VoChill Review from Shark Tank: Keeping Your Wine Chilled Effortlessly

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Introduced on Shark Tank, VoChill is a personal wine glass chiller designed to enhance the wine-drinking experience. Created by entrepreneurs Randall and Lisa Pawlik, this innovative product promises to keep your wine at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last. VoChill’s unique design accommodates both stemmed and stemless glasses and has made a splash among wine enthusiasts for its practicality and efficiency.

After their appearance on the show, although the Pawliks did not secure a deal, VoChill gained significant attention and has continued to grow its brand. They have leveraged the power of consumer interaction to create buzz around their product and have remained dedicated to improving the journey of their business in the competitive wine accessory market. The product’s presence on Shark Tank and in the wine community highlights VoChill’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

  • VoChill was introduced by Randall and Lisa Pawlik on Shark Tank as a novel wine glass chiller.
  • The product caters to both stemmed and stemless glasses, keeping wine at the desired temperature.
  • Despite not receiving an investment from the Sharks, VoChill has grown through consumer engagement and market adaptation.

Product Overview


VoChill brings an innovative solution to wine enthusiasts looking to maintain the ideal temperature of their wine without compromising on taste or presentation. It’s an accessory that stands out for its practical use in preserving the perfect chill for both stemmed and stemless wine glasses.

VoChill Features

VoChill is a personal wine glass chiller designed to keep wine cold from the first sip to the last. It offers a unique chilling experience by cradling the wine glass in its patented Chill Cradle, which actively cools the wine without watering it down or changing the flavor profile. Suitable for both stemmed and stemless wine glasses, this chiller maintains the desired temperature of wine, enhancing its taste.

  • Maintains Temperature: Keeps wine at the optimal temperature for an extended period.
  • Compatibility: Designed for both stemmed and stemless glasses.
  • Materials: Constructed with durable materials for longevity.

Design and Utility

The design of VoChill reflects both elegance and functionality, with an array of colors to choose from, matching any personal style or d├ęcor. It’s crafted with a sturdy metal base that ensures stability. Its sleek build does not detract from the wine glass’s visual appeal.

  • Aesthetics: Available in various colors, complementing any setting.
  • Durable: Built with robust materials to withstand regular use.
  • Convenient: The chiller can be stored in the freezer, ready for use at any time.

The wine glass cooler is not only a practical addition to any wine lover’s collection but also a thoughtful gift. Thanks to its durable design and ease of use, VoChill stands as a preferred choice for wine aficionados seeking a dedicated wine glass chiller that truly understands and preserves the flavor profile of wines.

Business and Investment


In the realm of business and investment, the journey of VoChill has been marked by its appearance on “Shark Tank,” where entrepreneurs Randall and Lisa Pawlik showcased their unique wine chiller. Their pitch not only detailed the product’s ingenuity but also emphasized their need for strategic partnership to scale their operations and reduce customer acquisition costs, all while retaining control and ownership of their business.

Shark Tank Appearance

During the Shark Tank Season 14, VoChill was presented by co-founders Randall and Lisa as the first effortless personal wine glass chiller. Their pitch to the sharks detailed the product’s use and appeal, emphasizing it as the best wine gift for enthusiasts.

Deal Breakdown

The Pawliks asked for a $300,000 investment for a 5% equity stake, putting the company’s valuation at $6 million. The episode revealed the intricacy of finding the right investor, focusing on the balance between investment, equity, and maintaining sufficient control over the business.

Growth and Sales

Since their appearance on the show, VoChill has seen substantial growth in sales and market presence. They’ve expanded their reach to various retail outlets and online platforms, including Amazon, while also partnering with wineries. However, profitability has been a challenge as VoChill works to lower customer acquisition costs amidst scaling their marketing efforts. The long-term goal remains to increase profitability without sacrificing the flavor of their brand.

Consumer Interaction


After VoChill’s appearance on Shark Tank, the consumer interaction with the brand showcased enthusiasm, particularly from wine drinkers looking for innovative products. VoChill addressed a specific need to maintain the ideal temperature for wine enjoyment, even in the Texas heat.

Market Reception

VoChill has been received positively in the market, especially as a gift for wine enthusiasts. The product found its way into various gift guides and was touted as one of the best gifts for wine lovers. The official website and other retail platforms saw a surge in purchases post-Shark Tank. Despite high customer acquisition costs, the Shark Tank effect provided a boost in visibility.

Customer Reviews

Customers have provided positive feedback, with many highlighting the practical use of the device during gatherings. Reviews often mention the convenience of keeping wine at the right temperature, a common challenge in hospitality settings and during family events. While not all reviews are solely from recognized outlets like NBC News or USA Today, the steady stream of customer endorsements highlights the products’ success and utility.