Wanna Date from Shark Tank

Wanna Date shark tank

One of the best product lines often shown on Shark Tank are foods and spreads of all kinds. Wanna Date may sound like another one of those cheesy dating apps for singles, but it’s actually a line of vegan date spreads that you can get your hands on.

The thing that makes this product stand out is its nutritious and indulgent nature. Melissa Bartow introduced the treat to the judges, and talked about how she came across dates in her dorm at NYU.

She then started working at a vegan food shop that distributed healthy food when she was there. Here she learned that the acai bowls that everyone seemed so fond of have at least 20 grams of sugar. Through all of this, she maintained that her new favorite food, dates, would make a much better natural sweetener.

The product is still active, which means that the product has enough substance to expand into an authentic production line. Melissa Bartow had some experience in the healthy food industry which is why it makes sense that she was able to make something out of her business. Now that we know more about the product, we can learn how the pitch went.

Melissa entered the shark tank looking for $100,000 for 20% of her business. She shares all that her company is about. Did she talk about her inspiration behind wanna date? She spoke about how her major inspiration was out of the job she had at the acai bowl shop. She also stated that she genuinely wanted to do something with dates as they were her favorite fruit, the dates. Melissa conjured the first batch of the date spread in her dorm room.

She also talked about how she wanted to develop a whole production line. She wanted to create an entire brand of spreads and kinds of butter. She also used this time to see if anyone was interested in her date nut butters.

Melissa also talked about using technology to get her name out there. She cited that she made a video of her friends, who were all blindfolded and eating and tasting her product. She was hoping that she would go viral, which would increase people’s interest, and this would eventually lead to more significant sales moving forward. She also talked about her crowdfunding ventures and how she raised $2250 independently.

She then talked more about the product. She talks about the five flavors: original, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, chocolate, and vanilla. She spoke of the fact that each jar would cost $12 and that there were no more than 30 calories in one serving. She also said that it was an excellent way for her to satisfy any cravings for processed sugar; thus, it could benefit many other people.

Melissa then shared the sample with the sharks; they all seemed really happy with how it tasted. Melissa was quick to get down to numbers. So she said that she had only had $3100 worth of sales in the past ten months, which was disappointing for her. She said each jar costs her $2.40 and sells it for $12. She also thinks that if she were making more sales, she could reduce her cost to $1.80.

The Sharks, specifically Daymond, feel like there hasn’t been enough market research into the product, which is why it’s failing. Everyone felt that Melissa could have done better if she had tried a little more. Barbara also thinks she can’t be an entrepreneur as most of her support comes from Melissa’s father. However, the other sharks quickly shut her down for this comment. No one strikes a deal or makes any offers apart from Mark. Marks says that he is willing to go for a conditional offer. He was willing to offer her a total of $100,000 for 33%. He would do the deal if Melissa could keep the jars smaller and less expensive. She would also have to add more plain date flavor. The two made the deal and called it a day.

Our Review of Wanna Date?

Like any other product that walks in through the door, there are pros and cons to wanna date. Let’s look into them.

Pros of Wanna Date?

  1. It is nutritious. Wanna Dateis a spread that only has 30 calories all around. It is sweet, and you don’t have to worry about eating too much of it.
  2. It is convenient. The spread is present in jars, so all you have to do is take it out and spread it on a piece of bread. You can eat it and store it like jam.
  3. It is affordable. Each jar will cost anywhere between $8-$12, which means you can just as easily buy and replenish it when you run out. It’s not crazy expensive that no one can eat it.
  4. It is vegan. There are very few spreads out there that are entirely vegan which is why it’s a lot more appealing.
  5. It is diverse. The date spread is present in many flavors, so there are more choices for you to choose from.

Cons of Wanna Date?

  1. Less date percentage. There should be a greater quantity of dates in a date spread, and the label should mention the percentage for purity.

Who is Wanna Date For?

Wanna Date is for everyone who wants to have a healthier lifestyle. If you want a sweet preservative that is completely vegan, then Wanna date is for you. Wanna Date is also something you can add as a sweetener or an additive that could help brighten your desserts. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative for sweet spreads, then Wanna Date is the spread for you.

Are There Alternatives?

There are date spreads out there that you could purchase. However, it’s unsure whether they would be vegan or have the same kind of flavors that wanna date does. Thus, we can safely assume there aren’t any alternatives to Wanna Date?

Our Final Thoughts

Wanna Date is a nutritious date spread that is delicious. However, the product lacks aim, which is the biggest reason people may not opt for it. It still managed to snag a deal from Mark, so it must be great.