What Companies Does Ferguson Own: A Guide to Its Subsidiary Portfolio

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Ferguson Enterprises is a powerhouse in the distribution of plumbing supplies, pipes, valves, and fittings (PVF), with numerous subsidiaries and affiliated companies under its expansive umbrella. Known for their market leadership position in the United States, Ferguson, LLC operates with an extensive network, supplying a wide range of products to a diverse customer base. This includes not just plumbing, but also HVAC equipment, waterworks, fire and fabrication products, and industrial services.

Over the years, Ferguson has grown through strategic acquisitions, expanding its brand and services across various segments and industries. Their geographical presence is vast, with the parent company, Ferguson plc, being listed on both the New York Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange. This company’s business model emphasizes providing value-added services, demonstrating a commitment to ensuring simple, successful, and sustainable projects for its customers in North America. They’ve built a reputation for understanding customer needs and delivering comprehensive solutions across their many brands and businesses.

Key Takeaways

  • Ferguson is a leading distributor of plumbing, HVAC, and industrial products in North America.
  • The company’s growth includes strategic acquisitions that expand its services and customer base.
  • Ferguson emphasizes customer experience and sustainable project success across its business segments.

Company Overview

Ferguson, a well-established company, serves as a leading distributor in North America. Its comprehensive services and products range from infrastructure and plumbing to HVAC and fire and fabrication solutions. The company is known for its value-added approach, ensuring that it does more than simply distribute products; it also provides expertise and support.

Founded in 1953, Ferguson has experienced considerable growth and today stands out as a major player. With its headquarters nestled in Newport News, Virginia, Ferguson is not just the largest distributor of plumbing supplies in the United States but also excels in other sectors like waterworks and fire and fabrication products.

The corporation operates under the larger umbrella of Ferguson plc and aligns itself with a vision focused on excellent customer service. It holds onto a set of core values that emphasize doing the right thing, supporting one another, and driving performance. These guiding principles have been integral to Ferguson’s ongoing success and expansion.

Here’s a brief look at their journey and ethos:

Year Founded 1953
Headquarters Newport News, VA, USA
Growth Leading distributor in America
Ethos Customer-centric & Excellence

Ferguson plc, listed on the New York and London Stock Exchanges, showcases the company’s scale and success on an international stage. Their inclusion in the FTSE 100 index further illustrates their prominence within the industry. This comprehensive overview underscores Ferguson’s commitment to driving the industry forward with both innovation and a steadfast adherence to their foundational values and vision.

Key Leadership and Figures

Ferguson’s success can be largely attributed to its dedicated leadership team and the collective efforts of its employees. With a network of thousands of associates, the company emphasizes strong leadership and fosters a workforce equipped to tackle a diverse array of jobs within the industry.

Executive Profiles

  • Geoff Drabble serves as the Chairman, playing a pivotal role in steering the strategic direction of the company.
  • Kevin Murphy, the Chief Executive Officer, leads Ferguson with a strong focus on growth and operational excellence.
  • With a firm hand on the company’s financial health, Bill Brundage operates as the Chief Financial Officer.
  • Their leadership is complemented by multiple Independent Non-Employee Directors, including Alan Murray, Kelly Baker, Cathy Halligan, and Brian May, among others.

Employee Insights

Ferguson boasts a large workforce of approximately 29,000 associates, indicative of its size and scope within the industry. Each employee, from the executive suite to the front lines, is considered integral to Ferguson’s operations and success. The company offers a variety of jobs, encompassing positions from warehouse associates to specialty consultants. Emphasizing the value of its employees, Ferguson works to provide environments where teamwork and expertise can flourish.

Business Segments

Ferguson Enterprises extends its operations through various dedicated business segments that cater to different market needs, ranging from residential to industrial. Each segment provides specialized products and services, directed towards distinct customer groups.

Residential Products

In the residential sector, Ferguson’s strength lies in providing a vast selection of products to residential contractors, including plumbing fixtures, appliances, and HVAC equipment under recognized brands and its exclusive ProFlo brand. They emphasize on making complex projects manageable for their customers with their specialized solutions.

Commercial Solutions

The commercial and mechanical division of Ferguson serves non-residential contractors and offers a wide range of solutions designed for more extensive commercial environments. Their products include fire protection systems, HVAC units, and tailored fabrication services to meet the needs of the commercial sector effectively.

Industrial Sector

Ferguson’s role in the industrial market is defined by their expansive distribution network for industrial products and services. They focus on supplying everything from waterworks and fire fabrication to PVF (pipe, valve, and fittings), ensuring that industrial clients receive comprehensive support for their operational requirements.

Geographical Presence

Ferguson boasts an extensive presence across North America, underpinning its status as a leading value-added distributor. With its headquarters located in Newport News, Virginia, the company anchors its operations centrally while stretching its reach through a vast network of distribution centers and local branches.

In the United States, Ferguson operates primarily under the Ferguson brand. This nationwide coverage is achieved through a strategic network of national distribution centers as well as numerous market distribution centers, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply chain to its diverse customer base.

Canada is also a part of Ferguson’s geographical landscape, where the company has established a footprint to cater to the needs of the Canadian market. Similar to its approach in the U.S., the presence in Canada is characterized by local branches that serve as the primary touchpoints for customers.

Here is a succinct outline of Ferguson’s geographical reach:

  • Headquarters: Newport News, Virginia
  • U.S. Coverage: National and market distribution centers spread across the region
  • Canada: Local branches providing national coverage

This network supports Ferguson’s commitment to providing solutions and products to a broad spectrum of customers, from individual contractors to large-scale commercial enterprises. These locations ensure that Ferguson maintains a close relationship with the market, addressing the unique regional needs and enhancing customer service.

Product Lines and Services

Ferguson Enterprises encompasses a vast array of products and services designed to cater to the needs of various industries. They equip their customers with not merely products, but comprehensive solutions through their expertise.

Plumbing Supplies

Ferguson is renowned for providing an extensive selection of plumbing supplies ranging from pipes, faucets, to fixtures. They offer products for both residential and commercial applications, ensuring that contractors can find everything from basic plumbing necessities to specialty items. Their products include both widely recognized brands and Ferguson’s exclusive lines, like the ProFlo brand, which exemplifies their commitment to quality and value in the plumbing sector.

HVAC Systems

When it comes to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, Ferguson stands out as a major distributor. They supply HVAC equipment that integrates both efficiency and reliability, catering to the needs of residential and commercial markets. Ferguson’s HVAC product offerings are comprehensive, covering everything from unit heaters to large-scale cooling systems, paired with the necessary valves and fittings to ensure proper installation and performance.

Fire Safety and Infrastructure

Ferguson’s commitment to safety is evident in their fire safety and infrastructure products. They provide a plethora of fire protection equipment, including sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, alarms, and a variety of fabrication services. The company takes pride in offering not just products but also solutions and services that ensure the safety of both people and property. With a strong emphasis on providing complete fire and fabrication systems, they enable seamless security measures for buildings and infrastructure.

Customer Experience


Ferguson Enterprises prioritizes a seamless and supportive customer experience, ensuring every interaction within their business network adds value and builds trust.

Residential Engagement

They place a significant emphasis on the quality and value of customer service for individual homeowners. During residential building or remodeling projects, Ferguson’s team strives to create positive, memorable interactions that reflect expertise and attentiveness. These experiences foster long-term relationships with customers, who come to rely on Ferguson for their home improvement needs.

Commercial Partnerships

In the commercial sector, Ferguson’s approach to customer experience is crafted around partnership and support. They work closely with contractors and businesses, providing solutions and products that are essential for an extensive range of projects. By emphasizing dependable customer service and building trust, Ferguson establishes and maintains strong partnerships with their commercial clientele.

Strategic Acquisitions


Ferguson, a leading distributor in plumbing supplies, has a notable track record of strategic acquisitions that have bolstered its market presence. They’ve expanded through obtaining companies that complement their core business and enhance their product offerings. Their strategy is not only to grow Ferguson’s footprint but also to diversify their expertise and reinforce their network within the industry.

The company has made several noteworthy acquisitions. For instance, Ferguson acquired Wolseley PLC, marking a significant expansion in its scale and capabilities. The integration of Wolseley’s operations enhanced Ferguson’s position in the market, bringing in a wealth of experience and resources.

Build with Ferguson and Signature Hardware are other prime examples of Ferguson’s acquired entities. These subsidiaries align with Ferguson’s commitment to providing high-quality products and services, further establishing the company’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Table of Acquisitions:

Year Acquisition
2006 DT Group A/S
2017 Signature Hardware
2021 Wolseley UK

Ferguson’s strategy has always been to acquire businesses that offer unique value, such as specialized expertise or a niche product range. By tapping into these distinctive areas, Ferguson aims to deliver an unparalleled service to its customers.

List of Benefits from Acquisitions:

  • Expansion: Growing Ferguson’s geographical reach.
  • Expertise: Broadening knowledge and skills across different markets.
  • Network: Strengthening relationships with customers and suppliers.

Through these strategic moves, Ferguson continues to reinforce its position as an industry leader, ensuring they can meet the diverse needs of their customers. Ferguson’s acquisition history demonstrates their commitment to building a comprehensive and robust distribution network.

Innovation and Technology


In the landscape of commerce, Ferguson stands out for integrating cutting-edge technology with a customer-centric approach. They prioritize not just the delivery of home improvement products but also the seamless experience that innovation in digital commerce and smart solutions can offer.

Digital Commerce

Ferguson has made significant strides in residential digital commerce by creating robust online platforms for both professionals and homeowners. On the Ferguson website, customers can browse an extensive range of home improvement products with ease. The technology underlying Ferguson’s digital service offers a knowledgeable and user-friendly interface, ensuring that the latest products in plumbing, HVAC, and appliances are just a click away.

Smart Solutions

On the forefront of smart solutions, Ferguson is dedicated to sustainability and improvement in the industry. They have invested in technology that enhances the efficiency of their products and services. For instance, customers can find a selection of energy-efficient appliances that align with a sustainable lifestyle. Ferguson also brings innovative solutions to the table by offering products and services that incorporate the latest technology trends, making smart homes more accessible and easier to manage.

Community and Social Responsibility


Ferguson demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and social value through a variety of initiatives centered around community, education, and infrastructure development. Their dedication to these causes is evident in their active role as a value-added distributor.

They have established a strong presence in local communities, focusing on enriching education by providing resources and tools necessary for learning and development. Ferguson believes in creating opportunities for people to thrive and is proactive in giving back, whether it involves schooling, vocational training, or other educational programs.

The company’s approach to corporate social responsibility is also reflected in its sustainability efforts. By concentrating on service that includes sustainable products, they contribute significantly to minimizing the environmental impact of their operations. This dedication to ecological concerns extends to helping customers achieve their own sustainability targets.

Furthermore, Ferguson supports projects that enhance community infrastructure, ensuring that their service offerings contribute to building a more sustainable and improved living environment. As a value-added distributor, they actively seek ways to offer more than just products, embedding themselves as a vital part of the areas they serve.

Their strategy encompasses:

  • Sustainable Business Practices: Efforts to reduce environmental footprint.
  • Support for Education: Resources for community learning and growth.
  • Community Engagement: Programs that address social challenges and support local services.

Ferguson’s endeavors align with their governance strategy, underscoring a genuine dedication to fostering a positive societal impact.

Financials and Market Position

Ferguson Plc has established itself as an industry leader in the distribution of plumbing and HVAC products. Financially robust, it demonstrates significant revenue streams backed by a strong network of market distribution centers, which contribute to its steady growth, even in a fluctuating economy.

Ferguson’s revenue figures are a testament to its financial health and dominant market position, with consistent year-on-year growth indicating its resilience against market dynamics, including recessions.

Strategic expansions and acquisitions have played a pivotal role in Ferguson’s growth, allowing it to outpace many competitors within the sector.

Economic Indicator Description
Revenue Progressive increase in earnings year over year
Growth Expansion through strategic acquisition and market impact

Market Distribution Centers:
The company operates an efficient distribution model with 10 national and 3 market distribution centers as of FY2023, ensuring the timely delivery of products and services across various regions.

Market Position:
Ferguson’s comprehensive product range and customer-centric approach have fortified its position against competitors, enabling it to thrive even during economic downturns and maintain a consistent supply chain.

By optimizing its market distribution centers and monitoring growth through key performance indicators, Ferguson continues to set benchmarks in the industry, underlining its status as a reliable and customer-focused entity.

Career Opportunities and Culture


At Ferguson, the spectrum of career opportunities is vast, ranging from entry-level positions to roles for seasoned professionals. Those eager to join their team can explore job openings that span across multiple functions and disciplines.

  • Associates are at the core of Ferguson’s operations. With a team of over 31,000 members, the company takes great pride in fostering a culture that prizes knowledge and dedication.
  • Leadership roles, including that of a manager, demand a strong commitment to nurturing a productive and supportive work environment.

Ferguson’s culture is characterized by a caring approach toward its workforce:

  • They value the well-being of their associates, striving to offer a balanced and engaging work-life experience.
  • A commitment to community and customer satisfaction is encouraged, ensuring each associate acknowledges their pivotal role in achieving these aims.

Career advancement at Ferguson is supported by professional development opportunities, aiding associates in building their knowledge and expertise within the industry.

Career Aspects Description
Growth A range of positions for different expertise levels.
Learning Continuous professional development.
Community A unified effort to satisfy and uphold community values.

Ferguson’s dedication to creating the best possible customer experience starts with its people, and the company works hard to uphold a value-driven, team-oriented culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, one can expect to find detailed answers about the major subsidiaries of Ferguson plc, location information, recent acquisitions, the range of HVAC brands offered, market competitors, and details about Ferguson Enterprises’ headquarters.

What are some major subsidiaries of Ferguson plc?

Ferguson plc operates primarily under the Ferguson brand in the United States and is well-known for distributing a variety of products and services such as plumbing supplies, HVAC equipment, and building products to different sectors.

Where can one find Ferguson Enterprises locations?

There are Ferguson Enterprises locations scattered across the United States, serving as a leading value-added distributor in various sectors including plumbing, fire protection systems, and industrial products.

Which company recently became part of Ferguson through acquisition?

Ferguson regularly expands its portfolio through acquisitions, though specific details of the most recent company to join the Ferguson family would require current information that adheres to the given timeframe.

What variety of HVAC brands are available at Ferguson?

Ferguson offers a wide range of HVAC equipment brands, providing solutions for both residential and commercial clients in need of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products.

Who are the main competitors of Ferguson in the market?

Ferguson operates in a competitive industry, with main competitors including large-scale suppliers of plumbing and HVAC equipment, though specifics on the competitors can be found through up-to-date market analysis.

Can you provide information on the headquarters of Ferguson Enterprises in Newport News, VA?

Ferguson Enterprises is headquartered in Newport News, Virginia, serving as the largest U.S. distributor of various building products including plumbing and fire and fabrication products.