What Companies Does Daymond John Own: A Comprehensive Breakdown of His Business Empire

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When you think about successful entrepreneurs, Daymond John likely pops into your mind. Known for his savvy business acumen and starring role on ABC’s Shark Tank, this mogul has built a robust portfolio of businesses that span across various sectors. So you might be asking, what companies does Daymond John own?

Well, let’s start with the game-changer: FUBU, his first enterprise which propelled him to fame. A clothing line that originally catered to the hip-hop culture in Queens, New York, FUBU has now evolved into a multi-million dollar brand recognized worldwide. But Daymond didn’t stop there.

His entrepreneurial spirit continued to soar beyond fashion. He went on to invest in multiple companies through Shark Tank, such as Bubba’s Q BBQ and Bombas socks. Alongside these ventures, he also founded The Shark Group – a branding consultancy firm helping businesses achieve growth and success.

Who is Daymond John?

You might recognize Daymond John from the hit TV show Shark Tank, where he’s known for his sharp business acumen and keen eye for promising startups. But did you know that he’s also a highly successful entrepreneur in his own right?

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Daymond got his start selling handmade hats with a brand he co-founded called FUBU (For Us By Us). It wasn’t long before FUBU became a household name, synonymous with hip-hop culture and streetwear fashion. From its humble beginnings, FUBU grew into a multi-billion-dollar company — proof of Daymond’s entrepreneurial prowess.

But don’t think that Daymond’s success story stops there! He didn’t rest on his laurels after FUBU. Instead, he used his success as a springboard to explore new ventures. One such venture was joining Shark Tank, where he uses his experience to help other budding entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality.

Beyond Shark Tank and FUBU, Daymond owns several other companies through The Shark Group, an umbrella corporation that manages all of his investments and businesses. Some of these include Bubba’s Q BBQ (a sauce and spice rub company), Bombas socks (a sock company dedicated to donating one pair for every purchase made), Coogi clothing brand (known for its colorful knitwear popularized by notable rap artists), YOR Health nutrition products among others.

Let’s dive deeper to understand more about The Shark Group:

Company Description
Bubba’s Q BBQ A sauce and spice rub company
Bombas Socks A sock company dedicated to charity
Coogi Clothing Brand Known for its colorful knitwear
YOR Health Nutrition Products Offers various health products

As you see, Daymond John isn’t just a shark on TV; he’s a real-life shark in the world of business too! His journey from humble beginnings to becoming a mogul in multiple industries is nothing short of inspiring. So next time you see him doling out advice on Shark Tank, remember: this man knows what it takes to make it big.

Early Career of Daymond John

Let’s take a look at the early career of Daymond John, the dynamic entrepreneur known for his role on ABC’s Shark Tank. Before he became a household name, John embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that would lay the foundation for his future successes.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, John was always industrious even from a young age. His first business venture? A commuter van service started when he was just in high school. This early experience lit the spark of entrepreneurship in him.

John didn’t immediately dive into fashion; instead, he held down a job at Red Lobster to pay the bills while plotting his next big move. He understood that you must make sacrifices today to reap benefits tomorrow.

In 1992, seeing an untapped market in affordable yet stylish hats, Daymond convinced his mom to mortgage her house for $100k to start FUBU (For Us By Us). Working tirelessly out of their home in Hollis, Queens, they began creating unique wool hats with their tops tied off – a design not available anywhere else.

It wasn’t long before these caps caught on like wildfire across New York City. Demand skyrocketed and so did FUBU’s popularity. Recognizing this golden opportunity, Daymond transitioned from Red Lobster waiter to full-time entrepreneur.

Here are some highlights from those early years:

  • Started commuter van service during high school
  • Worked at Red Lobster while planning next steps
  • Convinced mother to mortgage house for $100k startup capital
  • Started FUBU out of their home
  • Saw massive demand increase after hat designs caught on

These experiences shaped Daymond into the savvy businessman we know today. He leveraged these opportunities with tenacity and foresight – qualities needed by every successful entrepreneur.

The Spark Behind FUBU: Daymond’s First Major Venture

FUBU, standing for “For Us By Us”, was the brainchild of Daymond John. This brand marked his first major venture into the world of business and fashion. Born out of a need for a unique style that resonated with young, urban individuals, Daymond saw an opportunity and seized it.

Recognizing there wasn’t enough representation in the market, he took matters into his own hands. Starting from humble beginnings in his mother’s house in Queens, New York, Daymond began sewing tie-top hats himself. He’d then sell them on the streets to make ends meet. It was gritty work but laid the foundation for what would become a multi-million dollar company.

Let’s dive deep into some numbers:

Year Sales
1992 $800
1995 $350 million

The table above showcases how FUBU grew exponentially within just three years – from making only $800 in sales in its first year (1992) to earning over $350 million by 1995.

As FUBU gained momentum, Daymond found investors who believed in his vision. They launched an extensive marketing campaign that didn’t shy away from reinforcing their tagline “For Us By Us”. Their target audience? The hip-hop community which embraced it wholeheartedly.

Key Strategies behind FUBU’s Success

  • Strong Brand Identity: From day one, FUBU had a clear message and identity.
  • Celebrity Endorsements: Rapper LL Cool J famously wore a FUBU cap in a Gap ad unknowingly promoting both brands simultaneously!
  • Diversified Product Range: Though they started with hats, they quickly diversified into other apparel like t-shirts and jeans catering to wider customer needs.

Today you know more about Daymond John’s first successful venture – FUBU. A brand born out of necessity that not only filled a gap in the market but also made him one of today’s most influential entrepreneurs.

Expansion into Media: Shark Group’s Birth

Daymond John, the successful entrepreneur you know from Shark Tank, has a knack for turning small ideas into big businesses. One of his most notable ventures is Shark Group.

Born from Daymond’s keen business acumen and eye for trends, Shark Group isn’t your ordinary media conglomerate. It’s an extension of his entrepreneurial spirit, representing a dynamic portfolio that spans across various industries.

Here are some companies under the umbrella of Shark Group:

  • FUBU: This hip-hop clothing line put Daymond on the map and solidified his status as a fashion mogul.
  • Coogi: Known for its colorful knitwear, Coogi became part of Daymond’s portfolio in 2002.
  • Heatherette: The daring and innovative fashion brand was acquired by Daymond in 2005.

What sets Shark Group apart is its commitment to branding and marketing. By using unique strategies like celebrity endorsements and social media campaigns, these brands have not only survived but thrived in their respective markets.

A closer look at the numbers reveals more about their success story:

Company Year Acquired Estimated Revenue
FUBU 1992 $6 billion
Coogi 2002 $50 million
Heatherette 2005 $10 million

These figures aren’t just impressive—they’re a testament to Daymond John’s ability to spot potential and nurture it to fruition.

So if you’re looking to make a splash in the world of entrepreneurship or simply curious about what makes a company tick, take note from Daymond John. His journey with Shark Group offers valuable insights into how creativity combined with strategic planning can ignite growth within any industry.

Investment in Health: Bubba’s-Q Boneless Ribs

Daymond John has always had a knack for spotting diamonds in the rough, and his investment in Bubba’s-Q Boneless Ribs is no exception. This health-conscious barbecue company caught his eye on an episode of Shark Tank, leading to one of his most successful investments to date.

What drew him to Bubba’s-Q was more than just the potential for profit. It was also the commitment to healthy eating that resonated with Daymond. You see, Bubba’s-Q isn’t your typical BBQ joint. They’ve made it their mission to deliver delicious ribs without all the unhealthy ingredients that often come with them.

The result? An incredible product that’s not only tasty but also better for you. In fact, these boneless ribs are so good they’ve been featured on ABC’s The View, and won first place at the National Ribfest! That’s a big deal in the world of barbecue.

Now let’s dive into some numbers:

Year Sales
2014 $154K
2015 $16M

Yes, you read it right! From modest sales of $154k in 2014, Bubba’s Q skyrocketed to an astounding $16 million just one year later thanks largely to Daymond John’s strategic guidance and marketing expertise.

Here are a few key reasons why this venture has been such a success:

  • Innovation: Their patented process removes bones from fully cooked ribs while keeping them intact.
  • Flavor: Despite being healthier, there is no compromise on taste.
  • Affordability: Quality doesn’t have to break your bank.

So next time you’re hankering for some BBQ but want something that aligns with your health goals – think Bubba’s-Q Boneless Ribs. It’s proof positive that when business smarts meet passion (and a little help from our friend Daymond), truly amazing things can happen.

Touching Tech-Industry: Investments and Acquisitions

Diving into Daymond John’s involvement in the tech industry, you’ll find a number of significant investments and acquisitions. With his keen eye for innovation, it’s not surprising that he has made strategic moves in this rapidly evolving field.


One of Daymond’s most notable tech-related ventures is BOMBAS. This innovative sock company leverages technology to create high-quality products while also giving back to the community. For every pair sold, a pair is donated to homeless shelters across America.


Another standout investment is GrooveBook, an app that lets users print photos directly from their smartphones. After securing an investment from John on Shark Tank, GrooveBook was later acquired by Shutterfly for $14.5 million!

Here are some key data points:

Company Investment Year Acquisition Price (if applicable)
GrooveBook 2013 $14.5 million

Daymond John doesn’t limit himself to any single industry sector when seeking out potential investments:

  • He’s invested in health tech with Nerd Skincare, a company revolutionizing skincare through science.
  • In mobile gaming, he backed Zynga, creators of popular games like Farmville and Words With Friends.

Through these diverse investments and acquisitions, Daymond continues to make his mark within the tech industry while creating new opportunities for growth and advancement.

In all these endeavours, Daymond demonstrates how embracing technological advancements can lead to remarkable business success – a lesson worth taking note of as you navigate your own entrepreneurial journey!

Daymond John’s Fashion Forward Ventures

So, you’re interested in learning more about the ventures of Shark Tank’s Daymond John? Known for his sharp business acumen and fashion-forward thinking, he owns a number of notable companies.

First on the list is FUBU – For Us By Us. Born in the streets of Queens, NY, this clothing company was started by John and his friends with a $40 budget. It has now grown into a global brand worth over $6 billion.

Next up is Coogi. In 2002, Daymond stepped forward to purchase this Australian fashion brand known for its colorful knitwear designs often associated with hip-hop culture.

Additionally, he owns stakes in several other businesses:

  • Yotel, an innovative hotel chain offering compact but luxurious accommodations.
  • Bubba’s Q, a BBQ restaurant chain that impressed him during their pitch on Shark Tank.
  • EZVIP, another Shark Tank investment which offers pre-paid reservations at top clubs and events.

Daymond also heads The Shark Group, his consulting firm helping to grow brands and advice entrepreneurs.

Company Business Type
FUBU Clothing Brand
Coogi Fashion Brand
Yotel Hotel Chain
Bubba’s Q Restaurant Chain
EZVIP Reservation Service

Through these investments, it’s clear that Daymond John isn’t just any shark; he embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. His portfolio reflects diversity across sectors from hospitality to entertainment. And remember: like him, your journey can start small too!

Peering at the Publishing Industry: Blueprint + Co.

Diving into another sector, you’ll find Daymond John has also made his mark in the publishing industry. One of his ventures is Blueprint + Co. This isn’t your typical publishing company, it’s a shared workspace for seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals who are not just starting up but scaling up.

Blueprint + Co offers more than just workspaces. It’s an environment where like-minded individuals can collaborate and grow together. It provides its members with a platform to meet investors, gain insights from industry experts, and access to exclusive events. So, if you’re looking for a hub that supports your growth as an entrepreneur or professional, Blueprint + Co might be worth checking out.

Now you must be wondering – how successful is Blueprint + Co? Well, while it doesn’t disclose specific figures publicly, its membership roster includes powerhouse names across multiple industries – revealing its high demand among top-tier professionals.

  • Who uses Blueprint + Co?
    Renowned companies such as Buzzfeed and Shopify have utilized their services.
  • What does this mean for Daymond John?
    His venture into the publishing world through Blueprint + Co showcases his acumen beyond the fashion industry.

Remember though that while success is clear in this venture; it’s not all about numbers. The real value comes from helping other businesses grow by providing them with a supportive community and resources they need to succeed.

In essence, through Blueprint + Co., Daymond John continues to demonstrate his commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and facilitating business growth – marking yet another successful extension of his diverse business portfolio.

Sneak Peek into ‘Shark Tank’ Deals

If you’ve ever tuned into ‘Shark Tank’, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Daymond John, the fashion mogul and entrepreneur, in action. Known for his keen business acumen and discerning eye for profitable opportunities, John has invested in a wide array of businesses over the years.

John’s first major success story came with FUBU (For Us By Us), a hip-hop apparel company he founded in his mother’s house. Today, FUBU is worth an estimated $6 billion. It was this venture that propelled him to stardom and eventually landed him a seat on the panel of Shark Tank.

Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the companies Daymond John owns through his ‘Shark Tank’ deals.

  • Bombas: A socially conscious sock company that gives back to those in need.
  • Bubba’s Q Boneless Ribs: The deal made with former Detroit Lions player Al “Bubba” Baker for his patented boneless ribs was one of John’s most successful Shark Tank investments.
  • Sun-Staches: A novelty sunglasses company that creates fun themed glasses.
Company Deal Made
Bombas $200K for 17.5% equity
Bubba’s Q Boneless Ribs $300K for 30% equity
Sun-Staches $300K for 20% equity

Each of these businesses represents not just an investment opportunity but also showcases John’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs who are passionate about their products or services.

Remember when looking at these deals that while they may seem like high stakes gambles, they’re really strategic moves by an experienced businessman who knows what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive market. As someone interested in learning from successful entrepreneurs like Daymond John, taking note of how he strategically selects and invests in businesses can provide invaluable insights into your own entrepreneurial journey.


So, you’ve come a long way in understanding the entrepreneurial journey of Daymond John. Let’s sum up what we’ve discovered about his business ventures.

Daymond John is not just a successful entrepreneur but also an investor with several companies under his belt. His portfolio includes:

  • FUBU: The iconic streetwear brand that catapulted him to fame.
  • Shark Tank Investments: Numerous investments through the TV show ‘Shark Tank’, creating a diverse portfolio across different industries.
  • The Shark Group: A brand management firm helping businesses achieve growth and maximize their potential.

Let’s look at some figures to better understand the scale of his enterprises:

Company Estimated worth
FUBU Over $6 Billion (since inception)
Shark Tank Investments Varies widely per investment
The Shark Group Not publicly disclosed

Remember, these numbers are dynamic. They fluctuate based on various factors like market trends, company performance, and strategic decisions.

You now know more about Daymond John’s empire. Remember, it isn’t just about owning companies; it’s about nurturing them towards success using unique strategies and innovative ideas. This understanding can serve as inspiration for your own entrepreneurial journey.

In conclusion, Daymond John’s story illustrates how hard work, strategic thinking and passion can create a diversified business empire. Here’s hoping this knowledge fuels your own journey towards building successful businesses!