UnbuckleMe from Shark Tank

UnbuckleMe shark tank

Ever had trouble holding up the carpool line while dropping off your kid at school? Are you contemplating putting them in booster seats too soon? Never fear! UnbuckleMe is here. Developed by a mother and daughter duo who understand this issue the best. The team includes an occupational therapist who has arthritis and a child passenger safety technician.

The story goes that Barb Hailman chose to help her daughter Becca Davison with childcare. Becca was very grateful since she was a working mother. Barb had trouble unbuckling her granddaughter when they drove anywhere. Exerting the nine pounds of pressure necessary was too painful for her arthritis-stricken thumbs. She came up with a solution based on the mechanism of a nutcracker.

This patented device uses leverage to reduce the pressure needed to unbuckle a child’s car seat by less than half. The Pitch went amazingly. They were seeking a hundred thousand dollars in exchange for ten percent equity in their company. They were confident and had all the answers. They received three spectacular offers.

After choosing one of three amazing offers split between five sharks, the company grew substantially. They now have many more products added to their repertoire to make traveling with a child safer and easier.

Our Review of UnbuckleMe

We think the UnbuckleMe car seat release tool is a smash hit! It solves a genuine problem faced by many people. Close to half of all women and a quarter of all men will experience some level of arthritis symptoms before turning eighty-five. With this device, people can confidently drive around their grandkids without worrying about any pain. Older kids can unbuckle themselves as well.

It’s straightforward to use. You just have to slide it onto the pushbutton crotch buckle of the car seat until the peg covers the red button. Then pinch the two ends together. The grippy front is easy to hold, and the backing is thin, so it slides behind the buckle easily. The difference is night and day!

Pros of UnbuckleMe

You might think this is a frivolous invention but has many benefits. Here are the Pros of owning an UnbuckleMe tool:

  1. Not having to exert force beyond your means
  2. No pain for people with hand arthritis
  3. You won’t damage or break long nails
  4. A quicker drop-off in the carpool lane at school
  5. Easier for disabled people to unbuckle child car seats.
  6. Works on any other type of pushbutton buckles

Cons of UnbuckleMe

Nothing can be perfect. Here are the cons of using an UnbuckleMe car seat release tool:

  1. Only works on the standard pushbutton child car seat buckles
  2. Might have to loosen the seat straps a little bit while using
  3. Must hide from children in the car so that they don’t unbuckle themselves inappropriately

Who is UnbuckleMe For?

Here’s who UnbuckleMe is for.

1) Older People

When you grow older, you no longer have the strength you used to. You will often find more senior people having to find solutions to make everyday tasks easier. Grandparents can easily open the car seats without exerting too much force using the UnbuckleME car seat release tool.

2) Arthritis Patients

Arthritis is the swelling and tenderness of joints. It often affects the thumb joint. That is the joint that is used to push the buckle button. People who suffer from arthritis can unbuckle children from car seats without feeling pain. They don’t have to put much pressure on the joints since the class two lever increases the little force they apply.

3) Manicured People

Managing pretty long nails or an acrylic manicure while caring for children is challenging. However, there is always a way. It’s upsetting that once you’ve gone through each difficult task like changing diapers without a problem but breaking a nail while pushing the car seat buckle button. Even if you don’t break it, you chip the manicure or spend too much time fidgeting with the buckle. Owning an UnbuckleMe car seat release tool comes in handy for this situation. You’ll never worry about ruining your expensive nail art again.

4) Children in the Car Pool Lane

The rush during the morning drop-off is chaotic. Imagine how easy it would be if your children could unbuckle themselves and leave without you having to get out of the car. Wouldn’t that make the process much smoother and faster? However, what is the point of having a car seat if children could unbuckle car seats on their own? That is where the UnbuckleMe comes in. Pass it to your child in the back of the car, let them unbuckle themselves, and pass it back to you. Making the morning drop-off completely hassle-free.

5) Disabled People

If you suffer a disability that makes it challenging to exert pressure on the push button buckle, you can use UnbuckleMe to make the job easier. Amputees and people disabled from suffering a stroke, multiple sclerosis, or fibromyalgia can rely on this tool to make it possible to unbuckle their children or grandchildren.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Yes, and no. Since the tool is patented, there is no genuinely similar device. However, there’s another car seat release tool marketed to people with arthritis on the market. The biggest competitor to the UnbuckleMe tool is the Buckle Bopper. It is a tool that allows you to use force from your whole hand instead of just your thumb. However, unlike the UnbuckleMe device, you still have to exert the entire nine pounds of pressure yourself.

Our Final Thoughts

Only the most creative people can come up with the best solutions. The UnbuckleMe car seat release tool is invaluable in making traveling with children easier. Since the class two lever technology is patented, this tool is unique. We expect one to be in every household with a child and more products from the company.

Gone are the days when you would have to worry about the safety of your child when they are driven around by their grandparents. This company will only grow even further in the future and establish itself as a household name.