune Brands’ collaborations with advertising partners aim to break the mold, delivering innovative and memorable advertising campaigns that capture the essence of their products and appeal to a broad audience.

  • Advertising Partners: Selective partnerships result in:
    • Fresh, creative concepts
    • Broader reach
    • Effective consumer engagement

The company’s marketing efforts strive to measure up to the expectations of consumers in an ever-competitive market, continuously adapting to new trends to retain relevance and market share.

Market Presence and Locations

Fortune Brands Innovations, a distinguished company in the home and security product market, has a significant footing that spans across multiple geographical regions. Its headquarters is nestled in Deerfield, Illinois, providing a strategic vantage just outside the bustling hub of Chicago.

They maintain a robust presence in North America, playing a pivotal role in the market with a substantial portion of their operations. However, their reach extends well beyond, as they are a global organization with about 12,000 associates around the world.

  • United States: Predominantly concentrated with a blend of headquarters and operational facilities.
  • International: Marked presence in Canada, Mexico, Europe, and China.

Their expansive network includes the Global Plumbing Group, which further solidifies their position as leaders in innovation and growth within their sectors.

Here’s a snapshot of their presence:

Region Function
Deerfield, IL Headquarters
North America Core Market
Global Extended Reach
Various Operational Facilities

Fortune Brands Innovations has strategically located their associates and facilities to align with market demands while ensuring that their global impact harmonizes with local insights.

Product Portfolio


Fortune Brands owns a diverse and upscale range of companies that specialize in various home and security products. Their portfolio boasts premium brands known for their luxury, innovation, and contribution to the company’s overall productivity.

Cabinet Hardware Business

MasterBrand Cabinets plays a pivotal role in Fortune Brands’ portfolio, representing a significant segment called the cabinet hardware business. They are renowned for their luxury kitchen and bathroom fixtures and are a top choice among designers.

Residential Smart Locks Business

When it comes to home security, Fortune Brands shines with its residential smart locks business, featuring leading products from innovators like Master Lock. These smart locks are an amalgamation of safety, convenience, and modern technology, meeting the premium standards homeowners seek.

Sustainable Growth Initiatives

Fortune Brands Innovations, known for its commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts, actively pursues sustainable growth initiatives. They focus on enhancing brand, innovation, and channel leadership while emphasizing caring for the Home Planet, ensuring people get Home Safe, and building a Home For All where its team can thrive.

  • Growth: Fortune Brands’ growth is deeply intertwined with sustainability. With initiatives like Mission Moen, they aim to save up to 1 trillion gallons of water by 2030.

  • Value-Creating Acquisitions: The company intelligently selects acquisitions that align with its sustainability goals, ensuring that new additions bring value and uphold its environmental commitments.

  • Spin-off: In strategies involving spin-offs, Fortune Brands ensures that resulting entities also maintain focus on environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

  • Acquisitions: For instance, the acquisition of companies like Fiberon contributed to sustainability by using approximately 100 million pounds of recycled plastics and nearly 200 million pounds of post-industrial wood in its products in 2022.

They harness strategic investments to offer innovative, eco-friendly solutions across their portfolio. Engaging in a blend of organic growth tactics and purposeful acquisitions, Fortune Brands consistently steers towards reducing their environmental footprint while delivering value to their stakeholders.

Customer Relations and Sales Channels

Fortune Brands Innovations, recognized as a channel leader, prioritizes establishing robust relationships with their customers across various markets. They have structured their sales channels to ensure that their associates are well-equipped to drive growth and enhance productivity.

In their approach to customer service, each brand within Fortune Brands maintains dedicated platforms to engage with their clientele. The company places a significant emphasis on training their workers to be responsive and knowledgeable. This ensures that customers receive accurate information and support, fostering trust and loyalty.

Sales Channels:

  • Direct: Products are sold directly to consumers through company websites and showrooms.
  • Indirect: Partnership with retailers, wholesalers, and builders.

Brand Specific Touchpoints:

  • Professional Customer Support: A team of trained associates to assist with queries.
  • Online Engagement: Interactive websites and social media presence for each brand.

The company’s embrace of innovative channel strategies enables it to cater to diverse customer needs effectively. Associates at Fortune Brands act as the driving force, ensuring that every interaction with customers is marked by expertise and friendliness. They work diligently to make the sales process seamless, from the initial consultation to aftersales support.

Business and Consumer Privacy Policies


When companies under Fortune Brands craft their Privacy Policies, they pay careful attention to how they handle cookies and data sharing with third parties. Privacy policies often detail the types of data collected, such as browsing habits and personal information, and explain the purposes for collection.

  • Use of Cookies:
    They typically use cookies to enhance the user experience, remembering user preferences and optimizing website functionality. But they also strive to inform users about the option to reject cookies if they prefer not to have their information saved.

  • Third-Party Sharing:
    Companies are transparent about if and how they share data with third parties. In their privacy policies, you’ll find clear language regarding data sharing practices and the measures taken to protect user privacy.

  • Privacy Policy Transparency:
    They provide detailed privacy policies, making sure users understand what data is collected and how it’s used. This transparency helps to build trust with their customers.

  • Rejecting Cookies:
    Users are often given the chance to reject cookies. This choice is respected, and companies ensure that even without cookie data, users can still access the core functionalities of their websites.

Aspect Description
Cookies Used for enhancing user experience, with opt-out options available.
Third-party involvement Disclosed sharing practices to uphold transparency and trust.
Privacy policy Detailed documents explaining data collection and usage.
Rejecting cookies Respecting users’ choices without compromising website accessibility.

These policies reflect a commitment to consumer privacy and aim to strike a balance between personalized user experiences and privacy protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fortune Brands Home & Security is a prominent company renowned for a diverse portfolio that includes a variety of subsidiary companies. This section addresses common inquiries about its subsidiaries, organizational changes, industry operations, career opportunities, employee benefits, and brand ownership.

What are the subsidiary companies under Fortune Brands Home & Security?

They are a brand, innovation, and channel leader with supercharged growth opportunities within the home, security, and commercial building markets; their associated brands include Master Lock among others.

Has Fortune Brands gone through any significant company splits or reorganizations?

Yes, there was an intention to separate into two publicly traded companies via a tax-free spin-off of the Cabinets business, to focus on their distinct strategies and core capabilities according to a statement from Fortune Brands Separation Updates.

Which industry leaders in the plumbing sector are operated by Fortune Brands?

The company’s portfolio includes industry leaders in the plumbing sector; however, specific names are not provided in the available data.

How do Fortune Brands’ career opportunities reflect its portfolio diversity?

They offer a range of career opportunities that mirror their diverse portfolio in the home, security, and commercial building markets, as suggested by the large workforce and presence in various industries.

What kind of benefits can employees expect working at Fortune Brands?

The exact benefits are not detailed in the provided information, but as a large and successful company, one can anticipate competitive employee benefits.

Is Master Lock a company within the Fortune Brands family?

Yes, Master Lock is part of Fortune Brands’ family, as confirmed by a report about Fortune Brands owning Master Lock.