Wake n Bacon from Shark Tank

Wake n Bacon shark tank

The Wake N Bacon alarm timer works by sizzling cooked bacon just about ten minutes before your wake-up time. A halogen lamp is used to crisp up the bacon after the user places a few slices in the Teflon-coated frying pan before going to bed.

The aroma of fried bacon would pleasantly awaken the user rather than a loud alarm tone.

San Francisco-based industrial designer Matty Sallin believed he had come up with the ideal replacement for such an alarm clock that violently jolts you awake.

The fa├žade of the alarm was constructed from wedge wood to represent a pig. There is a chamber within the alarm clock that has the capacity to contain up to two or three precooked bacon pieces. You can set the timer as usual once you have pitted your bacon strips.

The Wake N Bacon alarm clock gradually starts heating the bacon you’ve left there 10 minutes earlier if you wish to be awakened in the morning. The bacon is ready for breakfast, all nice and crispy, and the strong bacony aroma is good enough to wake you up from sleep.

As soon as Matty stepped inside the tank, he began to pitch. He detailed how his alarm clock functioned and the process by which he came to make it to the sharks. Additionally, Matty mentioned that when he first created the clock and blogged about it on his website, the reaction was overwhelmingly in support of making the idea into a genuine product. And that explains why he wanted to appear on Shark Tank.

He asked for $40,000 in return for 20% since he required their resources, knowledge, and contacts. With the funds, the clock would be redesigned for large-scale production, a model sample will be designed, and he might as well make presentations to donors and possible manufacturing and retail collaborators.

Sharks did not approve of the product and went out. Kevin, though, continued to make bids on the pig crate. He jokingly declared he wanted to display it in his collection of genuinely awful concepts.

The sharks were apprehensive about litigation risk associated with a product that may catch fire because Wake N’ Bacon wasn’t really UL registered. The sharks’ safety risks clearly exceeded the benefits thought to be gained, and Matty Sallin exited the program without having his firm get any investments.

On his first public appearance after the pitch, Matty appeared motivated to find another method to promote his gadget because people truly enjoy the bacon aroma.

Sallin’s hopes of commercially releasing Wake N’ Bacon seem to have failed after failing to secure a deal, and the item wasn’t ever manufactured for sale. According to our search, there is no proof that Wake N’ Bacon is still being advertised. Sallin changed his direction once his Wake N’ Bacon idea fizzled.

Sallin is a software engineer with various positions, including CEO of a three-person tech business and front-end web designer.

Our Review of Wake N Bacon

Wake n’ Bacon was a one-of-a-kind product: an easy-to-use alarm clock that will wake you up with the delicious aroma of some fresh bacon. The product is not too complicated. The alarm is shaped like a pig, and the chamber inside can hold two to three slices of bacon.

The alarm clock heats the bacon in preparation for that unpleasant morning wake-up bell and is intended to awaken you gently with the aroma of cooked bacon. Given that there are many bacon lovers and, in all honesty, who wouldn’t love waking up with the smell of food every morning? Foodies dream, innit?

Pros of Wake N Bacon

  • It is an easy-to-use alarm clock with an attractive piggy outlook.
  • No more waking up with the jolting alarm clock that startles you every morning, and you put it off and go back to sleep.
  • Dream of every bacon lover who gets to have nice and crispy bacon ready for breakfast every day.

Cons of Wake N Bacon

  • There may be some safety risks with a halogen lamp and heating Teflon plates on your bed side-table.

Who Is Wake N Bacon For?

Wake N Bacon is an alarm clock for bacon-lover and people who hate waking up to the beeping sound of the alarm in the morning. This alarm clock was specially designed with the idea that everyone loves bacon, and what’s better than waking up every day with the smell of fresh bacon?

Also, while you get out of bed and get ready for the day, your bacon strips are ready to be served for breakfast. It saves you ten minutes when you’re already getting late to start your day.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Wake N Bacon was a unique design, and nobody has yet come up with a similar product. As for alarm clocks, you can still find many on Amazon.

Our Final Thought

Even though some internet users swore they would still purchase the clock, it never eventuated as a manufactured product. Wake N Bacon was an example for other business owners to learn not to approach sharks for funding ahead of time. The sharks prefer products with a proven market, a strong track record of previous sales, purchases that are still outstanding, and perhaps even a patentable feature. Matty just had a prototype when he participated.

Matty seems to have changed his mind and is no longer planning to start his own business. According to his LinkedIn page, he recently started working for Finix, a new fintech business, and is a User Experience (UX) specialist.

Bacon lovers might presumably be dismayed, but they will have to accept the reality that the kitchen is the perfect place to enjoy bacon, not your bed.