Vurtego Pogo Sticks from Shark Tank

Vurtego Pogo Sticks shark tank

One of the best parts about childhood had to be the pogo sticks. Any one who owned a pogo stick was absolutely obsessed with it. Brian Spencer was also just another kid who cherished his time on the pogo stick, bouncing around like a little bunny in his neighborhood. However, he probably was the only kid to love the pogo stick so much that he decided to make a career out of it.

He soon grew up to become an extreme sports enthusiast, but he was looking to do more with his passion for keeping a steady income cycle running. That’s when he remembered his love for the pogo stick and how much that concept had stuck to him even as a kid. Therefore, he wasted no time and started experimenting with the pogo stick to redesign it better.

His idea was to convert the pogo stick from a mere children’s toy to a high-flying, extreme sports vehicle. Hence, with that in mind, Brian firstly started working to increase the pogo stick’s size with its heavier metal spring. This should help increase the jump height for the user. However, unfortunately, increasing the size meant adding weight and no bouncing whatsoever.

Hence, it started to appear that the traditional pogo stick was simply not cut out for the idea he had in mind. Eventually, he knew that in order to turn his vision into reality, he would have to work up the design to assist modern technology incorporation. Luckily, Brian’s father, Bruce, was a Northrop engineer, and he decided to take on this challenge.

Soon enough, the duo partnered up to create a patented unique air spring propulsion system, resulting in the world’s highest-performing pogo stick. It was truly a dad-son innovation, and that’s how Vurtego Pogo Sticks was born. It was such a fantastic idea that Brian and Bruce knew it would be an instant hit once it hit the markets.

In fact, this new twist on a traditional children’s toy could withstand up to 2000 PSI and had such a clean-cut design innovation that an adult of 100 lbs. and above could use it easily. Naturally, this meant that heavier kids who were missing out on this fun now had a chance to enjoy it, too – allowing the greater length of success and marketing for Vurtego Pogo Sticks.

It was finally time for mass manufacturing and distribution, and the father-son duo decided to step up their game with a little backing from Shark Tank. And so they made an appearance on one of the episodes asking for a rather hefty investment worth $500,000 for a 20% stake in their Vurtego Pogo Sticks business.

The judges were greatly impressed by the entrance as it involved aerial acrobatics performance on Vurtego Pogo Sticks. However, they weren’t really happy when the father-son duo made their expensive pitch. This led to many questions about company valuation and marketing, to which they all become skeptical of how the mass potential will scale the business.

However, despite the men being the question conductors and negotiators, Barbara was the first one to flatly go out simply on the whim of being “a protective mother.” The audience booed her decision, but she was steadfast. On the other hand, Mark Cuban simply announced that Bruce and Brian were trying to please everybody where they should simply work for extreme sports.

He named this as his reason to go out and bail on them. This left Kevin and Daymond, who both were quick to follow, asking the duo to work up their niche instead of marketing it to everyone, and that is how they bailed out. Bruce and Brian were disappointed, and so was the audience, which continued to boo the judges and show their disgust.

However, the failure of not getting an investment didn’t weigh heavy on Brian as he was adamant and went ahead with his business on his own. Moreover, his appearance on Shark Tank earned him more national television viewership as major TV shows started calling him on, creating a strong marketing ground for Vurtego Pogo Sticks.

Today, Vurtego Pogo Sticks is a household name for kids across the globe and even adults. It is sold for everyone, including extreme sports enthusiasts, and has catered to many extreme sports involving tricks with Vurtego Pogo Sticks. It sells through its official website Vurtego Pogo Sticks and is also highly successful on Amazon.

As of July 2021, the company has gone on to make Brian a millionaire.

Our Review of Vurtego Pogo Sticks

There really aren’t enough good things to say about Vurtego Pogo Sticks. The success of the product speaks for itself. It really is a kind, most advanced pogo stick design to have ever been created. It is perfect for adults, and the V4 version is the latest drop in their product line. It adds 10% more air than the V3 and a host of many other updates that a user can enjoy.

Pros of Vurtego Pogo Sticks

  • Great for children, best for adults.
  • Made and manufactured in the US.
  • Hand-assembled.
  • Adjustable air pressure to allow anyone to bounce.
  • Smoothest ride ever.
  • Suitable for extreme sports tricks.

Cons of Vurtego Pogo Sticks

  • Many people may find it overly expensive.
  • Many people would still consider it a toy for adults.
  • There is no particular use of the pogo stick except for fun and games.

Who Is Vurtego Pogo Sticks For?

Vurtego Pogo Sticks are primarily designed for extreme sports players. Secondarily, they are marketed more towards adults than children. It is for anyone who finds it fun and used to merely enjoy, workout or do some tricks here and there. However, they also have a kid’s product line now and advertise it, especially for them to purchase and enjoy.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Obviously, there are many alternate pogo sticks on Amazon alone that you can search through and purchase the best quality for the value of money. They won’t, however, have the same features and design innovation elements as the Vurtego Pogo Sticks, but they are definitely a lot cheaper compared to their competitive price range.

Our Final Thoughts

Shark Tan judges can sometimes be unjustified in their decisions, and it is extremely clear when the product does extremely well even without them. Vurtego Pogo Sticks was definitely one such product, and Brian may have taken their advice to heart when at the show, but he certainly didn’t let it cloud her mind. Good for him!