What Companies Does Fanatics Own: A Guide to the Sports Merchandise Empire

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Fanatics, Inc. stands as a prominent force in the sports and entertainment industry, boasting an extensive range of owned companies and partnerships that catapult it beyond a mere e-commerce business. At the helm as CEO, Michael Rubin has steered Fanatics toward an innovative and expansive business model. The company’s growth reflects a well-structured alignment of technology, production, and fan engagement strategies, solidifying its position as a global digital sports platform. From selling licensed sportswear and merchandise to diving into sports betting and iGaming, Fanatics has secured its spot in the market by constantly evolving and meeting the demands of a dynamic consumer base.

The company’s diverse portfolio includes Fanatics Brands, which directly manages manufacturing and production, along with a wide array of retail experiences. Their collaborations with major professional sports leagues and associations underscore their substantial influence in sports apparel retailing. Furthermore, the company’s strategic investments and partnerships have widened its scope, as it keeps a keen eye on digital expansion opportunities to enhance fan experience. By seamlessly blending its merchandise offering with technological advancements, Fanatics has redefined the landscape of sports fandom.

Key Takeaways

  • Fanatics serves as a multifaceted entity in sports retail and digital experiences, led by CEO Michael Rubin.
  • The company has expanded strategically through manufacturing, partnerships, and tech integration.
  • Fanatics’ influence extends across global markets, affecting how fans engage with sports and entertainment.

Company Overview

Fanatics is a powerhouse in the sports merchandise sector, expanding rapidly since its inception and making waves under the leadership of executives like Michael Rubin. This section delves into how Fanatics has grown, who is steering the ship, and the unique business approach they take.

History and Growth

Fanatics began as a humble e-commerce store and swiftly turned into a leader in the vertical commerce space, greatly expanding its scope to encompass a range of businesses. They stand today as a global digital sports platform with aspirations to revolutionize how fans purchase sports apparel and fan gear. With a mobile-first approach, their growth is a testament to adaptability and market insight.

Leadership and Management

The company’s rapid growth can be credited to strategic leadership, with Michael Rubin at the helm as the CEO and Doug Mack taking charge as Fanatics’ Executive Chairman. Their management strategy focuses on agility and responsiveness to the ever-evolving sports landscape, positioning Fanatics as a fluid, fan-centric brand.

Business Model

At its core, Fanatics embraces a unique business model called vertical commerce, which means they manage the design, manufacturing, and distribution of their products. This allows them to control quality and speed of delivery, two tenets that have been crucial in their success. They’ve harnessed the power of e-commerce, adjusting to consumer trends and maximizing digital platforms to engage with sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Fanatics Brands and Retail

Fanatics, a dominant force in sports merchandise, harnesses its family of brands to offer a vast array of fan gear, ranging from apparel to collectibles. Key players in this lineup include Fanatics Commerce, specialized in sports platform solutions, and Fanatics Collectibles, dealing in memorabilia.

Fanatics Commerce

Fanatics Commerce stands at the forefront of the sports platform, delivering an extensive range of fan gear including apparel, headwear, and sports merchandise. They operate a robust online presence, ensuring fans have access to the latest and most diverse offerings in sports wearables.

Fanatics Collectibles

When it comes to cherished sports memorabilia, Fanatics Collectibles emerges as a key entity. They encompass brands revered in the trading card industry, providing fans with a piece of sports history. Their collectibles extend from trading cards to autographed gear, all widely sought after by enthusiasts.


Wincraft specializes in officially licensed merchandise, ranging from decorative items to accessories that celebrate fandom in all its forms. This brand adds to the Fanatics portfolio by blending sports enthusiasm with everyday lifestyle products, offering everything from wall decorations to novelty items.


International audiences will recognize Kitbag, a retailer acquired by Fanatics, known for distributing a wide variety of soccer merchandise. They cater to soccer fans globally, providing access to jerseys, footwear, and specialized soccer gear from major clubs and national teams around the world.

By operating these diversified subsidiaries, Fanatics retains its position as a leader in the sports retail and merchandise sectors, connecting fans with their favorite teams and players across all major sports disciplines.

Partnerships and Associations

Fanatics Inc. has established a myriad of partnerships that include collaboration with major sports leagues, a strong presence in university athletics, and strategic brand associations. These collaborations have been pivotal to their extensive reach in the sports merchandise market.

Sports Leagues Collaboration

Fanatics has lucrative agreements with some of the biggest names in professional sports, including the MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS, and NHL. These collaborations enable Fanatics to offer a vast selection of licensed sportswear and merchandise. For instance, within the world of NASCAR, Fanatics Commerce handles an array of e-commerce solutions, providing fans with direct access to a variety of racing merchandise.

University Partnerships

Collaborations with colleges across the nation have allowed Fanatics to tap into the collegiate sports fan base. Their partnerships with various university sports programs enable the production and sale of licensed college sports apparel and accessories, which are integral to university sports fans and alumni eager to show support for their teams.

Brand Associations

Fanatics also teams up with leading brands like Nike, which is a strategic licensor responsible for supplying high-quality sports apparel. Their strong brand associations mean that consumers have access to premium sports gear, often co-branded, showcasing their allegiance with favorite sports teams and leagues. These partnerships not only enhance the range of products available but also solidify Fanatics’ position in the sports retail arena.

Manufacturing and Production

Fanatics, Inc. has evolved into a robust manufacturing powerhouse, emphasizing the production of high-quality sports apparel and hardgoods. They combine technology and innovative practices to meet the demands of sports fans globally.

Jerseys and Apparel

Fanatics Commerce is known for its extensive range of jerseys and sports apparel. They design and manufacture official merchandise for major sports leagues, including the MLB, NBA, and NFL. Each facility operates with cutting-edge technology to ensure products meet the lifestyle of dedicated fans.

Hardgoods Production

In December 2020, Fanatics expanded their portfolio with WinCraft, a specialist in hardgoods production. This entity oversees manufacturing operations in Winona, MN, focusing on an array of non-apparel items to cater to diversified fan interests.

Quality and Innovation

Fanatics places a high priority on quality and innovation. Both apparel and hardgoods are produced with a commitment to high standards, leveraged by their advanced tech infrastructure. This commitment ensures that items are not only trendy but durable, aligning with the dynamic lifestyle of modern sports enthusiasts.

Digital Expansion and Technology

Fanatics Inc. is rigorously pursuing advancements in digital platforms and technology to elevate its position in the sports merchandise sector. They leverage e-commerce and mobile technology to not only sell products but to engage with a global audience of fans.

E-Commerce Strategy

Fanatics embodies a global e-commerce platform that communicates directly with sports enthusiasts worldwide. They’ve crafted an online shopping experience that mirrors in-person retail, ensuring consistency across all digital touchpoints.

Mobile and Tech Innovations

The company places a strong emphasis on a mobile-first approach, focusing on delivering seamless and responsive experiences across all mobile devices. This strategy allows them to connect with younger audiences who predominantly use smartphones and tablets for shopping.

Data Integration

Fanatics incorporates sophisticated data integration to personalize the shopping experience and optimize their service offerings. They utilize analytics to understand purchasing habits and preferences, using these insights to drive their digital sports platform, enhance their e-commerce deals, and streamline tech processes.

Fan Engagement and Experience


Fanatics is revolutionizing the way sports fans engage with their favorite teams and athletes. Through a variety of channels and initiatives, they’re enhancing the fan experience, ensuring enthusiasts stay connected to the game they love with personalized options and community-driven events.

Fanatics Live Events

Fanatics Live has become an exclusive avenue where fans enjoy immersive events with sports icons. These events offer authentic, real-time interactions, allowing supporters to feel a more intimate connection with their sports heroes from the comfort of their homes.

Personalized Merchandising

At the core of Fanatics’ success is its personalized merchandising approach. Using cutting-edge data analytics, they’ve tailored online shopping experiences, ensuring fans find the sports apparel and memorabilia that resonate most with their loyalty and style.

Community Initiatives

Fanatics extends its engagement through community initiatives. They leverage their platform for more than just retail sports betting and online casino games; they’re involved in community-driven activities that uplift the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie among sports fans worldwide.

Sports Betting and iGaming


In the dynamic world of online gaming and sports wagering, Fanatics has established itself with substantial ventures in these fields. They’ve developed a significant presence through strategic acquisitions and platform launches that cater to the growing demand for online gambling and sports betting services.

Fanatics Betting & Gaming

Fanatics Betting & Gaming is the company’s arm dedicated to harnessing the online and retail sports betting market. This division launched a sportsbook in Maryland at the beginning of 2023 and proceeded to release a beta version of their mobile sportsbook, marking Fanatics’ concrete step into the real-money wagering ecosystem.

Market Strategy

Fanatics has demonstrated a key interest in expanding its footprint within the sports betting industry. In a decisive move, they secured the US businesses of PointsBet, as indicated by their agreement which was solidly ratified by shareholders for an impressive sum, indicating the potential Fanatics sees in embedding itself within the sportsbook and iGaming realm.

Real-Money Wagering Platforms

The development of real-money wagering platforms is of pivotal importance for Fanatics. By aligning themselves with existing licensed betting infrastructures and assimilating these under the Fanatics brand, they are swiftly establishing a multi-state presence and diversifying their online casino and sports gambling offerings to a broad audience.

Merchandise and Collectibles

Fanatics has diversified its business, including a significant impact in the collectibles market — primarily through trading cards and digital offerings that have reshaped how fans celebrate their favorite sports teams and players.

Trading Cards Revolution

Fanatics has singularly redefined the trading card industry especially with their acquisition of the iconic brand Topps, a name synonymous with sports cards for generations. The deal marked a strategic expansion into a new era of trading card prominence, combining traditional card collecting with innovative production and distribution methods to appeal to today’s market.

Digital Collectibles

In a digital age, Fanatics sees the future in virtual collectibles as well. Their Candy Digital platform is at the forefront, offering digital trading cards and a variety of digital assets that blend the classic hobby with blockchain technology. This signifies a shift towards a virtual ecosystem where fans can collect and trade without the limitations of physical space.

Sports Memorabilia

The company’s domain, Fanatics Collectibles, encompasses a comprehensive selection of sports memorabilia, providing fans with authentic, team-endorsed merchandise. Fanatics ensures accessibility to a wide range of items from autographed equipment to game-used apparel, allowing fans to own a piece of sports history.

Strategic Investments and Partnerships

Fanatics has significantly broadened its reach and capabilities through targeted strategic investments and partnerships. These initiatives have played a key role in shaping the company’s position in the sports merchandise industry.

Venture Capital and Funding

Fanatics has attracted investment from notable venture capital firms like SoftBank, which led a $1 billion funding round in 2017, and institutions such as Silver Lake Partners. They’ve also garnered funding from Insight Venture Partners and tech-focused venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. These investments have fueled Fanatics’ growth, enabling it to scale up operations and investing in technology to enhance customer experience.

Acquisitions and Expansion

The company’s ambitious expansion is demonstrated by its acquisitions. In 2011, Fanatics expanded its online retail capabilities by acquiring GSI Commerce. Another significant acquisition was Dreams, Inc. in 2012, which strengthened its position in the sports licensed products market. These strategic moves have allowed Fanatics to broaden their product offerings and market presence.

By working closely with these entities and through a series of calculated mergers and acquisitions, Fanatics has pursued an aggressive growth strategy to become a leader in licensed sports merchandise.

Influence on Sports and Entertainment

Fanatics is an influential figure in the sports and entertainment industry, shaping fan experiences with a wide range of products and events.

Cultural Impact

Fanatics has enriched the sports fan culture by providing a platform for official merchandise across various leagues and teams. They celebrate the spirit of the fandom by creating memorabilia that resonates with enthusiasts around the world. When fans don the jerseys of their favorite teams or players, it’s often Fanatics that has designed and manufactured these iconic pieces.

Role in Major Sports Events

During major sports events like the Super Bowl and the World Series, Fanatics has established a significant presence. Through pop-up shops and exclusive Fanatics events, they offer timely and exclusive merchandise that becomes part of the experience. This swiftness in delivering relevant products helps solidify their role in these crucial sports moments, enhancing the overall excitement and connection fans have with these events.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find specific information about the various entities owned by Fanatics and the company’s partnerships and operations.

What brands fall under the Fanatics umbrella?

Fanatics boasts a diverse portfolio of businesses, including Fanatics Commerce, their foundational designing and manufacturing enterprise, and Fanatics Collectibles, a newer addition focusing on sports memorabilia.

Who are Fanatics’ notable partners in the industry?

They have secured partnerships with major sports leagues such as the MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL, and NASCAR, offering a broad array of licensed sportswear and merchandise.

Has Fanatics expanded its offering by acquiring NFL shop?

Fanatics has strengthened its e-commerce dominance, consolidating official league stores like the NFL shop, enhancing its product assortment and fan reach.

What is the relationship between Fanatics and Lids?

Fanatics was previously a co-owner of Lids, a retail leader in headwear and sports gear, but in 2018, it sold its stake, retaining rights to manufacture and distribute Lids merchandise.

Where can you find Fanatics’ manufacturing and distribution centers?

Their manufacturing and distribution operations have expanded globally, allowing Fanatics to deliver fan gear swiftly and efficiently.

Can you purchase shares in Fanatics, or is it privately held?

Fanatics remains privately held, and at this time, the general public cannot purchase shares in the company.