Urbio from Shark Tank

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Urbio is a series of different-sized wall-mount containers with high-power magnets to store plants and other items.

Do you have a limited gardening space? Do you want to enhance the look of your home while saving space? Are you looking for a wall-mounting container to store multiple items? If yes, Urbio can serve your needs effectively.

Urbio is a series of modular containers made from recycled plastic. They can store multiple items, including foliage, keys, decorative items, and more. You can use them anywhere inside your home to save your indoor space. The idea first came out due to the shortage of gardening space in homes. The wall-mounted Urbio containers offered decent space to plant flowers.

Generally, wall-mounting containers require drilling holes in the wall. You may be able to mount them on a specific wall. However, if you need to change your indoor setting, they may leave the drill marks behind, affecting the look of the wall surface. With Urbio containers taking over, you can easily mount or relocate the containers without drilling holes.

The powerful magnets make installing containers on a wall plate or magnet-friendly surfaces easy. The high power of magnets ensures on-wall stability of the storage boxes. You can add up to five pounds of items to each container. If you want to add colorful foliage, the boxes can provide ample space to try out unique variations.

The company makes the Urbio boxes using high-quality plastic that does not wear off or lose shape. You can also use it to replace indoor plant pots. The containers are available in different sizes. You can remove the plants to water them, clean them, and restore them without any hassle. Moreover, the Urbio containers’ unique designs fit your interior requirements.

Urbio saw considerable growth over the years. The company made significant product sales and expanded operations in a short time. In 2015, Urbio acquired Sabi Space (Sabi Inc.) to enhance its product portfolio. However, Honey-Can-Do International acquired Urbio in 2016 and started selling the wall-mount containers under the label Perch.

Jared Aller and Beau Oyler were two entrepreneur designers who came up with the idea of Urbio. They worked together to find solutions for limited gardening space problems in the urban living culture.

When Jared and Beau appeared on an episode of Shark Tank, they pitched the idea to the five sharks. They shed light on how Urbio containers can save space by providing optimum wall-mounting storage options.

They sought a $300,000 investment for 12% shares of their business. The sharks were happy with the sales figures of the product line. Mark does not participate in the negotiation session due to his prior contact with Jared and Beau. Taking an interest in the venture, Kevin offered $300,000 for 20% of the company’s stakes.

Robert entered the scene with a more competitive offer of $400,000 for 20% of the business. He offered the additional $100 to hire a full-time manager for the business operations. Daymond refuses to negotiate on the same levels as other sharks, leaving him out of the deal completely.

Lorin offers the Urbio makers $300,000 for 20% of the business. She offered her marketing services to promote the containers in the competitive market. After a thrilling round of negotiations, the duo closed a deal with Lori accepting the $300,000 investment for 15% of the company’s shares.

Our Review of Urbio

Urbio is not the first product in the market of wall-mounting furniture. However, the unique idea of indoor gardening using high-power magnets gives the company an edge. The containers are mess-free to mount and remove from the walls. They offer good coverage for foliage and decorative interior items.

The major pro of the Urbio containers is the magnetic mounting. You may not find it in the other products available on the market. You can install it on metal surfaces, wall plates, or other magnet-friendly surfaces.

Apart from planting flowers, you can use it to store items of daily use. You may mount it near the house’s entrance to keep the door and car keys. The ABS plastic composition makes it an affordable product to buy.

There are several designs available in the Honey-Can-Do International store. You may opt for single storage or a multi-storage container depending on your preferences.

Among the many pros, there is a downside to the Urbio containers. A typical container can hold up to five pounds of weight. You may need to avoid keeping heavier items in the containers to save them from falling.

Here are the pros and cons of the Urbio storage containers.

Pros of Urbio

  • Easy-to-mount containers
  • Vinyl magnet to hold the storage box
  • ABS plastic material
  • Multiple designs and colors
  • Multi-storage capabilities

Cons of Urbio

  • Unsuitable for heavy items

Who Is Urbio for?

Urbio caters to the interior management needs of every household. It is most suitable for houses with little gardening and storage space. Urbio containers can also fit well in the workplace environment. You may use it in your office to add decorative flowers and foliage. The Urbio storage boxes can also suit the decorative requirements of large households.

You can store daily use items, including car keys, frequently used hardware tools, payment slips, notes, and more.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Urbio series of wall-mounting containers is a unique product in the market. It can serve your storage needs without damaging the wall surface. The magnetic holding properties set it apart from its competitors in the market. While the product has many pros, you may need to opt for fixed wall-mounting containers if you want to explore other similar options.

There are no magnet-mounting containers to store flowers and other items in the market. If you can let go of the magnet and opt for fixed mounting, you may find several storage containers other brands offer.

Our Final Thoughts

The Urbio container series is a one-of-a-kind idea to make up for limited gardening space. If you like to keep your stuff organized, you may opt for the Urbio pots to keep your home mess-free. You can purchase the Urbio containers under the Perch label from Honey-Can-Do International online stores.