Tower Paddle Boards from Shark Tank

Tower Paddle Boards shark tank

Tower Paddle Boards is a stand-up or SUP paddle board company. It was one of the first paddle board manufacturing companies to sell directly to customers, cutting out the middlemen and thus making the boards incredibly affordable for all. They sell various boards for all kinds of paddle boarders – beginners, amateurs, and professionals. Whether you want to have a fun, relaxing day on the beach, or if you are looking to tame intense waters, Tower Paddle Boards will have a paddle board for you!

Stephan Aarstol, the creator of Tower Paddle Boards, founded Tower Paddle Boards after already finding success selling poker chips online. In the early 2000s, he was quick to trust the power of the internet and search engine optimization, and after recognizing the growing popularity of paddle boarding online, he jumped straight into the paddle boarding business. He used his internet experience to quickly drive organic search traffic toward his website and started selling paddle boards directly to consumers at an affordable price.

Stephan appeared on Season 3, Episode 9 of Shark Tank. He was looking for a $150,000 investment offering a 10% stake in return. The beginning of his pitch to the sharks fell apart as he stumbled and struggled to explain his business. After a little calming down, he finally provided details about his numbers – over $100,000 over a few months – and the sharks were finally intrigued. He further explained how he uses search engine marketing to gain customers and how this marketing method doesn’t really have any costs attached.

Kevin O’Leary really likes Stephan’s customer acquisition method. Barbara, confused by all the computer jargon, is the first shark to go out. Robert is next to walk away, mentioning he really loves paddle boarding but believes the business isn’t valued right. Daymond also follows closely behind and is out.

The remaining sharks, Mark and Kevin, both offer their respective deals to Stephan. Kevin offers a $150,000 investment for a 50% stake and 10% in royalties for the products. Stephan believes 50% is too much and refuses. Mark Cuban offers a $150,000 investment, asking for a 30% stake and a right of first refusal on Aarstol’s next project. Kevin quickly jumps in, offering the same but wanting a 25% stake in the business. Stephan thinks about it but believes Mark would be the better partner and accepts Mark Cuban’s deal.

Our Review of the Tower Paddle Boards

Since Stephan’s appearance on Shark Tank and after accepting Mark’s deal, Tower Paddle Boards has reached enormous levels of success and is now one of the top brands in paddle boarding globally. Mark himself says Tower Paddle Boards was one the best investments he’s made on Shark Tank – ever!

Now, with decades of experience, Tower Paddle Boards is a market leader in paddle board equipment, especially in the inflatable paddle board market. They have introduced many other products to their business, including skateboards, snorkels, beach chairs, sunglasses, swimwear, and a complete apparel line. Anything to do with the beach, Tower Paddle Boards probably has it in store!

They have multiple stand-up paddle boards on offer – wooden boards and multiple inflatable boards, and they offer carbon Kevlar and fiberglass paddles too. All of their boards are of high quality and well designed.

Each and every SUP board they offer has non-slip deck pads. Tower Paddle Boards sell multiple bundles on their website – you can purchase the board alone, a bundle with paddles, or the board + paddles + pump for their inflatable paddle boards. This is great for avid paddle boarders who might already have paddles and inflation pumps.

Tower Paddle Boards have become incredibly popular, first because of the reasonable prices and second because of their incredible durability. Tower Paddle Boards are constructed with military-grade PVC, which means tears, punctures, and all kinds of damage are rare. Tower Paddle Boards literally advertise their durability by stating, ‘Durable enough to run over.’ They are also a little thicker than average when compared to other paddle boards, which allows them to hold and carry a lot more weight.

Pros of Tower Paddle Boards

  • High Quality:All the materials used in their board’s construction are of high quality and are well designed.
  • Super Rigid:the boards are super rigid and don’t flex at all, which makes them easy to maneuver and control.
  • For all skill levels:beginners, amateurs, and professionals can all benefit from Tower Paddle Boards. They are great as learning boards, and they have multiple paddle boards that cater to higher skill levels.
  • Compact and easy to carry:the boards are very compact when not inflated and can be rolled up to store and transport.
  • Price:their prices are very reasonable and affordable as there is no middleman, and they sell directly to consumers.

Cons of Tower Paddle Boards

  • Users do mention the ‘fin’ setup could be improved on their ‘higher-skilled’ paddle boards.
  • Does not come with a backpack: while the boards are compact and carriable, you will have to purchase a bag separately.
  • Users do complain about the difficulty of using Tower Paddle Boards in harsher conditions.

Who is Tower Paddle Boards for?

Tower Paddle Boards are paddle boards for those water sports lovers looking for high-quality, durable, yet affordable paddle boards. They provide boards for all skill levels – you can find a paddle board that suits you whether you are starting out and looking to learn, are an amateur looking to improve their boarding skills or are a professional trying to take on riskier waters.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are multiple brands that sell SUP boards and inflatable paddle boards. C4 Waterman, YOLO Boards, SUP ATX, and Surf School Boards are just some alternatives in the market today. While they offer the same kinds of products, most of these brands don’t sell directly to consumers and hence can be a little pricier.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, all Tower Paddle Boards are high-quality, durable, lightweight, and easy to use and learn with. They are compact and portable, and if you do choose to buy their backpacks, even they are of high-quality and, store your board and all your paddle boarding accessories easily. Their greatest selling point, however, is, of course, their affordability.