What Companies Does Cigna Own? A Comprehensive Look at Their Business Acquisitions

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You’re probably familiar with Cigna, one of the largest health services companies in the United States, but did you know it’s not just a standalone entity? Its expansive reach is due to its ownership of various companies that extend its healthcare footprint both domestically and internationally.

Diving into Cigna’s subsidiaries, we find that they operate across broad sectors ranging from health insurance to life insurance, and even pharmaceutical services. Noteworthy among them is Express Scripts, a major pharmacy benefit manager company that was acquired by Cigna in 2018. This acquisition significantly expanded Cigna’s presence in the pharmacy care sector.

Another key player under Cigna’s umbrella is Evernorth – their most recent brand created to encompass all their health service businesses including Express Scripts. By understanding which companies fall under the mega-corporation like Cigna, you get a clearer picture of how interconnected today’s healthcare industry really is.

Unraveling the Cigna Corporation: A Brief Overview

Diving into the corporate world and its intricate networks can be quite a task. Take for example Cigna Corporation, an American multinational that’s made its mark in the health services field. This global health service giant isn’t just one entity, but rather a conglomerate of several companies under its wing.

Some might wonder how many companies fall under Cigna’s umbrella? It’s worth noting that as of now, Cigna is home to more than 10 known subsidiaries. These include:

  • Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company
  • Life Insurance Company of North America
  • Cigna Life Insurance Company of New York
    … among others.

The company has made significant strides since it was founded in 1982 through the merger of INA Corporation and Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (CG). Throughout these years, they have made numerous acquisitions to strengthen their hold on the health insurance market.

In 2011, Cigna expanded their international reach by acquiring Vanbreda International, gaining access to an extensive network of expatriate clients. However, their most notable acquisition occurred in 2020 when they purchased Express Scripts for approximately $67 billion dollars.

Year Acquisition Value USD billion
2011 Vanbreda International Not Disclosed
2020 Express Scripts Approx. $67

This purchase significantly boosted Cigna’s standing in healthcare by adding pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) capabilities to their portfolio.

Another key point you should know about is how these various acquisitions have enabled Cigna to offer an array of services such as medical insurance, dental coverage, behavioral health care services and even pet insurance!

To sum up this brief overview: CIGNA CORPORATION isn’t just one company – it’s a network composed of multiple entities spanning across different sectors within healthcare industry!

The Significant Portfolio: Who Does Cigna Own?

Have you ever wondered about the extensive portfolio of Cigna, one of the largest health insurance providers in America? You’re not alone. Many people are curious about who falls under this industry giant’s umbrella.

First, let’s clarify that Cigna is a global health service organization dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those they serve. With their vast network and resources, they’ve acquired several companies over the years to expand their reach and services.

One significant acquisition was Express Scripts in 2018. By acquiring this leading pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company, Cigna significantly expanded its customer base while enhancing its healthcare offerings.

Another part of Cigna’s portfolio is Cigna Medical Group (CMG). CMG operates primary care clinics, pharmacies, vision care centers, and outpatient surgery centers – focusing mainly on patients’ preventive care.

Here are some other companies owned by Cigna:

  • Evernorth – an innovative solution for rising healthcare costs
  • Intracorp – a case management service provider
  • QualCare Alliance Networks Inc.- offers self-funded health plans
Company Name Acquisition Year
Express Scripts 2018
Cigna Medical Group NA
Evernorth NA
Intracorp NA
QualCare Alliance Networks Inc. NA

Remember that mergers and acquisitions are common strategies in business growth. They allow businesses like Cigna to diversify their offerings, increase market share or create synergies with other companies’ strengths.

So next time you’re wondering about your insurance options or searching for healthcare solutions remember this diverse range – there’s more to Cigna than meets the eye!

Defendants under the Cigna Umbrella: Health Service Companies

When you’re considering Cigna, it’s important to understand that they don’t just stand alone. They’ve got an array of health service companies under their umbrella. Each one has its unique role and function in advancing Cigna’s vision for providing comprehensive, patient-centered care.

The first company that’s part of the Cigna family is Express Scripts. They came on board with Cigna through an acquisition deal in 2018. As a major player in pharmacy benefit management, Express Scripts plays a critical role in making prescription drugs affordable and accessible for millions of people.

Among the other names under the Cigna umbrella, we have Accredo. It’s a specialty pharmacy that provides tailored support to people with complex chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis or cancer.

Let’s not forget about Evernorth either. This pioneering brand from Cigna encompasses a range of health services designed to solve some of healthcare’s most significant challenges.

Here’s a rundown:

Company Name Role
Express Scripts Pharmacy Benefit Management
Accredo Specialty Pharmacy
Evernorth Comprehensive Health Services

These are all distinct entities but together, they form a powerful network working towards enhancing your healthcare experience.

Also noteworthy is Teladoc Health – although not directly owned by Cigna, it has become closely associated with them through strategic partnerships aiming at expanding virtual healthcare services.

These diverse companies within the larger entity each play their own part in reaching out to different sectors of society. Whether it’s managing your medication needs efficiently or offering specialized treatment options, these entities ensure you receive quality care while keeping costs manageable.

Remember though, this isn’t an exhaustive list and there might be other smaller affiliates or subsidiaries linked up with them too!

Beyond Healthcare Services: Other Businesses Owned by Cigna

Cigna, a global health service company, doesn’t merely focus on healthcare services. It’s got its fingers in various other pies as well, owning several businesses outside the healthcare sector.

One such venture is Express Scripts, a pharmacy benefits management organization that Cigna acquired in 2018. This acquisition has allowed Cigna to extend its reach beyond insurance, providing customers with prescription drug plans and managing pharmaceutical costs for insurers.

Additionally, Cigna owns Accredo, an at-home specialty pharmacy that provides treatments for chronic and complex conditions. Accredo offers personalized patient care and comprehensive therapy management programs.

Let’s not forget about Evernorth either, another subsidiary of Cigna. Evernorth combines powerful health services capabilities to tackle the challenges faced by health systems today.

Here’s a quick overview:

Company Industry
Express Scripts Pharmacy Benefits Management
Accredo Specialty Pharmacy
Evernorth Health Services

Diving into the international market, Cigna also owns Cigna Taiwan, an integral part of their Asia Pacific operations dealing with life insurance.

Moreover, there are several joint ventures globally where Cigna holds significant stakes. An example is the partnership with TTK Group in India – providing health insurance solutions across the country under the banner of “CignaTTK“.

The diversity of these companies allows you to see how expansive Cigna’s portfolio truly is – from managing prescription costs to offering extensive patient care to securing financial futures through life insurance products. So next time you think about Cigna, remember it’s not just about healthcare services – it goes way beyond!

Holders of International Influence: Cigna’s Overseas Assets

Cigna, an international health service organization, holds a significant global presence. It’s not just limited to the United States; it reaches far corners of the world through its diverse business portfolio. Here’s a closer look at Cigna’s key overseas assets.

Cigna Europe, a major player in the European market, provides insurance products and services aimed at improving customers’ health and well-being. Its coverage spans across various countries including the UK, Spain, Belgium and others.

An integral part of their global portfolio is Cigna Asia Pacific. With businesses spread over 16 countries and jurisdictions like South Korea, India, China – this division extends comprehensive health benefits to millions.

Let’s take a deeper dive into some specific companies under these divisions:

  • Zurich Insurance Middle East S.A.L: Acquired by Cigna in 2017 as part of its strategy to grow its footprint in key markets.
  • Laya Healthcare: Ireland’s second-largest healthcare company falls under Cigna’s wing after being acquired in 2015.
  • Cigna Global Health Benefits Europe: This offers specialized group health insurances for multinational corporations and organizations throughout Europe.

Here are some statistics on Cigna’s international reach:

Division Countries Covered
Cigna Europe Multiple countries including the UK, Spain, Belgium
Cigna Asia Pacific 16 Countries & Jurisdictions

These acquisitions and strategic expansions have helped solidify Cigna’s position as a global healthcare titan. They’ve managed to provide access to quality healthcare for countless individuals around the globe. So next time you think about who owns your insurance company or where they operate from – remember that it might just be one small piece of an enormous international puzzle like CIGNA!

How Acquisition Strategy Boosts Cigna’s Market Position

When you take a look at Cigna’s impressive portfolio, it’s clear that their strategic acquisitions play a pivotal role in the company’s market position. What these acquisitions do is broaden Cigna’s service capabilities, making them an even stronger player in the healthcare industry.

One of the most significant acquisitions was Express Scripts in 2018. This acquisition alone made Cigna one of the largest pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) globally. Not only did this move expand their customer base dramatically, but it also positioned Cigna as a leading force in managing prescription drug benefits – an incredibly lucrative segment of healthcare.

Here’s a snapshot view of some key acquisitions:

Year Company Acquired Impact on Cigna
2012 HealthSpring Expanded Medicare Advantage presence
2015 QualCare Alliance Networks Gained network rental business and clients
2018 Express Scripts Became one of the largest PBMs

There were also smaller yet strategic purchases along the way. These include:

  • Accordant Health Services: Enhanced capabilities for complex case management
  • FirstAssist: Broadened international reach with travel and protection solutions

It’s not just about buying other companies though. It’s also about smart integration post-acquisition. A seamless blend into existing operations ensures that customers receive enhanced services without disruption.

So why does all this matter to you? Well, when considering your healthcare options, understanding how a company like Cigna has grown can offer insights into its stability, breadth of services, and ability to manage future industry challenges.

Remember: In the ever-evolving world of healthcare insurance, being static isn’t an option. Companies must grow strategically to stay ahead – something that Cigna has clearly demonstrated through its calculated acquisition strategy.

More than Just Insurance: Diversification in Cigna’s Portfolio

Cigna’s portfolio is not just about insurance. Sure, they’re a global health service company with insurance offerings that you’ve probably heard of, but did you know they also have a diverse range of subsidiary companies?

One such company is Express Scripts, the largest pharmacy benefit management (PBM) organization in the United States. Cigna acquired Express Scripts in 2018, significantly broadening their services to include prescription drug plans and patient care coordination.

Company Name Express Scripts
Acquired Year 2018
Specialty Pharmacy Benefit Management

Another noteworthy acquisition is HealthSpring, a provider of Medicare Advantage plans. HealthSpring became part of Cigna’s family in 2012, enabling the company to expand its reach into senior healthcare market.

Company Name HealthSpring
Acquired Year 2012
Specialty Medicare Advantage Plans

Moreover, let’s not forget about Cigna Behavioral Health which offers employee assistance programs and behavioral healthcare services. It might come as a surprise to you that even mental health services are part of their diversified portfolio!

Here are some more examples:

  • IMedecs, a clinical decision support system
  • QualCare Alliance Networks Inc., serving small and mid-size self-insured groups

In conclusion, it’s clear that Cigna doesn’t just stick to traditional insurance. They’ve got their hands in different pies – from pharmaceuticals to mental health services – making them much more than your average insurance provider!

Keeping up with Changes: Latest Acquisitions by Cigna

Staying informed about the latest acquisitions of Cigna can help you understand its reach and influence in the healthcare industry. Let’s dive into some of their most recent purchases that have expanded their portfolio.

In 2020, Cigna made a significant move by acquiring Express Scripts, an American pharmacy benefit management company. This bold step was part of their strategy to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes. It’s noteworthy that this deal was worth approximately $67 billion, making it one of the largest acquisitions in the history of health insurance.

Another important acquisition came in 2012 when Cigna purchased HealthSpring for around $3.8 billion. This strategic move allowed them to significantly expand their Medicare Advantage business segment.

Here’s a quick glance at these two key acquisitions:

Year Company Estimated Cost
2020 Express Scripts $67 billion
2012 HealthSpring $3.8 billion

Not only has Cigna been active on home soil, but they’ve also broadened their global footprint with several international deals:

  • In 2011, they acquired FirstAssist Insurance Services in the UK.
  • In 2015, they bought Zurich Insurance Middle East S.A.L., solidifying their presence in the Middle East region.
  • They further extended their global reach with acquisitions in South Korea (LINA) and Turkey (Finans Emeklilik).

By keeping track of these substantial moves by Cigna, you’re better equipped to grasp how this leading provider continues to transform healthcare services globally while enhancing its market position domestically. As Cigna continues to grow through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, we can expect more news about future expansions as they strive towards improving health outcomes and driving down medical costs for patients worldwide.

Impact on Customers and Industry due to Cigna’s Ownership Pattern

Cigna’s ownership pattern has a profound influence not just on its customer base, but also the larger health insurance industry. Let’s dive deep into understanding this impact.

When you look at Cigna’s portfolio, you’ll see it owns several subsidiaries. These include companies like Express Scripts, a pharmacy benefits manager, and Evernorth, an innovative health services company. By owning these diverse entities, Cigna offers more integrated healthcare solutions to their customers.

Think about it: with such a wide range of services offered through its subsidiaries, Cigna can provide comprehensive coverage that goes beyond traditional insurance provisions. This means as a customer you’re not just getting insurance; rather you’re receiving access to a complete suite of health-related services under one umbrella which can be extremely convenient and cost-effective.

Let’s talk numbers for clarity:

Subsidiary Service Provided
Express Scripts Pharmacy Benefits Management
Evernorth Health Services

On the industrial front too, Cigna’s ownership pattern is reshaping norms. Many competing insurers are observing this model closely. The idea of providing end-to-end healthcare solutions instead of standalone insurance products could potentially become an industry-wide trend.

Moreover, by integrating various aspects of healthcare delivery within itself (like prescription management through Express Scripts), Cigna may contribute to mitigating some common challenges in the sector – think fragmented care or high costs associated with disjointed service providers.

Here are few key takeaways from this discussion:

  • With diverse subsidiaries under its wing, Cigna provides comprehensive health solutions.
  • This broad spectrum offering lessens customers’ need to seek disjointed services from multiple providers.
  • The integrated model could potentially influence industry trends going forward.
  • It might also help address systemic issues in the sector such as fragmented care and high costs.

Remember though, while this discussion outlines potential impacts based on current patterns; future developments may bring new changes in both customer experience and industry dynamics. That’s why staying informed about your provider’s structure and strategy is always advisable!

Concluding Thoughts on ‘What Companies Does Cigna Own?’

Now you’ve reached the end of our deep dive into the various companies owned by Cigna. It’s clear that Cigna has a complex and vast network of subsidiaries, all contributing to its dominant position in the health services industry.

The breakdown we’ve provided offers a more detailed look at how diversified this international brand truly is. From its core insurance offerings through Express Scripts and Evernorth, to expanding into areas like telehealth via MDLIVE, it’s evident that Cigna isn’t just an insurance company.

Let’s highlight some key takeaways:

  • The acquisition of Express Scripts in 2018 was a game-changer for Cigna. This move not only enhanced their pharmacy benefit management portfolio but also substantially increased their market share.
  • Through Evernorth, they’re able to offer comprehensive health services beyond insurance. This includes benefits management, data analytics, and specialty pharmacy services.
  • Their recent venture into the realm of telehealth with MDLIVE underscores their commitment to innovation and meeting customer needs in an increasingly digital age.

By owning such diverse companies under its umbrella, Cigna demonstrates strategic growth aimed at offering holistic health solutions for its customers. Each subsidiary plays a critical role in supporting the overall mission—to improve the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those they serve.

Remember this isn’t an exhaustive list; there are many other smaller entities playing pivotal roles within the conglomerate. But hopefully it provides you with insight into how vast and interconnected these components are—and why understanding them matters if you’re considering becoming a customer or even an investor.

As always remember to do your own research when making any decisions related to your healthcare or investments. Stay informed about what each company does so that you can make choices that best fit your unique needs.