Vermont Butcher Block Company from Shark Tank

Vermont Butcher Block Company shark tank

David Glickman was just another corporate enslaved person, stuck in a high-functioning 9 to 5 job for a living before he quit. A New York native, David found his refuge in the gorgeous hills of Vermont. However, his move to Vermont proved to be more than just a life-changing event for his living condition but also for how he wanted to make his living.

It is safe to say that David had left the New York hustle behind and was interested in selling blocks and boards. This was a dream job for the man as he desired a more relaxed environment that was more conducive to mental health while providing for a fulfilling lifestyle. Having completed his MBA, he was in the perfect position to start the Vermont Butcher Block Company.

The business venture allowed him to pursue his passion as his vocation, where he would create different-sized cutting boards, blocks, utensils, bowls, platters, and other kitchen items, including home décor elements and features too. The unique part about this product line was that everything was made of Vermont –based wood sourced from Walnut, Maple, and cherry.

However, the Vermont Butcher Block Company was not only synonymous with kitchenware, utensils, and cookery items but also Vermont-based food items. David had a successfully running retail store, selling all these amazing products, but thanks to technology, most of his sales accounted for via online orders and third-party shipping.

Therefore, with Vermont Butcher Block Company having a successful run as-is, David knew he needed expansion funding to be able to sell online and deliver across the country. Hence, he knew that a consequential next step had to be to acquire some funding to fuel his high-level distribution and marketing goals. And so he decided to appear on Shark Tank.

You would assume that an owner of a company named Vermont Butcher Block Company would dress up all formal, preferably suit up and be all professional. But not David. He showed up in what some people would call an unprofessional attire. He was wearing a brightly colored tie-dye suit jacket, paired with matching shorts and a red tie to go with the color-coordinating red sneakers.

It is safe to say that David wanted to make a lasting impression and prove his point of having a laid-back job as compared to all the 9 to 5-ers that sat in front of him as judges. Naturally, he succeeded in doing so as two of the judges thought he was a crazy person, while others giggled at the prospect of the deal that would be made in front of them.

Much to their shock, David proposed $400,000 for a 25% stake in his business, and the judges were suddenly stunned. David continued with how he and his wife traded high-stress careers for this seemingly laid-back passion there and how he swore to wear a tie and dye for the rest of his life. He showed his passion as he shared his kitchenware and other products he makes.

Furthermore, he described his pricing model for Vermont Butcher Block Company as “premium.” He then continued to explain all the samples he had passed around, explaining how each was of premium quality. He then proceeds to fish out his sales numbers, luring in the judges with how much he was making.

That is when the negotiations begin. But much to the back and forth, none of the judges are completely on board with the business. Despite agreeing to certain facets, there isn’t a deal. In the end, David increases his offer one last time before leaving without a deal. However, that did nothing at all to kill David’s passion for the Vermont Butcher Block Company.

Today, the Vermont Butcher Block Company is a household name, still continuing to sell successful products with David much on the flight of tie-dye, enjoying his laid-back job in Vermont. You can find their products on their website Vermont Butcher Block Company, where some of his best-selling featured products are out of stock.

Our Review of Vermont Butcher Block Company

Although some of the finer and premium products from the Vermont Butcher Block Company are out of a stick, we were fortunate enough to get our hands on the coveted Maple Bread Board. The board has a unique three-dimensional wave design pattern, which returns for a higher-end spectrum of the price range. The product description reads as “sustainably sourced hardwood from Vermont, eluding the craft of detailing.” The board is certainly a crumb-catching art piece to have on your dining table to serve bread to your guests.

Pros of Vermont Butcher Block Company

  • Sustainably sourced hardwood
  • Wood is from Vermont
  • Eye-catching designs
  • Unique 3D masterpiece
  • Detailed craftsmanship
  • Premium quality
  • Higher-end price range
  • An attractive addition to kitchenware.
  • Hand finishedwith food-safe Tung Oil.
  • Beeswax finishing for longevity.
  • Multiple sizes and orientations are available.

Cons of Vermont Butcher Block Company

  • Some people may find it pricey.

Who Is the Vermont Butcher Block Company For?

Vermont Butcher Block Company is a brand name for multiple high-end kitchenware products. The marketing is not niche-related as it targets the general population who has a keen eye for detailed craftsmanship and premium kitchenware for their homes. You can buy one of their products to see why, despite a high cost, it is mostly sold out.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Ziruma Large End Grain Teak Wood Cutting Board

Naturally, many alternatives to the original Vermont Butcher Block Company cutting boards are available for a fraction of the price on Amazon. In fact, if you are an Amazon Prime member, then you can enjoy same-day delivery of some of the most high-quality products from five-star rated brands.

Our Final Thoughts

It was largely disappointing for the judges not to have taken an interest in Vermont Butcher Block Company because David continued to sell and expand his product line. Today, Vermont Butcher Block Company is a household name with people ordering in from all over the country.